Michael Edward discusses the radioactive uranium now coming from the deep asphaltic oil in the Gulf of Mexico, and how it effects microorganisms. In addition, an exclusive audio interview with BP clean-up worker Paul Hebert, regarding his personal observations of the Gulf water boiling with microorganisms digesting the oil.

Gulf Blue Plague Realities: Deadly Radioactive Microorganisms from The Living Light Network on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to “Gulf Blue Plague Realities: Deadly Radioactive Microorganisms”

  1. Bettejo Dux says:

    How do we detox?

    Have you a religious affiliation?

  2. Kevin says:

    This is something also. Barbara do you know what they’re planning to do to the New Madrid Fault Line? Its all connected to the gulf oil spill. With their HAARP technology, they are planning to create a massive earthquake right up the Fault. They deliberately blew just this week the levies on the Mississippi river and the Ohio river where they meet. You do know that there has been an inordinate amount of rain in that area already…of course deliberately caused by their HAARP weapons. Weather modification is what its called. That area is saturated worse than it has ever been….I believe to soften up the ground underneath. And the oil they deliberately drilled out into the salt dome under the gulf….so it would seep underneath the ground to create a lubrication as well to help when they point the HAARP frequency waves in that area it will cause the greatest earthquake known to man….they mean to split this country in half…right up the Madrid Fault line. This meets up with their de-population agenda…..many millions will die! It is believed that they (Illuminati or Zionists) caused the Japan earthquake….and hence the ensuing Tidal wave.

    If your not aware of this just go to youtube and and look up New Madrid fault earthquake or these types of keywords and you will find many good documentaries from others who’ve studied and researched. Thanks.