By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Let’s quit being polite and call this maneuver by corporate governments exactly what it is – treason. Nothing more, nothing less. Selling off pieces of America to a foreign government so that government can plant a sovereign city inside our country that is not subject to our laws amounts to treason.

Thanks to the trillions of dollars that the Chinese have made flooding our shores with cheap products, China is now in a position of tremendous economic power. So what is China going to do with all of that money? One thing that they have decided to do is to buy up pieces of the United States and set up “special economic zones” inside our country from which they can continue to extend their economic domination. One of these “special economic zones” would be just south of Boise, Idaho and the Idaho government is eager to give it to them. China National Machinery Industry Corporation (Sinomach for short) plans to construct a “technology zone” south of Boise Airport which would ultimately be up to 50 square miles in size. The Chinese Communist Party is the majority owner of Sinomach, so the 10,000 to 30,000 acre “self-sustaining city” that is being planned would essentially belong to the Chinese government. The planned “self-sustaining city” in Idaho would include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, retail centers and large numbers of homes for Chinese workers. Basically it would be a slice of communist China dropped right into the middle of the United States. (End of America)

What Does Special Economic Zone – SEZ Mean?

A Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a geographical region that has economic and other laws that are more free-market-oriented than a country’s typical or national laws. “Nationwide” laws may be suspended inside a special economic zone…

In the People’s Republic of China, Special Economic Zones were founded by the central government under Deng Xiaoping in the early 1980s. The most successful Special Economic Zone in China, Shenzhen, has developed from a small village into a city with a population over 10 million within 20 years. India has also played a significant role in the founding and establishment of Special Economic Zones. It has the largest outsourcing industry in Asia. (Wikipedia)

So, if China gets its way in Idaho, we will have sections of America belonging to a communist foreign government whose residents and the corporations that employ them do not have to abide by our national laws. The term “sovereign immunity” comes to mind. 

Sovereign immunity, or crown immunity, is a type of immunity that in common law jurisdictions traces its origins from early English law. Generally speaking it is the doctrine that the sovereign or state cannot commit a legal wrong and is immune from civil suit or criminal prosecution… (Wikipedia)

Not only will people living in this country be exempt from our laws, but the land will be designated a “free trade zone.”

…a region where a group of countries has agreed to reduce or eliminate trade barriers.[2] Free trade zones can be defined as labor intensive manufacturing centers that involve the import of raw materials or components and the export of factory products. The world’s first Free Trade Zone was established in Shannon, Co. Clare, Ireland Shannon Free Zone.[3] (Wikipedia)

And just whom do you think this special economic zone, or “labor intensive manufacturing center,” will be employing? Those who live in its jurisdiction, and those who follow its laws. Not our laws, but China’s. Do you think that anyone other than a Chinese national will live in this zone? If you do, I’ve got some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Do you think that the pay for jobs in the zone will be equivalent to America’s pay scale? Is China’s? No. And China’s standard will exist in the zone.

This is not a boom to Idaho, but a death knell for those who are rapidly losing jobs to overseas outsourcing, only this will be so much more convenient for the mega-corporations. Just import China to America, make this little piece of China exempt from our national laws, and get away with what you got away with in China, sans the travel time. If this isn’t an end-run around national laws that benefit we the people, I don’t know what is. Change from the inside out. If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain, just bring the mountain to Mohammed and declare it sovereign territory.

Corporations setting up in a zone may be given tax breaks as an incentive. Usually, these zones are set up in underdeveloped parts of the host country; the rationale is that the zones will attract employers and thus reduce poverty and unemployment, and stimulate the area’s economy. These zones are often used by multinational corporations to set up factories to produce goods (such as clothing or shoes). (Wikipedia)

Reduce poverty and unemployment? Let’s take a look at what really goes on inside the zone:

Labour Abuse

In addition to real estate speculation, zones also produced other problems. Ironically for an avowedly communist regime,abuse of labour is rampant in Chinese SEZs [ICFTU 2003]. Seven million people out of Shenzhen’s total population of 12 million are migrant workers, with almost no legal or social protection [French 2006].

