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Farm Wars

We are in a race to save agriculture as we need it. We need the land to be fruitful. We need it to supply good, nutritious food. We need what we know as agriculture to not kill us with pesticides, genetic engineering, neurotoxins, heavy metals, and other poisons so liberally dumped on and in what we so fondly remember as food.

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, while safely ensconced in the commercial market, Monsanto, a company responsible for more deaths through herbicides than Carter has pills, took over…. completely. Not to be dismayed by what may seem to some as a moral glitch in the road, Monsanto went on to consume the consumer market as it did the commercial one – no labeling required.

Here Come Da Corn!

Monsanto Co. (MON), the world’s biggest vegetable seed maker, said it will begin selling genetically modified sweet corn in the U.S. this year, the first product it has developed for the consumer market.

The sweet corn seeds are engineered to kill insects living above and below ground and to tolerate applications of the company’s Roundup herbicide, Consuelo Madere, Monsanto vice president for vegetables, told reporters at company headquarters in St. Louis today. They will be introduced to growers serving the U.S. fresh corn market starting in the autumn, she said.

Monsanto previously sold only engineered crops that are processed into sugars and oils, used as animal feed or made into fibers. The new seeds will initially target the 250,000-acre market for fresh corn in the eastern U.S., Madere said. (Bloomberg)

Organics and GMO: A Race for Survival

Going to take a jaunt to the corner hardware store to pick up a packet of seeds? Don’t want genetic engineering taking over your zealously guarded source of clean food? Well guess what, your search for clean food/seed just got a whole lot harder, if possible at all.

If you don’t have non-hybrid, non-GMO, organic seeds and a garden started, do it! Then use THIS GUIDE to harvest and store your own seeds and never buy them again! I don’t care where you buy your seeds, just get them and start something growing now. Heirloom Organics seeds are available at Farm Wars.

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5 Responses to “Monsanto Targets Consumers”

  1. Don Cordell says:

    Didn’t they tell you, Monsanto bought up 78 different seed companies. So you can only buy Monsanto seeds. If you save the seeds from this years crop to plant next year, Monsanto will sue you. You either buy new seeds from Monsanto at their price or you do not grow anything. If the Monsanto representative visited me, I’m plant him, to enrich my soil, and see how the garden grows. Now an executive of Monsanto is the head of the Agriculture Department. Want Justice? Really want Justice? I’m here for YOU, and I will run this nation for We the People, with liberty and justice for all. Click on my name and review my plans, if you ReVote, to Restore not Change America.

  2. martin smith says:

    what would you expect from an old slave owning family business. they have there roots in evil.

  3. Heinz Hoeke says:


  4. amicus curiae says:

    one problem, if n idiot neighbour buys GMcorn and plants it so theirs is setting flowerspikes at the same time…your in trouble.
    your heirloom can be ruined that easily.
    I once grew some maize, and being new to gardening then-also planted edible corn..uh huh it crossed, neither was much good:-(
    like the neighbour who planted some corn from the parrot mix, she was very surprised at the huge inedible cobs she got.
    this!! is possibly THE single most “terrorist: type release monbastards have ever achieved. no ones home garden is safe now.
    carrots and etc will be next

  5. AD says:

    Didn’t Monsanto learn anything from DDT? These pests are bound to come back immune and indestructible just like the bed bugs and what’s worse will create horrible disease and dysfunction in our bodies but of course this is what they WANT to happen to get the population down to 500 million.