“Technocracy seeks a radically different economic and political system leading to Scientific Dictatorship.” Patrick Wood

What is Technocracy? Technocracy is a movement started in the 1930′s by engineers, scientists and technicians that proposed the replacement of capitalism with an energy-based economy. Originally envi­sioned for North America only, it is now being applied on a global basis. Authors Aldous Huxley and George Orwell believed that Tech­nocracy would result in a Scientific Dictatorship, as reflected in their books, “Brave New World” and “1984“. (August Review)

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One Response to “Smart Grid – The Birth of Global Technocracy”

  1. Lawrence A. Oshanek says:

    Make no mistake about this … They are moving now because what they need is coalescing into something they now can use … the environmental movement has managed to curtail coal generation of electrical power because of allegations of green house gas and other pollution … Fukushima is allowed to run wild to discredit nuclear energy … control of food is being consecrated in fewer hands … water is or well soon be totally controlled by corporations and there is now a race to see just who well became our masters … the technocrats, the bankers or the corporatocracy.

    Only total revolt will save the ordinary man from enslavement and service to one of the noted competing interests.

    What do you think?