1992 data for the Guangdong province, home of Shenzhen, shows very high death rates among industrial workers and more than 500,000 child labourers – a phenomenon which had been greatly reduced in post-revolutionary China [Weil 1996]. In 2003, at least half the firms in Shenzhen owed their employees wage arrears [ICFTU 2003], and at least one-third of Chinese zone workers received less than minimum wage [Jayanthakumaran 2003]. The labour turnover rate is more than 10 per cent [French 2006]. Indeed, Shenzhen workers are so desperate that despite the lack of any independent unions, more than 10,000 wildcat strikes took place in 2006 alone [ibid].

This labour abuse is accompanied, unsurprisingly, by crime. Shenzhen now has a crime rate that is nine times higher than that of Shanghai, and is notorious for the trafficking of women and sex trade [Goswami 1997]. Relaxed customs have also led to large-scale smuggling; two of the original zones, Shantou and Xiamen, were hit by massive tax and smuggling frauds in 2000 and 1999 respectively [Business China 2006].

Could you live on Chinese wages?

As different parts of China have very different standards of living, China does not set one minimum wage for the entire nation. Instead, the task of setting minimum wages is delegated to the local governments. Each province, municipality, or region sets its own minimum wage in accordance with its own local conditions.

The table below lists the minimum monthly wages for some of the provinces or regions in China. The US$ column is based on the 20th April 2011 conversion rate of US$1 = RMB¥6.52. The table is correct as of 20th April 2011. (Wikipedia)

Source: Wikipedia

But what goes on in the zone stays in the zone. Or does it? Well, sort of. Companies can move workers to and from any free trade zone in the country, and according to Marti Oakley of the PPJ Gazette,

Inside these free trade zones they are required to hire only a maximum of 10 US citizens. They bring these people in on EB-5 visas that avoid customs and immigration. After two years if they haven’t been in any trouble they are given citizenship and may move anywhere in the country.

Just what type of economic boom is this sell-off of American soil to a foreign government supposed to be to the people of Idaho? And do you actually think that the people living in these zones will be buying anything outside of the zone? At these wages, could you? Live in the zone, work in the zone, play in the zone, and do what China SEZ.

So the question is: What will you do when you are surrounded by Chinese zones that are not subject to our national laws right outside your front door if/when China decides that America is no longer its “friend?”

© 2011 Barbara H. Peterson


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49 Responses to “Selling America to China: Treason by any other name…”

  1. Dan says:

    you can bet double up that everyother chinese that comes over will be pregnant and although they do not want to adhere to US law and regulations there will be a line signing up for citizenship as they begin to have their babies Pop Pop Pop Caching.

  2. darryl says:

    When do we americans surround idaho and force the state and local politicians onto the plane out of here .Selling of America for money and profits. Political party corruptions at the highest levels.With politicians pushing for new world order and now this looks ,like all Americans are gonna have to stand up and take back our country.ON a side note I was given a 1 dollar gold platted coin IN GOD WE TRUST was stamped around the side of it,had to get a magnifying glass to read it.

  3. Margaret says:

    “This is not a boom to Idaho, but a death knell for those who are rapidly losing jobs to overseas outsourcing, only this will be so much more convenient for the mega-corporations. Just import China to America, make this little piece of China exempt from our national laws, and get away with what you got away with in China, sans the travel time. If this isn’t an end-run around national laws that benefit we the people, I don’t know what is. Change from the inside out. If Mohammed can’t go to the mountain, just bring the mountain to Mohammed and declare it sovereign territory”

  4. JOAN says:


  5. Phil says:

    Wake up Boise, Idaho! Defeat the Chinese buying of Idaho!

  6. Phil says:

    Wake up Boise, Idaho. Save yourself by defeating the Chinese buying of Idaho.

