From Michael J. Murphy

This is a letter from Attorney Joe Marman who is suing the Shasta County Air Quality District.  Although I live in LA, I have included myself as a plaintiff in this case.  Please contact Joe to take action against these crimes against nature and humanity.

I am planning on suing Shasta County Air Quality Management District for their breach of their obligations to monitor and ensure the air quality is good for the citizens of Shasta County as well as those who merely pass through Shasta County and have been harmed due to the lack of adequate maintenance of air quality in Shasta County.

I have been an attorney for 24 years now. I am also on the board of the Placer County Sierra Club and am the Vice President of Environmental Voices, a non-profit organization concerned with ensuring a clean environment in which to live. I am a sole practitioner; however I do have a part time attorney working for me also.

I am choosing to sue Shasta County first before tackling Sacramento County and the US Government, to test the waters and work out the kinks in my lawsuit before tackling the giants. 

I will need to file a government claim prior to filing the lawsuit, which is only a procedural requirement to avoid being kicked out of court for the lack of exhausting administrative remedies prior to filing the lawsuit.

I will need some people to serve as plaintiffs to be named in the lawsuit as those people who have sustained some type of damages. Damages could be as simple as stress from observing the spraying of chemical trails from the jets. It can also be degraded water quality, or having damaged plants or gardens on their properties, or even some people lose production of solar power due to decreased sunlight from the film of barium, strontium and aluminum in the air from geo-engineering.

The only downside from being a plaintiff is that the county may have the chance of pursuing the plaintiffs for their costs if they are victorious in the lawsuit. Costs will most likely not include attorney’s fees, but typically only includes actual costs of court filings, subpoenas and document and records production. I would guess that total could amount to no more than $2000 throughout the entire case. And we will always have the option to dismiss our case for a waiver of Shasta County pursuing costs if we determine that we will be unable to win the case.

My case will involve a lawsuit seeking monetary damages as well as Writ of Mandate which would be a court order, ordering Shasta County Air Quality to investigate and report on and ensure that they are doing all they can to ensure that Shasta County residents and visitors will have clean air free from geo-engineering substances. I do have two excellent witnesses available to testify in Shasta County. Two are 30 year scientists that are willing to testify to prove the contamination on the ground which most likely comes from the jet spray.

The evidentiary standard for the burden of proof only requires that I prove that “more likely than not” the ground level contamination is coming from the jet-spraying overhead. The civil standard for burden of proof does not require the more difficult criminal standard of “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

I will need about 3-6 people that would be willing to be named as plaintiffs.

You can call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Joe Marman 916-721-3324


UPDATE: Roxy Lopez of The Truth Denied has signed on! Website:


Michael J. Murphy


Barb’s note: Certain names were removed in the interest of the persons named.

Disclaimer: Environmental Voices is not a party to the lawsuit.

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21 Responses to “Chemtrail Alert: Joe Marman Suing Shasta County Air Quality Mgt District – You Can Join!”

  1. 23523 says:

    disposable citizen, it is not global warming, it is global chaos from HAARP/scalar sites littered around the globe.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Well there back at it and I haven’t found anything on this except they are saying they only do this because of drought conditions…on a TV Program…Come on people…Aluminum in high doses….how stupid are we..They said it won’t harm us…when there is proof all over the world it is doing damage!

  3. Carolyn says:

    After posting my last spiel….I went to the lawyers site and we actually noticed that they haven’t been spraying Redding, CA since then…We noticed a few lines west of us but then nothing…Thank you Thank you Thank you….I just pray they never spray us again…He sued are Clean Air bunch up here…Get involved people! Let them know we are watching…!!!

  4. Carolyn says:

    I am so glad to see so many people aware of the Chemtrails..I took pictures…tried to tell my pilot brother n law to no avail…I heard it was the NATO countries that are doing this and is this what they’re spending our money on? Ways to slowly kill us…This is the biggest inhuman act anyone has pulled on the world since Hitler and all the despots…These people need to be stopped and World ….WAKE UP! Correct me if I’m wrong…but didn’t they start this as far back as 1988? I saw it everywhere I went after I started driving semi’s in 1997. I pray these lawsuits stop them before it is too late…America…WAKE UP! They don’t care about us!!!!!

  5. disposable citizen says:

    A group of scientists (see link) have done research that totally debunks what the Gov’t funded Geo-Eng talking heads (Ken Caldeira-David Keith) are preaching about more clouds > means more shade > means preventing Global Warming! TOTAL BS–t!

    What to expect from the Gov’t that had Senators on TV telling us 5 years ago ‘Global Warming is not happening’……and now those Senators are saying “aerosol spraying is not happening”. Mean while they fund the Geo-geeks from Calgary to hold seminars around the US to seed the public with catch phrases like”this is the only way to prevent Global Warming’ and “its all experimental for now ….but, WHO KNOWS, we may have to start SRM (solar radiation management which is political dribble for aerosol spraying)… as a last resort”.

    Folks, this the face, the intent and the FUTURE of AMERIKA the CORPORATION…no longer a nation.

