Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab

“Shot on three continents, our film makes it clear that farmlands are being bought up the world over. Three continents and three examples that tell one and the same story: the story of a gigantic game of Monopoly, and the consequences it could have if nothing is done to protect the interests of small farmers and developing countries.”

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12 Responses to “Planet for Sale – The New World Agricultural Order”

  1. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi says:

    A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious.
    But it cannot survive treason from within … Cicero

    Remember the USAF 9-11 Stand Down Order.

  2. Bill Braddington says:

    They tax us with the illegal FICA tax. They inflate money so it affects poor people who have to spend more each year. With our land taxes, food and fuel our prices have increased by $9,000 since 2006. This is with all the property increases since 2000 and everytime someone builds a house and they have built many the past ten years. But they are able to spend it all.

  3. Coruscant says:

    It is a game to the wealthy. It really is monopoly in “living color”. Only the game is not to own everything, but to create a vast web of inter-dependancy between all nations so that no nation uses its own products but all nations will import the products they are “allowed” to use so that nations can be manipulated without military accomodation. Instead they will just use famines or plagues or financial deflation of the national currency to bend the peoples of the worlds nations to the bankers wills. That will only be possible with the world wide dependancies that are being created by multi-national/international corporations.

    Guess nobody gave a second thought to the fact that buying the cheapest food from walmart was going to turn into ruination for the local shops, all that was needed was for TIME to pass. Now we are in the “close the noose” portion of the timeline it seems. Hence the economic financial balogney being manipulated by the US Fed. It is all engineered.

  4. amicus curiae says:

    Coca cola bought out SPC preserving companies 3 plants in aus.
    today they say they plan to shut 2 and use imported fruit.
    we grow some of the best fruits, and they talk of importing chinese? aprocots, the turkish ones are inedible, so how bad will it get.I buy mine or get given real fruit, fro aus, I jam dry and stew it, getting aus fruit is near impossible in stores., even Angus Park a SA, middle of the fruit area ,company is using Imported fruit. shame!
    meanwhile Our govt takes land and water rights, and our growers rip trees out rather than see the orchard shrivel and die.
    what Coke didnt grab the phillipines magnates did. san Miguel has a lot of aussie drink market too.
    yesterday the Sth Aus govt agreed to sell harvest rights to OS companies, ignoring local tenders. for the states pine plantations.
    throwing many rural towns into peril.

  5. BlueyBlogger says:

    What a joke these people are. Do they seriously believe they can actually OWN land on this Planet? NOBODY owns the land on this Planet.
    If it is taken by force by ANYONE, we have the right to take it back, using whatever means necessary, and if that means WAR, so be it. The banks would never dare to go up against the entire Indigenous population of this planet, if they were all to come together.
    There are NOT enough soldiers in this world willing to die for a lost cause such as this, so I say to EVERYONE:
    “Get off your fat lazy arses, and do something about this!!!!”

  6. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the info. Bob.. Another great documentary that deals with corporatocracy quite a bit is ZEITGEIST: Moving forward.
    It is a fantastic film. Brilliant.;list=WL

    Barb, if you watch this and like it, (which I think you might) you may want to spread the word.. or should I say, the truth.!!

  7. Bob Johnson says:

    The video is 250MB everyone. You should download video to your computer first using RealPlayer Downloader. Also there is a movie coming to theaters late 2011 called the “40 Point Plan”
    2 of the 40 Points in the film builds 15,000 Vertical Farm Towers to Eliminate Hunger in the world since growing crops on the ground is not going to work in the future with 10 Billion people living on earth by 2050…

  8. Lisa says:

    Barb, It does work if you put the video on pause and then watch it. However, I had to put it on pause for over 30 minutes to let it load before I could watch it. I wonder why? I never had this problem before?

    anyhow, this land grab is very sad to me. It only make the poor even poorer and the biotech/biocide corps will only ruin planet Earth if they get their way

  9. It is a 54 minute video, so might take time to load if you do not have a broadband connection. You can also try it at the source linked at the top of the article. I cannot find it on YouTube or any other site yet.

  10. Lisa says:

    I am also having a difficult time with this video. I usually dont have any difficulties with youtube, or realplayer or vimeo..etc..etc..

  11. Hi Claudia,

    It is playing fine for me, so I suspect the problem might be your computer, or connection. Try putting it on pause and letting the whole thing load, then playing. Let me know.

  12. Claudia says:

    The video does not work! It keeps stoping. Is it a boycot?