  7. LakeDweller says:

    C-A-P-I-T-A-L-I-S-M!!!!!! You make reference to “our” land, but remember, if the Chinese bought this land, it was owned privately in the first place.
    If the Chinese buy American businesses/land, it should be the Americans (that sold the company/land) you should be mad at!
    Americans should feel ashamed that Chinese business people can come to Idaho and run a successful business. It shows that Americans are weak, simple-minded and lazy!!! Complaining about unemployment while foreigners get on with business in the USA. Shameful!!!
    It is time to forget national boundaries and start thinking about economic boundaries.
    Who cares who owns the oil and gas reserves. They will eventually be sold to Joe Plumber at the gas station for the market price, regardless of whether an American or Chinese company extracted them from the ground.
    I don’t see anyone in Wal-Mart complaining about Chinese imports!!! If China sees oportunity to develop here, then there has to be a cost advantage. this will result in cheaper crap at Wal-Mart…just what Americans want.
    It should be a wakeup call to the people of the US to get off the couch (turn off American Idle) and start participating in our economy.
    And maybe it is time to stop thinking only about yourself. Central Planning works! Ask your government to bring resources together to accomplish big projects. You’ve done it before, so it shouldn’t be too hard. And don’t be afraid of big business, they just want to make money. And that is good for all of us. Money=jobs=local spending=growth=new business=money. See, it starts and ends with money. And that is what the Chinese have a lot of right now. Why, because of Central Planning!

  8. ChineseNationalist,

    You have expanded on this point quite accurately. NO ONE wants to be a slave laborer, yet that is where the government corporations are pushing us.

  9. ChineseNationalist says:

    Most of the Chinese people really favor americans that is for sure. The american people did nothing bad to them when chinese were unlucky. the chinese people can remember kindness for hundred years. So to say the chinese have how big a conspiracy against american PEOPLE that is laughable in my opinion.

    But you folks must to know, China for now is NOT ruled by her people but buy some greed government officers (CCP commies)they do NOT care about the chinese people do you think they will care about the american people? Do anyone here honestly believe the chinese people want to work 7 days every week only for 5$ per day?

    That is why the CCP commies fear chinese people and the U.S government love CCP. Because the rulers of USA admire the CCP commies have chinese people as slaves but U.S leaders can not (do the same to the americans).

    Be very careful americans. you government hate free people, they take your jobs away and give to the chinese that is for teach you “only slaves may have jobs” go be a slave like chinese is your only way to earn lives. IF you say ‘NO’,they replace you with chinese slaves.

  10. Jane says:

    An embassy such as the one built in Iraq-
    The US Administration didn’t build this embassy for looks in the middle of the rubble they made of Iraq> So can we equate the Chinese STZ in Idaho to an Embassy of like manner? Surely looks similar.The kettle is steaming and it isn’t oolong.
    Amerikka has become a pathetic example of any semblance of decency and the word “traitors” keep flashing like strobe lights to this preposterous situation.History teaches us that we never learn.Many posting here have pointed out the hyprocacy of the double standard this govt has used throughout the world and they are correct.The analogy I can visualize of a worst case scenario with the STZ proposed in Idaho is that after all the money gets into the greedy paws who are promoting this,that they then doublecross the Chinese like they did the native americans with bogus treaties and we,the people have to pay the price for retaliation while the bandits in Washington and their pals flee with all they’ve stolen for parts unknown.It’s a sinking ship scene with the rats jumping ship.

  11. Mary says:

    If the Chinese wanted to nuke us they would have done it already. Talk is talk and same goes for rumors. Unless your a spy i would rather not hear the rumors that go around. I am not afraid of anything especially communism. That’s the least of my worries. Like I said before people in america are selfish and fearful. We should never have fear, only faith. And no I would not rather live with them, but I do believe that they are much more peaceful then the people in our country. Our crime rate sky rockets over theirs so no I’m not afraid of the Chinese. That’s just preposterous. Movies are to blame for this nonsense.

  12. Elaine says:

    All I can say is: R.I.P. America

  13. Dale says:

    My wife and I live in the Idaho Central mountains and this kind of news is extreamly alarming to us. We NEVER hear anything like this on our local Boise TV or anywhere else for that matter. When this hits the news (if it does) it will not be taken lightly.

