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11 Responses to “Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!”

  1. Patrick Rich says:

    Nice? info,I had heard about Evergreen before. The story [ All Nefarious NWO Projects against Humanity}gets worse and worse, Wake up All You Know about Everything you know. Thanks for All You Do, Barbara… Revolt,Rebel,Resist,Defy

  2. For some reason WordPress is doing strange things. I approved several comments, and a few days later find them still in the unapproved folder. All first time comments are moderated so I can filter out spam.

  3. You assume that was ridicule. It was a request for input. If anyone here would like to make a video of this material, I will post it. We are not all perfect, and I don’t expect anyone to be. If you don’t like something, do something about it. Make one of your own and get it posted.

  4. Roxy Lopez says:

    Tried to type a comment earlier…….hmmm.

  5. Jack says:

    I flew out of this facility in the late 1980’s when i worked as a hotshot firefighter for the US
    Forest Service-Coronado NF. The planes were clearly marked Evergreen, even the peanuts came in little Evergreen wrappers. Everyone in Tucson knew this was the Evergreen facility-used for prisoners, deportation flights, fire fighters, congresspeople, and assorted other gubmint characters. So what’s your point? Nothing in this tedious video ‘proves’ that any of these planes are being used for chemtrail spraying…

  6. gwen says:

    Please slow your text down. I must agree with the previous comment regarding the music. It is too loud and distracting.

  7. ATCM says:

    It’s a great video, but Paul is in all points right. Please time the reading before posting (if necessary has either the length to be adjusted or the text to be cut down), and the music can be deafening.
    There are people who must use earphones because ambient noise has to be closed out, and playing around with volume controls ain’t work.
    Enough free version sound editing programs offer insight into dB-ranges.

  8. ATCM says:

    “Being an old ex-rocker, I can appreciate it myself. Why don’t you put one together the way you would like to and share it with us?”

    That approach is that of government employees. I would care about what others say, and try to embrace critics instead of relativating personal tendency and failure.

    YOU ARE DEFINITELY THE ONE TO ENGAGE, not call upon others if you don’t know how information is supposed to be presented. Appreciate critics, and grow with it. Don’t ridicule that which can make you successful.

    We, everyone of us, do our part, and it can’t ever be “Ha, you don’t like it? Then do it better!” No, it must be, “Okay, I listen to what you say and try to grow on it.
    Standing away from narcissism makes us all a team.
    And after you receive critics, you can say: “Thanks for the advice.”
    Thank you for your effort. It is much appreciated Barbara.

  9. John says:


  10. Paul,

    I am glad you got the point of the film. As for the music, each to his/her own style. Being an old ex-rocker, I can appreciate it myself. Why don’t you put one together the way you would like to and share it with us?

  11. Paul says:

    The soundtrack is too loud, distracting and silly. The soundrack makes this hard to view. Other chemtrails videos suffer from the same problem. A menacing soundtrack. The information is menacing enough. The soundtrack with a harsh beat or tone gives the impression that the video is propaganda or BS. Let the facts tell the story. I do not need a drumbeat to make me scared. I turn off the sound just to watch the video.

    The text is not displayed long enough. I often cannot read the words in the brief time displayed. I have to pause the video to read and comprehend the text.

    Thanks for putting this information out. Out tax dollars at work making some well-connected folks rich and cutting our lives short. I hope we can put a stop to this nonsense.