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19 Responses to “GM Crops Farmer to Farmer – The Truth about GM Crop Farming”

  1. Irene says:

    Lets get these topics covered in the public school curriculum, starting with this movie shown at lunch. I’m going to start lobbying my principal as soon as I get a stratagey. Something about current events club presentations for the student body as lunch theater.

  2. rationaldiscourse says:

    @Barbara H. Peterson: I value unbiased journalism and science. Not that I was expecting it here, though.

    The answer to all these issues is science and technology, not going backwards. If anything, I saw farmers in that video critical of the fact that research into newer herbicides waned.

  3. michele peel says:

    How did farmers fall for this insanity in the first place?!

    Of course, this stuff contaminates organic crops! And Monsanto sues the organic farms for using their seeds. How is this legal?!

  4. Hmmmm…. Because I do not mention Syngenta much, does that mean that I am hiding the fact that the company is in league with GMO pushers? NO! Because this article doesn’t cover the whole gamut of companies that sell GMOs, pesticides, and herbicides, and does not specifically interview organic farmers, does that mean it is not pro-organic??? NO! The video presented pertinent info in a short time-frame, and I consider it excellent.

  5. rationaldiscourse says:

    Is there a good reason why this guy didn’t do any interviews with farmers or anyone in the know that has pro GMO opinions?

    At Ni: You said: “switch to organic ASAP…. your choice is in your hands”

    This didn’t seem like a pro organic piece to me. The farmers he interviewed are conventional farmers. They were all asking for more R & D into other herbicides.

    Also, why no mention of other GMOs that work with other herbicides? I’m sure Germany’s Bayer laughs all the way to the bank at pieces like this one, since they sell GMOs in the states that work with their own herbicides.

  6. Franklyn says:


  7. Franklyn says:

    IF MONSANTO GM CROPS CONTAMINATES A.N.Y CONVENTIAL CROPS,,,,YOU M.U.S.T ALL JOIN TOGETHER ANY SUE M.O.N.S.A.N.T.O,,,dont be FOOLED by there reverse phycology tactic to sue first,,,,all puff & bluff

  8. GMO Deregulation: An Act of War

    by Barbara H. Peterson


  9. michael cangemi says:


    I would be interested in contact with you to ask more questions on your opinions and experience with GMO’s. If you read this I can be reached at mcangemi@usa.net thanks, michael

  10. Michael from Missouri says:

    Very grateful for this videeo and site.I have told a few people about these problems as well as has a discussion with a farmer about it.He was very knowledgeable about it which was awesome.ronpaul2012.com

  11. Michael Riley says:

    When I was a kid,I first learned how to work by cutting and pulling weeds out of the soybeans.You gotta feel sorry for the kids and the farmers of today.That Round-up commercial,when the farmer-actor says ,”Its a no-brainer.”,to me speaks volumes.

  12. Barbara Talobert says:

    I stopped buying Land O Lakes products especially the butter as it would not mix well in recipes and know they ahve put something more than butter in it. As for the farmers, some claim to have good crops and others bad but in India many cotton farmers comitted suicide as they went broke trying to buy the seeds for the next year. Who controls the food controls the people and Monsanto is trying very hard. Resist, resist and do not buy GMO food. Encourage the farmers who are planting organic and buy their produce. Find one in your area.

  13. Ni says:

    Then again you have to blame farmers also, you either got to get together or die in debt..
    switch to organic ASAP…. your choice is in your hands

  14. Ni says:

    send this out to every Farmer in the this world

  15. Ni says:

    send this out to very Farmer in the this world

  16. Daniel says:

    The U.S. government is the largest shareholder of Mon-Satan stock.

  17. Michael says:

    I was a reseacher for a leading U.S. agricultural university for roughly 10 years, and worked with GMO crops back in the mid 90’s. Furthermore, during the decade of the 80’s I worked with two major chemical companies as well. After almost 50 years, I have personally grown or have worked with almost every edible crop grown in Florida. I would not recommend under any circumstances using GMO crops. Unfortunately as noted in this video, it is extremely difficult to avoid this in the U.S. The U.S. legal system is worst than the resistant weeds – here is the American problem – we have to many pests in Congress. It’s time for a crop rotation in the District.

  18. Joe in Missouri says:

    Why can not state legislatures through 10 amendment nullification if necessary start binding the hands of the Monsanto Monster? The states could allow farmers to go after Monsanto for contamination rather than the other way around. Or even outlawing GMO crops all together.

    Anyhow as far as I can see nullification is a big part of the answer.