  14. Ravyn says:

    @ KP and Marks2Much…Foreign nations have Embassies here in America and those ‘nationals’ who work at them have diplomatic immunity. Meaning they can do what they want including raping and killing your daughters and get away with it. If you think having a large scale communist city within our own country is OK then please feel “free” to go live with them and see how long you last.
    The US has had military bases within Europe and the Pacific since the wars. They are allies and are there as military protection of the allies. NATO. I have no doubt if we were to pull out of Japan it would soon become North Korean.

  15. Ravyn says:

    It has been long rumored (conspiracy theory or not)that China would love to invade the US. So lets just give them the proverbial Trojan horse and let them in. I can see them concocting some ‘crime’ against this zone that would give them an excuse to start a conflict against us. Thus opening the doors wide open for their military to attack on American soil. If in fact this area would be under “China” law then they would feel the right to defend it anyway they choose. This is bad Bad BAD! Oh one other thing to think about…does the US Government have any say in what technology/business they develop in this zone? I see a very convenient opportunity to bring their nukes directly onto American soil.

  16. TVP says:

    Maybe people should have thought about the long term consequences of buying all that cheep shit (that wasn’t really needed) from wall-mart, after all they are buying you with your own money.
    The only real solution is to remove there power a.k.a. MONEY!

  17. KP says:

    Well, the USA has these Sovereign cities inside many other countries around the world. They call them ‘Embassies’… Far larger than any ambassador and his assistants would ever need, complete with American armed forces.

    Not to mention the Western countries that battled China into submission in the opium wars to make them hand over trading territory. Where do you think Hong Kong and Macau came from?

    Suck it up guys, you do to everyone else and now its coming back. America, champion of free trade I thought…

  18. Mary says:

    I like the Chinese. It couldn’t be that bad. America is in a lot of debt trouble with them. America at least needs to give them something for it whether it’s land of ours or a whole bunch of taxes from us which I know none of us ever want to take part in since our taxes are high to begin with. Americans can be very selfish from what I’ve seen. And no this is not treason. It’s perfectly reasonable on our part. Though I doubt the chinese would want any part in our land. They have much of their own land that is unoccupied. So Don’t be stupid the Chinese are not taking a part of our land no matter how demanding they may seem. The leaders in America just want them to buy land of theirs to compensate for our past debt so their probably just constantly badgering the Chinese to buy it from them which you know their not actually paying us for the land, we are trying to give it to them in order to convince them to lower our debt that we owe them so they don’t take other serious measures against us. Communism isn’t bad neither it just deals with a bigger form of unity.

  19. Maxemillion says:

    Folks this didn’t just happen overnight. This stuff was being planned years ago.

  20. ROY says:

    The people in charge of this are either insane or so far into china’s pockets that they don’t care about the consequences. China can easily manufacture pesticides, munitions, missiles, atomic weapons, build coal fired power plants, or mox fuel reactors like Japan. Do you think the UN will let us sue them for damages or pollution. The local effects will be access to gaming and cheap prostitution. But on the bright side buying illegal organ transplants from workers who didn’t perform will be cheap and may save your life. If we can’t stop this please sell them the yellow stone crater and pray that God has more balls than the people of Idaho and solves this for us.

  21. stevel says:

    Exactly,.. you have said it better than most and got right to the heart of the matter. It is treason and those responsible should be treated appropriately.

  22. Allen says:

    Check out Midway USA they are out of Missouri and have family that lives in china. They own companies in China that manufacture items for their catalog company and ship it back here to sell the cheap stuff to us. I have a product that I developed and manufacture it in the states by CNC I need to injection mold it to be cost efective. You can’t believe what it takes to make it here. Every company wants a lot of money up front yet they say keep the work here.

  23. Bruce says:

    China first got our jobs, then we borrowed trillions, now they want our land and we can thank our politicians because it started with the slave trade agreements that put millions of us out of work while Bill clinton promissed, “High tech jobs” Most Americans didn’t think that huge job losses would affect them

  24. pamela says:

    this story made me so sick I just don’t know what to say about it.
    What the hell Idaho!

  25. Banderman says:

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    – Barack Hussein Obama

    And evidently, the Chinese.

