By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Well folks, we’ve got some breaking news here. Cornucopia recently sent out an “action alert” titled:

USDA Filling Five Vacancies on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)


The alert goes on to say:

The USDA is seeking nominations for five upcoming vacancies on the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB). Appointees will serve a five-year term beginning Jan. 24, 2012. Vacancies for the 15-member organic advisory board must represent a particular constituency as identified by Congress…


In the past, widespread abuse during the Bush and Obama administrations led to corporate agri-business representatives being appointed to positions that were earmarked for farmers or consumer advocates. Because of this history, Cornucopia is appealing to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack to respect the will of Congress and to make the nomination process public so that the very best candidates can be appointed.


I wrote back, asking: Do you really think that the Obama administration will actually consider anything other than planned appointees for this????

Here was Mark Kastel’s response:

Good question. We have to play the game. We have no choice. And we can put public pressure on them to appoint qualified people. And if they don’t, they know that we will, justifiably, embarrass them.“

So, there you have it folks. Cornucopia’s BIG USDA National Organics Program reform strategy, revealed today: To appeal to the USDA to appoint qualified people to the NOSB. If not, then WE WILL EMBARRASS THEM! There it is. The big game plan. TO EMBARRASS THEM if they do not do the right thing. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

Now I know that this is pretty radical stuff, and not to be taken lightly. After all, embarrassment is a powerful tool if used correctly. I remember this strategy in grammar school. Johnny gets Sally to let him cheat off her paper or he will tell everyone that she has a mole on her butt and he’s seen it. Powerful stuff. What government-sponsored mega-corporation wouldn’t be taken down by this sort of thing. Yep, that’s right, embarrassment.

Hey, USDA, I’m gonna tell the world about your inability to rise above the hand that feeds you and nip off a few fingers. Yeah, that will do it. That oughta get some heads rolling. Embarrassment… Now why didn’t I think of that!


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9 Responses to “Embarrass the USDA into submission. Now why didn’t I think of that?”

  1. Effectively stated and with glorious timing

  2. Marcus says:

    Right on, Ned…

  3. Ronald says:

    Time to disobey enmasse and just say no to politicians, feds and cops. All out refusal to obey is the key. The lives saved will be ours. George Sore-ass is not our boss.

  4. windy says:


  5. Freedom Lost says:

    Ned, I also had a ranch and cattle, then came NAFTA…could not afford to feed,worm, and black leg them after a million sickly, Mexican and South American cattle dropped the price to nearly nothing. So now we have sick, wormy cattle for our beef and large heartless corporate farms driving out the mom and pops. Good luck Amerika, you are gonna need it against these monsters in office. I challenge all Americans to see how many duel citizenship nationals are occupying your govt. offices to serve their country of choice instead of the New Corporate Amerika!

  6. Sally Oh says:

    If there were a like button for Ned’s comment, I’d be clicking it.

  7. wanda says:

    Well Ned, no offense taken… refreshing to see others out there having had their fill of this nonsense. Peace, love, truth and mercy… pass it on… oh, and take it light… the dark never prevails. We just have to many mind controlled in our ranks, but that will change. Waking up has a way of re-programming the brain to think on its own again… i have seen this happen, so i know it is so.

    The sad part is that it takes a personal hit before they do wake up, which i don’t understand because i had a, seemingly, wonderful life but i sensed all was not right and was driven to see what was going on… i woke up and it cost me that wonderful life i presumed i had. It’s called morality, and i guess that’s our biggest problem, no moral compass.

    They are all baddies… but you left out a biggie… Georgie Sorrows… he’s part of the dick wads who are flooding out our farm land and going in and buying it up for agro pharming… jerk.

    They can’t be embarassed… they are beyond that. They clink champagne glasses to our ruin.

  8. nedlud says:

    ‘We have to play the(ir) game.’

    Mark Kastel, Cornucopia Institute chief

    My name is Ned Lud. I used to milk cows, had a small 20 cow herd, loved those cows! They are gone now because I could no longer ‘compete’.

    Let me tell you:

    Mark Kastel is a fuck. I’ve talked to him. Asked for help (fairness) from him, in fact…didn’t get any.

    George Siemon (ceo chief of Organic Valley) is a fuck too. I’ve talked to him too. Asked for help (fairness) from him too. Didn’t get any. Actually, George Siemon is a bonafide, certified ‘double-plus fuck’. They are ranked you see, according to their ‘rankness’. These ‘men’. These ‘men’ (fucks) of rank and ‘systemic genius’.

    Up at the top, Obama (ceo chief of the United States), he is your basic ‘quadruple-plus fuck’, a veritable system genius. Magnificent! I have not asked him for help. Why bother? I will get a black helicopter and a SWAT team for an answer. I will be DEAD. Instead of merely dying, I will be out-and-out D-E-A-D if I ask Obama(ramadrama) for any help (fairness). Because then I would pose a ‘THREAT’, you see…I would be a worse ‘terrorist’ than I am now.

    So behind all these fucks, double-plus fucks, and quadruple-plus fucks, and black helicopters and SWAT teams, hide the MONEY CHANGERS, the ROYAL ‘elite’, so-called. The infinitely evil, and infinitely cowardly and the ones we should h-a-t-e MOST-OF-ALL.

    Folks, get this in your heads. Bureaucrats (the fucks, the Mark Kastels and the George Siemons and the Barack Obamas of the world) do just this: They rape you and they sell you into slavery. It is a good deal for them ($$$ and physical pleasures) and even moreso for the MONEY CHANGERS, who exist only because you are enslaved to them. Without your slavery to them, they would die. They have no value whatsoever, to anybody. NONE. They are PURE PURE EVIL.

    If you don’t like my language, I am sorry.

    But I’ve been through this my whole life and I have had, ENOUGH.



    Ned Lud