By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find animals that haven’t been force-fed GMO grain. To top it all off, even Alfalfa, which is a staple cattle feed in America, will be genetically engineered thanks to Land  O’ Lakes, Forage Genetics and Monsanto. But that isn’t enough for this administration. Now they are going after wildlife too.

Washington, DC — The Obama administration has endorsed genetically engineered agriculture on more than 50 National Wildlife Refuges, with more GE-refuge approvals in the works, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility. (PEER)

It is clear that we need to wean ourselves off mass-produced food and start getting serious about growing our own veggies and fruit, and raising our own animals. We are literally being surrounded with weapons of mass destruction  in the form of DNA-altering GMOs (genetically modified organisms) that cause infertility, severe health problems, and premature death.

The proposal for the Midwestern Refuges would allow more than 20,000 acres to be cultivated with no limits on how many acres could be GE crops. The public comment deadline for that plan is today [Feb. 14, 2011]. In its comments, PEER argues that the GE operations risk harm to wildlife, refuge plants and soil, while contending that there is no refuge purpose for which GE crops are essential, as required by FWS policy.

“These plans are based on the curious notion that wildlife benefit from having the small slivers of habitat set aside for them covered by genetically engineered soybeans,” stated PEER Executive Director Jeff Ruch, noting the Midwest refuges are already surrounded by row crops, most of which are now GE. “To boost U.S. exports, the Obama administration is forcing wildlife refuges into political prostitution.” (PEER)

So, say goodbye to GMO-free wild game, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood mass murderers in charge of our government. Too strong of a statement? I don’t think so. Look up the Georgia Guidestones, then think again…

(C) 2011 Barbara H. Peterson

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18 Responses to “Wildlife Refuges to be Planted with GMOs”

  1. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    A little lesson in history and ‘political science’. Political science guides our implementation of data and tools to ‘get what we want or need’out of our neighbors and government. If you don’t like it. T.S.. War is the only alternative.
    You have to have an interview, at least, with a congressional aid to get any reaction. Slick people with money satisfy the lowest common denominator of congress like no other. Since it is well proven that wild animals and domesticated pets and farm animals are repelled by GM food, it stands to reason that most all GM crops should be safely burned and the seeds destroyed. GM foods actually kill bees and inflict genetic diseases on test subject animals and therefore,people.

    It must be made clear to you by your own study that Obama is a shill and his job is to facilitate the destruction of the United States for his boss the Council on Foreign Relations.
    The CFR controls all television programming and wields more power than any other with the U.S. public school system. When was the last time you saw a single university lecture over network TV? You didn’t. They want you dum and stupid as a box of puppies so you can become a monetary asset to THEM. Hillary is theirs as well. The CFR is 1/2 of the economic dominance of ‘The Fed’. Which has turned out America and convinced the congress to feed America to the royalty of Europe through unrepayable debt. The royalty and central bank need each other. We need neither and congress mewls while B.O. betrays.
    See for fallout reports and get those gardens in.

  2. Louise,

    Somehow I don’t think the senators or representatives give a rodent’s patoot just as long as they are getting paid to pass this garbage and look the other way. Plant a garden!

  3. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Too bad a majority of Americans have lost their survival instincts to the false delusions created by including CFR television info into their personal data processing. When one tries to use false premises to reach any useful conclusion, failure is the inevitable outcome. These people will continue to be lost until they kill their TV sets and join the party outside.

    Monsanto and the genetic slag in the White House all must go to prison and be damned. Monsanto land to the unemployed to clean of GMO contamination and work for America’s health. Congressional mewlers to prisons. When they campaigned, they created half a contract with the voters. If they break it, they must pay. Mewlers be damned. Except kitties.

  4. Anon says:

    Lets follow them and burn their fields once they’ve planted them, or better yet send in the US militia to deal with these domestic terrorists.

  5. Please call and write your senators and representatives and ask for legislation preventing this. Don’t just express yourselves on this blog. Get busy.

  6. If there is another major oil spill down in the Gulf of Mexico. We can count on toxic dispersants to do the clean up again. BS!

    Wild (and domestic) animals reportedly won’t eat GMO corn or soybeans. This Obama Administration endorsed bad idea ends the feeding programs in the refuge system. BS!

  7. Sharon says:

    I have started my on little revolution. Buying from local farmers, growing my own vegetables. I became a vegetarian because of the things being done to living animals that is nothing but outright cruelty. I will be part of the 17%, where do I sign up?!

  8. YOU American idiots! Vote the existing President Senate and Assembly and what not out at once! Make sure they are not worth MILLIONS just to be safe. DO NOT vote anyone worth more than Middle Class! This IS a class war and a biotech/wave-frequency(neurotech) enhanced one that we citizens can NEVER win if this next election is not voted according to class lines.

    GMOs can spread and destroy the rest of the world if you vote wrongly, and why are you still watching Idol or allowing TSA? Vote them out, or run for candidacy!