  26. GardenSERF says:

    I’m glad to see more and more people are picking up on this now and I’m no longer the lone voice of opposition.

    Start fighting back by boycotting imported goods in big box chain stores.

  27. do we wonder why the new RED DAWN movie never made it into theaters last 2 years .

  28. William says:

    Well let me take you to Mexico about the time of the Alamo. Before the Alamo the leadership in America allowed her citizens to move into Mexico and settle there. Now normally that means they are under Mexican laws-right? Well we let/encouraged them to settle there and then encouraged them to disobey Mexican law so that WE COULD “LEGALLY” MOVE OUR MILITARY INTO MEXICO (THE ALAMO)AND PROTECT THE “INTEREST” OF OUR CITIZENS SO TIT FOR TAT LOOKS LIKE TO ME-AND YOU BET CHINA WILL DEFEND HER TERRITORIAL RIGHTS HERE IN AMERICA ALSOjus tlike e did in Mexico then! We’re not so clean lady!

  29. Marks2Much says:

    OK, let’s look at the big picture. This country has over 700 military bases in other countries. These bases are considered sovereign American territory and the military can do damn well whatever it pleases on them, in spite of the “host” country’s protests. Look at Okinawa. Nearly all of these islanders want those bases closed. It ain’t happening.

    I’m not saying the Chinese situation isn’t troubling, but let’s face it. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, whether you like it or not. Tell our government to close all our overseas bases, first. Then you’ve got a leg to stand on. Otherwise, your concerns about this are nothing more than hypocrisy and good ol’ American arrogance.

  30. harry says:

    You first have to understand the Idaho mentality, and this you can only do if you liver there. After all this is the state that has a tax commission that employees working there violate their own laws and attack those who stand up for the law. Idaho is also the state where lead poisoning in the Silver Valley is covered up for special interests and EPA. (See Silver Valley Action because you read about lead poisoning in China but not in the Silver Valley).
    Now go back to Bill Clinton, the UN and Maurice Strong and the beginning of Agenda 21. Here’s where you begin to see Idaho targeted.

  31. Jane says:

    Oh, and check out the going price of a green card for those who are willing to spend $500,000(held inescrow);) Now whose scheme was this?
    Check out the requirements for the EB5 visas.There are even law firms who specialize in this..I wonder why?
    We’ve been systematically eroded by termites eating up the structure in every single government agency.The crooks have found the loopholes and legistlated the vehicles for the Grand Supremo Heist of a country formerly known as America.

  32. Jane says:

    China established these Special Trade Zones in China.They have not been a complete success. Not to be confused with Free Trade Zones,these special zones go steps further where basically they are entire cities,self sufficient,and seperate by the industry they provide within the boundaries of the zone.Greece has at least one Chinese STZ and it’s reported they abuse the (chinese) workers and have basically exported as the article says,”a slice of china”.There are some videos on youtube speaking of the not so good side of this as well.Unless anyone is blind,deaf,and really really dumb,this is the epitome of the greed of the politicians whose hands are really,really dirty on this.Makes a person wonder why so many corporations have jumped ship and left the shingles blowing in the wind which used to read USA.And don’t forget,the latest grab the band of itos of DC are making at Puerto Rico. Maybe they plan to move DC to Puerto Rico after the Chinese take DC by eminent domain. Maybe it’s just me,but the money grabs under the flag of the good ship “political campaign” seems to be moving at a frantic pace.Are they loading the treasure chests for when the pirate ships escape the wrath of the guillotine?

  33. donger says:

    don’t blame the Chinese the blame goes directly to our politicians who have betrayed the American sheeeple

  34. Jane says:

    Hillary Clinton reportedly went to China and cut the deal for the Special trade sone. NOW,HOLD ONTO YOUR BLACKBERRYS,PEOPLE-It is also reported that there is an EMINENT DOMAIN clause which..(The troops file out of the TROJAN HORSE)and repossess..? (depends on the wording)And this is no laughing matter.This same Chinese entity is going to build a huge fertilizer plant right in that area.they are also in the contracting end of the proposition for a lot of money. they will be financing it. Now didn’t we have some problems with fertilizer in Oklahoma City?They will also have accomodations for planes at the airport which is near the proposed 50 sq.mi. “Chinese State”. All of what others here have said and more ..we should be alarmed! Not the British,not the RUssians,but folks,the Chinese are coming..This does not bode well..

