G. Edward Griffin

One of the most promising technologies to generate hard evidence of chemtrails is the Internet tracking of planes in flight. There are several computer programs and devices that track commercial flights in real time and show, not only their location, but also their flight number, type of aircraft, origin, destination, speed, and altitude. The cost for this Ap on an iPhone is about $4, and on a computer, it is free. This is amazing technology, and the programs actually are fun to use. They work by receiving what is called ADS-B plane feeds, which are radio signals transmitted by commercial and private aircraft. Military aircraft and those on classified missions do not transmit this signal.

I’m sure you already see where this is going. It is theoretically possible to identify every commercial plane you see overhead either by pointing your iPhone camera at it or locating it on the screen of your computer. If the debunkers are correct, we will find that planes spewing a trail from horizon-to-horizon will all be identified as merely commercial craft and what we see are merely normal contrails after all. On the other hand, if we find that commercial craft do not leave streaks from horizon to horizon but the ones that do are missing from the system … well, even the most die-hard skeptic would have to take a serious look at that. 

To be sure, the debunkers will always be able to find some semi-plausible explanation for everything, even this. For example, not all parts of the world or even of the United States are serviced by this technology at the present time, although the most populated areas are. So the debunkers will likely claim that the coverage is not complete and therefore, not reliable. Also, there is some question about whether all commercial planes are equipped with these transmitters or merely most of them, so the debunkers will claim that a plane that does not show up in the system is probably just one of those commercial planes without transmitters. One blogger who is not happy with the technology claims that his iPhone does not work if the plane is closer than 50 miles, supposedly because of some interference by Homeland Security to protect planes from terrorists. (I do not have an iPhone so I cannot verify his claim, but I had no trouble tracking aircraft directly overhead when using the full computer version of Plane Tracker.) In any event, debunkers will claim that the system is filled with quirks and errors and is not reliable. You get the picture.

In spite of the debunkers, there is an opportunity here to collect data that will be very compelling, even if there are areas not serviced by the technology and even if a small percentage of commercial planes are, in fact, without transmitters. If we can demonstrate that most flights with long trails are missing from the system, I think we will have put the final nail into the coffin of chemtrail denial.

This project is a two-edged sword. What if we find that all those trails really are coming from the same scheduled planes that carry passengers? That would mean we have been on the wrong track, and we would have to re-examine our evidence and re-consider our position. There are some who are convinced that spraying is done by planes performing routine commercial services, but I have not considered that to be likely in view of the huge amount of chemicals needed for such missions and the difficulty in concealing the mixing of chemicals with jet fuel, to say nothing of the effect it would have on fuel performance and damage to the engines. Furthermore, Planes that fly in the crazy patterns we have seen would hardly go unnoticed and unreported by passengers. In any event, the results of a field test such as I am proposing will clear up many of these questions.

Here is what I am asking you to do. If this project interests you, please go on the Internet and become familiar with a program called Plane Finder: http://planefinder.net/. Play with it a while to see how you can track aircraft anywhere in the world, provided there are receiving stations in that area. When you see on your screen that a plane is moving over your location, you should be able to go outdoors and watch it in the sky. Every time you see a plane, get its identity from Plane Finder and note if it has very long trails (lingering over more than half the sky and feathering out into a lingering milky haze), short trails (moving along with the aircraft and dissipating as they go), or no trails (usually low altitude flights). Record all the data about the flight including the time.

For those with iPhones or other smart phones that can handle the Plane Finder Ap, purchase it and install it. Then, every time you see a plane, aim the camera lens of the phone at the plane and record its identification, including the time.

That’s it. If 50 or 100 people will do this, and if they are able to collect data on flights over a one-month period, we will have a data base of immense value. When complete, please prepare a summary, including the locations where observations were made and a brief summary of your experience, and send it to me at gedward.griffin@verizon.net.

Are we going to have fun or what?

Ed Griffin


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12 Responses to “Chemtrail Investigators Wanted”

  1. Bryan396 says:

    Chemtrails and Polymers


    Chemtrail Polymer Detox Protocol

    Zero Point Energy / Energy into Matter
    The Frequency (HAARP) Connection.


  2. sandi says:

    google aircrap.org……..they need you to document this in several ways and have a new interactive map….strangedaysstrangeskies should interest you also. you may be harassed but who cares. this is making us sick. best, sandi

  3. Kev says:

    lol…..Mr. Physical Scientist up there has been reading way to many books. And not looking at the physical evidence obviously.

    I think Mr. Griffin has a good thing going there. I’ve read G.Edwards book “The Creature from Jekyl Island” and know he’s top notch in the world where the New World Order system is concerned. Gonna try to participate. Excellent post.


  4. Adrian Vance says:

    Madame: I am a physical scientist and my comment is based on the fact that a cubic mile of air contains 27 million pounds of air and to put enough of the most psycho-reactive substance ever known into it would take 278,000 pounds of it which would require a large number of large aircraft carrying nothing but the substance. The entire “chem trail” issue is, like anthropogenic global warming, utter nonsense.

    Adrian Vance

  5. Adrian,

    I found your comment in the spam folder and dug it out. Anything that appears to be simply an advertisement for another site or product automatically goes there. Here is what you stated:

    “Evil chem trails is ridiculous. To put 1% of anything in a square mile of air you need to spray 278,000 pounds of it as there is a ton on every square foot. A small town ten miles on a side would need 100 times that, 27,800,000 pounds. How many planes would that take?

    For political analysis, science and humor see The Two Minute Conservative at (website here) Now on Kindle.”

    Your comment makes no sense regarding chemtrails, and leads into the promo for your site. This is a typical spam-type comment.

  6. Adrian Vance says:

    I was told my comment was here, but it is not. Censorship?

    Good luck, Adrian Vance

  7. melai says:

    i used to see planes with smoke on its tail when i was in grade school.. i always ask my mom what was that because i feel strange whenever i see those stuff.. i wonder whats with the smoke.. and until now I still see some of it in some area here in philippines, a plane with a very strange smoke spraying something across the sky.

  8. Henwhisperer says:

    Shoots, I sent him an email and it bounced back with over quota. Nothing is more disheartening than sending an email and having it bounce back. Sigh.

  9. Revelation says:

    I used the planefinder app 6 days ago whilst filming chemtrailing happening in Sydney Australia. Great footage – includes a plane flying at same altitude next to the chemtrail but only leaving a small contrail in its wake.
    The plane finder app did not show the chemtrail plane at all (I took screenshots of the planefinder map). Is it possible to access historical tracking data to ascertain the identity of the plane from somewhere?

    Thanks for putting all of this together, I look forward to sending my data through for this project.

  10. Rob says:

    I like this idea, however there is another website that I personally have found to be better for tracking commercial airplanes: http://flightaware.com/live/

    I will attempt to compile a report myself, but there has not been much spraying in my area for a couple of months now (not that I’m complaining).

  11. J.D. Neiman says:

    I document chemtrails everyday and they chem us here all the time it is real.