    The Red Ameri-Indians should have scalped the whole lot of you before you had a chance to develop GMOs. Now we know that the entire planet was doomed the day the first neo-colonial European/English creep stepped off those boats 300 years ago. Pagans? Heathens? Well at least they learnt to live in harmony with Mother Earth. For all the talk about God, all these ‘white’ people do is mutate and destroy EVERYTHING.

    Treason to the planet deserves no less! Perhaps they are not even human at all and just aliens trying to destroy the human race.

    VOTE THEM TO HELL if not there will be none in a few decades to STORM THE BASTILLE.

  9. Yes, you may reprint it with all links and credits intact :)

  10. Q Farms says:

    Can i reproduce it on my blog ?

  11. James says:

    Everyday I read something that makes me understand better the words written in the book of Revelations, that those things coming upon the earth in the ‘last days’ would make pale in comparison all that which has gone on before. Just reading eyewitness accounts of those things that went on during WW 2 and afterwards when the continent of Europe was freed for Communism to take over makes me shudder.

    I like what you said, Mike S. “conspiracy theorists” are ridiculed so often. After I became aware of what was/is really going on and started to tell others, I have been called every name in the book that goes along with conspiracy theory’s. I didn’t start a count of how many sites I have been banded from posting my comments, but that is over ten. Moderators/censors are hard at work looking for me and knocking me out of another site.

    Since we all know that there are people working night and day to bring the world under their control, I wanted to point something out that goes along with what your friend the psychologist pointed out. That is, that this group of people have a master plan that they are following and in somewhat of their own words they wrote, that just one person with the will power to expose them can do more harm to them then the millions that they have kept in darkness. Not word for word, but along the same lines. Thank God we do have places like this where we can express ourselves without being booted for telling it like it is. I know this sounds wrong to some people, but good luck and God bless you all. You will need both of those in the coming days.

  12. Phantom says:

    Very IMPORTANT!!! Here are some of your tools for fighting for FREEDOM…It starts from within…the mind!

    We each play a part in this world called life!

  13. Mike S says:

    So this is how much change we can expect when we work within the system and play nice and follow all of the rules! That’s one thing we can thank the monumental Liar Obama for, now we know exactly where we stand, and what voting will get us. Even young people are seeing this, leaving Obama to support Paul. But will the people who are making billions, and corporations which are making trillions of dollars a year let this one man stand between them and the huge sums they are making?

    It’s no wonder the ruling class has draconian Patriot Act laws, and allows police to act like heavy-handed thugs who shoot and taser and sometimes kill unarmed, often innocent and non-violent people, and why Bush warned us that we are either with them or we are with the terrorists. They know they are going overboard: violating the Constitution, ignoring the will of the voters, and acting immorally and unethically, so they can keep making huge sums of money, while contributing to the downfall of this country, and they know full well that people will eventually become angry enough to act.

    A PhD psychologist I know recently said that there are studies showing that it takes only 17% of a population becoming willing to act, to create a flashpoint for fast, large-scale change. No wonder the press is so controlled, and “conspiracy theorists” are ridiculed so often. The rich want to keep the party going as long as possible, as long as they can keep us ignorant, or too afraid to act, they can continue unabated.

    I’m glad there are sites like this that tell the truth to the people, if there is to be any hope of change, it is because of sites like this that tell the truth. Thank You.

  14. Lisa says:

    This is soo disheartening.

    I truly abhorr mandkinds scientific meddling with Nature on such a large scale.

    It is truly ignorant.

    We now have BT toxin in our blood.

    These MAD SCIENTISTS are speeding up our demise.. plain and simple.. evolution is continuous of course, and no one thought we would last forever, but come on!

    Heres an example a 6th grader can figure out!!

    Lignin is a glue-like polymer in the cell wall of plants that surrounds cellulose to provide strength to fibers and to resist microbial decay. The strength allows trees to stand tall so they can utilize the sun’s energy for photosynthesis. Trees are now Genetically engineered to contain LOW lignin so they can be felled easier or broken down easier for products such as ethanol and cellulose.

    So if we need trees to breath and MAD SCIENTISTS are making trees weaker and trees reproduce what will most likely be the final out come???

    BIOTECHNOLOGY should stay witin the medical field and within LABORATORY WALLS.


  15. Tom says:

    The first poster is on target with being surounded by this plan to G ‘modify’ everthing. To blanket the world with any GMO will cover and contaminate all which will provide a corporate monopoly of nature.. later, You and I will have to ask for permission to farm and eat their nasty stuff…..

    What I don’t understand is; the current admin see this as a must to feed nature with GMO. I was never aware (at least here) that nature was starving for grass.

  16. Edie Cunningham says:

    just reading this today and am shocked I didn’t hear anything about this in Feuary when it was up for debate hahaha..we are in such a sorry state

  17. So, THIS is what it’s like to be on the right side of yet another losing battle, the defeated in a war against the righteous. Never a fan of “war stories” — whether Greek, Roman or (caution, oxymoron ahead) those of Western Civilization — I still seem to remember scenes of hopelessness, where soldiers, surrounded by their enemy counterparts, surrendered all expectation of prevailing against overwhelming odds, finally and forever, unto death. May GOD bless us.