  6. Johnnie says:

    It is because of the ‘Pacos’ in the world that WE are called conspiracy theorists. What we are saying are facts, and it is time we stopped being calm. That is called ‘dumbing down’ and paranoid has nothing to do with caring for our planet and its people for the joy of the elite! I grew up around tankers in the Air Force and if you don’t know the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail then I would suggest reading up on it or how about looking up! That should work.

  7. Blair says:

    Paco my dear friend. I pray that is sarcasm. I want to scratch my eyeballs out when I hear that or “they are CONtrails from regular AIRPLANES” or I asked “My buddy who is a pilot”. “It’s natural water vapor and you are suckered in to a CONSPIRACY THEORY” Really? what does he fly? a Kite? Okay. Let’s go outside during lunch and watch how this “water vapor” stays in the sky and continues to build and whisp and create a haze, etc. Oh and see that Jet Plane way up there to the right? Why does his “CONtrail” dissipate after about 15 seconds behind the plane? Silence…Chirp. Chirp. “Altitude”. sometimes its best to not waste good air on bad brains.

  8. Blair says:

    Finally!!! Someone has brain and guts! I have been starring in my own “Twighlight Zone” episode for the last 6 years. That’s about when I started following Clifford Carnicom and his amazing research and journey. Clifford is in New Mexico and I am in Oklahoma. Yes where one of the largest Spraying Units is housed in SW Oklahoma in city of Lawton (AFB). I couldn’t believe my friends and family would discount my evidence in the sky and solid research. My wife was the News Director for the Number One News Station in the market and worked their for 16+ years! I have never given up. But I am exhausted. What else can we do? I am asking all neighbors, friends and family to test their blood for Aluminum and Barium. I hope this wakes them up. I doubt it though. Maybe the GMO’s have their brains contained and controlled. Ha! What other explanation do you have?

  9. Andy says:

    It boggles the mind, what ruthless ‘creatures’ & lunatics are behind this!!

    May they be exposed & eventually be brought to justice!!!

  10. manon says:

    I wish you much success and hopefully the giants will come next

  11. Leslie Walker says:

    My hats are off to you for I have prayed that someone would stand up for humanity and go after those involved in this genocide. God bless you and thank you for not being afraid to

  12. Rik Munson says:

    When i was a child i watched the jets give off a vapor trail and those trails would spread out and then dissipate. They spread out but instead of dissipating what I see is a beautiful cloudless blue sky being turned into a yellow haze.

    These are not normal vapor trails. They are spraying something into the atmosphere and the upper respiratory afflictions that follow have long been documented.

    Like Cindy I’m interested in who and what. I like the approach because with a law suit you have some discovery and if Air Quality can’t answerer it’s prima facia incompetence or even negligence. As per Cindy’s note… it has to be governmental at some level or yea… it would have started to look fishy a long time ago.

  13. Cindy says:

    Michael, or Joe, I have heard about this issue and asked the Union of Concerned Scientists about it and they knew nothing. Can you tell me what evidence has been developed to identify the planes and their spraying units and chemical tanks? It would take alot of the stuf which also means they have to be buying the stuff from some one abd logging their flights whcih ought to look strange at various airports. Who is this?


  14. Robert says:

    Kudos to Joe and Kudos for Farm Wars for posting. We will keep checking back and will pass the info on to our readers as well.

  15. Dan says:

    Hi Joe this is a great idea however you should google Winston Shrout and go about this on the private side first to get their agreement. A Commercial Lien would be a great tool and is the best complete administrative process.

    Good Luck

  16. Janet says:

    I am with you on this. If you need me to do anything, please let me know!


  17. Johnnie Perdue says:

    Thank You Joe, this is a burr under my saddle that for some reason is always treated like it really is not a ‘big deal’ or ‘there is nothing WE can do about it’ and I really know this IS a BIG DEAL!! I hear them all through the night also. I am having shortness of breath to the point I went to the emergency room thinking it was a heart atack! I am considering wearing a mask when I go out but I know they have saturated us by now
    GOD Speed my friend.

  18. Glenn says:


    I have years of photographs demonstrating years of torment and wondering. I am in, let me know what I can do.


  19. Glenn says:


    I believe that obvious global engineering, filling the air with particles on almost a daily basis, without giving me the courtesy of telling me why takes an enormous amount of my time wondering WTF?, not to mention who’s paying for it. This infringes on my pursuit of happiness. It’s time to know the truth.


  20. DaveR says:

    It all sounded good until “…and ensure that they are doing all they can…” which means they do nothing, because that’s all they can do. Simple. You demand they do “all they can” and they do nothing.

  21. sjkflm says:

    They have been spraying over us for months. Some days it is so bad that the feeling of being sick comes into play. I would like to sue them also and have plenty of film to show them in their doings. Here is a URL please take time to type in and look, this involves all. or sjkflm in yahoo search. When the spraying starts I get so upset, it is my nana (86 years of age) and her health. But they seem to not care the least bit, it is all poison.