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Scotts’ GE Kentucky Bluegrass will not be regulated as either a plant pest or noxious weed, and these are the ONLY two ways that GMOs can be regulated by the USDA.

Join us as we discuss this issue of the year and how it ties into Agenda 21!!!

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One Response to “Truth Squad Radio: GMO Deregulation and Agenda 21”

  1. Irene says:

    I’ve noticed the fuccundity of all the animals going down. My pigs were sterrillized in 3 generations while I fed them corn and soy pig grower. I’ve started the feeding experiment on my cats, using GMO cat food from the grocery store. They too have reduced fuccundity and the third generation has yet to make offspring. I also raise rabbits and the rabbits I received from organic sources are having nice big litters of 10 or so but the rabbits from the store either don’t have any babies or only three or so. I finally found a non GMO alfalfa only pellet to feed the bunnies but new Roundup readdy alfalfa is on the horrizon to screw that up. What has me puzzled is why does alfalfa need round up at all? It’s already invasive and kills off weeds and competition without any help. Also the GMO clover has spread without regulation already, making a light pinkish redish flower that is apperently a combination of white and red clover. The riding stable down the road from me has been dealing with liver failure in some of their horses and the vets have traced it back to the hay the stable has been feeding the stock. Seed from the hay has mixed with local clover making the new pink red white clover that is hard on horses. Why make GMO grass, clover and alfalfa? What pests bother that stuff? What’s the benefit of more toxic feed and neutered animals? Why is round up still being sold at the front of the hardwear store and where has all the organic corn seed gone? Also, where have all my honey bees gone? They just left and died last fall, never to return…. Why?