By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

This is what happens when you start reading labels, folks! You begin to understand the intricacies and outright deceptive labeling practices that are permeating our processed food industry. So, why should the Non-GMO label be any different? It isn’t. In fact, use of the Non-GMO label to purposely deceive people into paying a higher price for a product that they are led to believe is GMO free, but is chock full of GMO ingredients, is widespread. And it is not going to get any better even if regulations are put in place to require GMO labeling.

Here is how the scam works

Here is the ingredients list of a Naturade power bar that fell out of my saddle bag. After we go through this list, please understand that the wrapper was from years ago, before I knew better. In fact, I considered myself an athlete, and rode 100 miles in one day equine rides for fun. I actually thought that I was doing good for my body by eating these bars during rides. That goes to show you just how the brainwashing takes effect even in the athletic community. Anyway, I digress. On to the list of ingredients: 

Notice that the only certified non-genetically modified ingredient in the list is the soy protein isolate. Let’s just go through the list and mark down what we know could be GMO:

Holy GMOs Batman! Nearly everything else!!!

Yes, that is how the scam is played. A company wants to market a product chock full of GMOs and every other thing under the sun, make it appear to be healthy, and use Non-GMO certification to sell it. So how do you do it? You put one Non-GMO certified ingredient into the mix, and place the Non-GMO certification stamp on the front label. People see the label with the Non-GMO certification, and buy the product thinking that all of the ingredients in that product are Non-GMO, when in reality, only one ingredient such as the soy protein isolate in the Naturade bar is certified Non-GMO, and that allows the company to place the Non-GMO seal on the front label, which is the first thing the customer sees, rarely looking beyond that to the list of toxins in the ingredients list on the back label.

Here is a scan of the Naturade bar front label:

So, there I was, typical working gal, on my way to an endurance ride, when I stop at the store to pick up some energy bars for the ride, and run smack dab into an intentional campaign to sabotage my health via genetically modified frankenbars. So much for hindsight. Now I read labels. Now I know what GMOs are, and what I should do to avoid them. Now I know that simply seeing a Non-GMO sticker on the front label does not mean that product is GMO free.

The moral of this story is…

Even if we here in America, somehow, someway, get mandatory GMO labeling laws passed, the deception will be rampant, and we will still need to read labels and know what we are reading. We need to read the whole label on everything we buy, not just the front label. We also need to know what crops are being genetically engineered and put into our food supply. We need to know what is GMO and what is not by doing the research ourselves. We are being deceived by those looking to make a profit off of our ignorance.

If you want to know more about how GMOs are made, watch the free Aggie – A GMO Primer slideshow put out by Farm Wars at [2014 UPDATE: There are currently additional procedures for producing genetically engineered organisms not available when Aggie was produced.]

If you want to know more about what GMOs are in play, go here:

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10 Responses to “The “Non-GMO” Labeling Scam”

  1. xxx says:

    Important to know :


  2. George Matthews says:

    If people were to eat cream of wheat or grits for breakfast and eat sardines, salmon, chicken or turkey in a can for lunch and dinner and eat canned spinach and canned peaches and pears you can’t eat any better. Then eat sunflower seeds and maybe some peanuts and you could eat for maybe $6.00 a day. Don’t even think about pork or red meat, cheese or lunch meats with nitrates. Nitrates the red coloring they add to meat to make bologna look pink instead of the dull gray like scrapple looks like. You can eat cheap and very healthy if you stay away from processed foods. Yes, that means pizza, hot dogs, and hot pockets.

  3. bill jones says:

    When will we learn? It won’t matter what the package says. They’ll get laws passed if the product was made next door to a certified organic non-modified food manufacutirng facility and they buy one indredient from them, then they’ll be able to label it 100% pure and natural and no artificial ingredients. The remedy is don’t buy anything unless you have to buy fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and veggies. But if they add two ingredients together it’s been processed and leave it alone. Buy ornages, but don’t buy orange juice. Buy apples don’t buy apple juice. Because they rename ingredients.

  4. Michael says:

    I live in the UK and try to avoid soy, and items with over -complicated ingredients. Keep it simple.

  5. George Tirebiter says:

    Barbara, You should have avoided the bars anyway by being aware of the Soy Scam that’s been around for years complements of the Soy industry. This industry has made billions off of the fabricated story about soy being good nutrition for humans. Although important, the labeling isn’t the most concerning of the problems here. George

  6. john barrows says:

    It must be over 50% of the ingredients non gmo for that label. At least. Synthetic food for the western robotization.

  7. Dolorosa says:

    Thank you for bringing this scam to our attention. I have shared this information with others as well. One would think the non-GMO label would be enough but it isn’t.

  8. Don Avery says:

    Good article. I have pretty much stopped eating items with labels on them.

  9. zach says:

    disgusting. i hope to get a small farm one day and grow my own food. but i’m deathly afraid of mice, so it’s going to be a struggle.

  10. ThomasT says:

    So if the soy was GM free, Barbara, did that make it OK for you?

    Here in Thailand the corrupt Food People have it nailed down to a tee to screw the consumer.

    If less than 5% of the total of any complete product is GM, then it is labelled GM FREE, even if any/some of the ingrediebts are 100% GM!

    Other labelling? All pasteurised milk/milk products are falsely labelled as FRESH. All prepared meats and marinades are loaded with neurotoxic, carcinogenic, allergenic msg, (E621), and NOT thus labelled. 99% of restaurant food is msg loaded, and/or microwaved, (, cooked on Teflon or in aluminium.

    Thailand is the worlds largest per capita sugar consumer, almost every dish being liberally sprinkled with sugar, let alone the cookies, sweets, ice-creams etc. Extreme obesity and ill health abound.

    Even the idiot medics give out a sugar consumption RECOMMENDATION of 6 teaspoonsit a day!!!!

    Little wonder that one rarely meets locals much older than 50.

    Great for Big farma!!

    In this age of almost full control of the media by Big Food and Big Farma, one needs to stay well away from the massive ongoing misinfo campaigns designed to keep you sick, weakly, and obese, whether from false GM labelling or other misinfo.

    Nutrition science is decades ahead of the garbage docs. and their lackey dieticians blurt out.

    Try the free bi-weekly newsletter of Dr R Mercola, this the worlds most read alternatie health site. This Dr. is/was a mainsteam Dr. who has reverted to 100% alternative. Very scientific, cuttig edge, informative and ..eye-opening.