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“My name is Glenn Morton, and I am President of Taylor, Levi, and Associates, an insurance brokerage firm in Maryland. I have been in the health care/health insurance business for almost 20 years, working for physicians, health insurers, and on behalf of employers as an insurance broker.

I am also the author of Passing ObamaCare, which contains the solution to our health care crisis. The solution I’ve developed benefits all Americans, regardless of predilection, because it benefits choice. The concept of competition reducing prices is not a myth; it is the foundation of capitalism itself. If you eliminate consumer choice, you may have a lot of things, but you will no longer have America as you have come to know her. You will have an America that limits options for the care of your body, and your children’s’ bodies, and their children’s’ bodies; the most important choices will be made mainly by politicians and taxed for non-compliance. 

I need your help to get the solution debated publicly. It’s our right as American to be heard, but it’s damn hard to get others to agree to listen. I don’t mean charity; I’m talking about reading the book, sharing it with a friend, and spreading the word. If an idea surfaces that does not give health insurers more money, does not give the power of our purchasing decisions over to the federal government, and REDUCES HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS FROM WHAT WE ARE PAYING NOW, many will pay attention (especially during an election season), the solution can be compared to ObamaCare, and the American people win a better alternative to the issue of high premiums and swelling ranks of uninsured.

I promise that, after all of this is over, we’ll have much better care and more money in our pockets, both as businesses and as citizens. Our government and health insurers will have less…

…which is flying in a much better direction than this flight Obamacare put us on, so LET’S ROLL!”

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