  35. Charles says:

    What goes around comes around. US corporations have done this for the last 70 years. They get a special status, i.e. a 10 year tax break and when it is up they leave (Black & Decker in Switzerland).
    What’s amazing though is, the Chinese are paying with $ printed out of thin air during the Bush years.

  36. Sensible says:

    And just think, they will be exempt from pollution laws too !
    What about their military presence, surely we can’t deny their sovereign right of “defense” for their newly established country extension..
    The jobs Americans will have will be in the Casinos that suck up the locals money, and all without any gaming commission or fairness rules. What stops them from doing anything? It will be their “Country” in that area. How do we evict them once we seen how fast things get out of hand??
    We used to shudder at the thought Russia was just 44 miles away from Alaska.. New China right here at home?
    Read the Declaration of Independence.. it gives instructions on what to do with this or any government that becomes destructive…

  37. McTreason says:

    Idaho, recall your (non) Reps NOW!

  38. Christine says:

    So I am guessing this will give the chinese the right to slap on there products, Made in America. Folks Idaho is not the only state doing this. There will be free trade zones all over America. May I remind you that Washington DC itself is a sovereign territory,a country with in a country. The reason we are in this mess in the first place. When there finished there will be nothing left of America.

  39. DAWK says:


  40. Leibniz011 says:

    Here we have the Chinese Trojan Horse or might we say Kissinger’s!
    In fact the model is the that of the British Free Traders…
    This is the planned destruction of the US which for all intensive purposes has already happened.

    Even NPR (the CIA front) did an excellent news story recently concerning a port in Greece owned by the Chinese. All workers rights are disregarded…now with the collapse of Greece, by the financial oligarchy, worse will come, but perhaps the rioters will eject the Chinese from the Greek port.

    Thanks for the article for Treason this is.

  41. Harry Dick says:

    Overthrow them. Use the 1st and 2nd, in large quantities.

    Foreclose on the State of Idaho.

  42. ricky says:

    freakin bizzare where is the rope

  43. Mary says:

    Is this the same as the “Green Zone” in Iraq?????

  44. stan says:

    Treason doth never prosper
    For if it prospers none dare call it treason.
    How many American Zones are there in China? NONE
    This is the 5th Column. How can American voters sit back and allow this to happen. Vote the people who want this out of office.!

  45. j stewart says:

    Trojan Horse indeed. The ChiComms must be laughing their a@@es off. They are applying Sun Tze’s Art of War against the “stupid Americans.”

    And the good folks of Idaho are about to allow this???

    Wake up, people!!

  46. Guillermo says:

    This sounds pretty much like what the US, France and England had at the port of Shanghai during the eighteen hundreds. Each country had it’s own “quarter” of the city, so… It’s quite normal for the Chinese and the US might have to just bear it. Thas what happens when a country is poor or goes broke.

  47. Michael J Volz says:

    It seems Ms Peterson has brought to mind a strange phenomena in America today: Women are growing bigger balls than those of most men.

    Sorry Ms Peterson but you seem to have bigger balls than most men I know as you seem to be be able and willing to call a spade a spade. Your intelligence level too seems to be higher than most men I know.

    Perhaps you don’t spend most of your time drinking beer and watching “Pro” football games and reading the “Sports” page?


    PS, I admire women will “balls” and intelligence!

  48. Jack Simpson says:

    If Europe, North and South America go broke, who will China sell their goods to? China is in a state of economic collapse too. There are floods, drought, famine and civil unrest is on the rise. China will be brought down along with the US. Sorry to burst your bubble. They use Federal Reserve Notes TOO!

  49. Treason it is! In fact, this Chinese “zone” plan is nothing but the modern version of the Trojan Horse invasion. Yes, beware of Chinese bearing gifts! The whole District of Criminals needs to take a long walk off a short pier in concrete overcoats!