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The Marketing of Insurance Fraud

“Moldy buildings do no harm” marketed its way into US public health policy, thereby allowing the dismissal of injured parties’ insurance claims.

Sunday, April 24, 8:00 pm Pacific Time


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3 Responses to “The Great Mold Coverup In the Crosshairs!”

  1. Not an either/or situation of lead paint or mold. There are other options. Here are some:

  2. dvdivx says:

    Well which is worse lead paint or mold. It’s one or the other. There is a reason why in the age of no AC they didn’t have mold covering the walls of houses in the south. They added lead and/or arsenic to the paint. Turn off the AC in any home where the humidity is 90+% and it becomes covered in mold in a short time in the summer.

  3. Geri Greene says:

    Absolute bullshit – my daughter miscarried after moving into an apartment where it was later discovered to contain moldy kitchen cabinets. The apartment’s response? The trade out those same cabinets with another unit!