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Due to intense pressure, the following statement was released today, April 7, 2011, by the National Research Council of Canada:

Update. Thursday, April 7, 2011: The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) issued a statement to clarify that it has no plans to research genetically modified (GM) wheat.

NRC now states: “GM wheat is not an objective of the NRC wheat program. We will be developing a number of tools that will be used to reduce the breeding cycle, increase yield and adapt to climate stresses. GM varieties are not contemplated at this time.”


“GM varieties are not contemplated AT THIS TIME.” Hopefully, the pressure can be sustained to keep them from contemplating GM varieties at ANY time. Go Canada!

Canada recently gave the go ahead to GMO wheat. Although it is not ready for production yet, the plans were and quite possibly, still are in the making. Here is the original release:

The National Research Council plans to develop genetically modified wheat in Canada — a measure long resisted by the country’s wheat farmers.

The NRC says Canadian wheat farmers are becoming less productive and need to adapt, especially in the face of climate change. It suggests GM wheat as a solution.

In the past week, senior NRC management has been unveiling its long-term strategy to its researchers and other staff. The goal, says a leaked copy of the plan, is to become a “market-driven organization whose primary goal is to develop and deploy technology.”

And it says building better wheat is one of the top goals.

Canada is “losing global market share for our exports,” it says. “Our annual productivity is ranked last against other top producing countries.” As demand rises, “climate change is impacting our agricultural production.”

The document outlines how transgenic wheat could produce new hybrids that will be “a game changer.” (Transgenic organisms have DNA modified through genetic engineering techniques, to create a desirable trait such as resistance to disease.)

But the document warns that a “huge effort” will be necessary to decode all the genetic material in wheat and to learn what traits can be manipulated in the lab.

Vancouver Sun

In my article, “America’s Silent Killing Fields,” I cite how statistics are manipulated and any resistance by wheat farmers is swept under the table: 

A March, 2009 report on GMO Compass states:

A majority of farmers in the USA have expressed approval in a poll on genetically modified wheat. They expect gene technology to contribute towards solutions to current problems in wheat cultivation…..

In conducting the survey, the National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG) approached in writing 21,000 farmers with a wheat cultivation area of at least 200 hectares. A third of those addressed participated in the poll. The object of the survey was the opinion of farmers towards a petition that was formulated by the NAWG and contained essential statements towards genetically modified wheat. Three-quarters (76 per cent) of the participating farmers agreed with the petition.

Let’s do the math:

NAWG approached 21,000 farmers. One-third, or 7,000 farmers participated. Out of that 7,000, 76%, or 5,320, approved of GMO wheat. 5,320 is only 25% of the 21,000 farmers originally approached. NOT A MAJORITY OF FARMERS! This statement is simply not true! The pollsters are twisting the statistics to suit their own purposes. What about the other 14,000 farmers, or two-thirds of all farmers who were not represented in the poll?

Five years ago, the Monsanto company abandoned plans for the market introduction of genetically modified wheat, since many farmers feared losses in wheat export to Europe and Asia. “Our farmers still have no interest in herbicide-resistant Roundup wheat,” declared a spokesperson of the NAWG. However, farmers demand increased yield and wheat types that better withstand heat, dryness and cold. As stated by the NAWG, “Our poll is a strong signal that farmers are ready to plant genetically modified wheat.”

Monsanto clearly benefits from the pollster’s twisted statistics. Who cares about the truth, full steam ahead!

The lie of higher yields is also being spread in order to promote these abominations, but Devinder Sharma states:

I draw your attention to a research experiment being reported from Switzerland for transgene x environment interactions in genetically modified wheat. The team of researchers, led by Simon L Zeller from the Institute of Evolutionary Ecology and Environment Studies at the University of Zurich, had used the transgene wheat variety Bobwhite SH 98 26 transformed with a powdery mildew resistance gene Pm3b. They grew four offspring pairs, each consisting of a GM line and its corresponding non-GM line, under different soil nutrient conditions and also treated for fungicide treatments in the glasshouse as well as in the field.

What is interesting is to see the performance of the transgene in the glasshouse conditions and in the fields. It differed quite significantly. This is what the researchers found: Without fungicide treatment, in the glasshouse GM lines had increased vegetative biomass and seed number and a twofold yield compared with control lines. In the field these results were reversed. Fertilization generally increased GM/control differences in the glasshouse but not in the field. Two of four GM lines showed up to 56% yield reduction and a 40-fold increase of infection with ergot disease Claviceps purpurea compared with their control lines in the field experiment; one GM line was very similar to its control

Even if wheat farmers don’t want their wheat genetically modified, and yields have not proven to be greater, but in fact less in controlled experiments, it doesn’t matter. Whatever underhanded manipulations these compromised governments have to do to appease their genetically modified partners in crime, they will do, and we are simply cannon fodder. Is there anything that will stop these criminals?

I hope that CBAN continues its fight to hold back the tide on GMO wheat in Canada. In the U.S., it seems that we are being rolled over by a juggernaut that is so big that any resistance is crushed. So, what do we do? Dig in and plant like your life depends on it because it does. It is up to us as individuals to make the difference. Boycott all GMO foods, and grow, grow, grow your own food. Grow enough for your neighbors. Grow as much as you can, and save the seeds.  We are in the fight of our lives.

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23 Responses to “Update: Canada Backpeddles on GMO Wheat Issue!”

  1. Ric says:

    How productive will people be on the job with pesticides or GM products? Sleep disorders and headaches just with a couple of meals. Long term I have no idea. Do you really think this will be a good long term investment? With rainy springs and summers more than ever now in America is there going to be higher yields or lower yields? At some point the food becomes toxic and is not fit to consume. Do you really want to go there?

  2. AngryCanadian says:

    Our government no longer protects Canadian citizens and allows our resources to be consumed without any long term benefit to the vast majority of Canadians. I am a Canadian who is proud of his country and I believe we as a nation can help foster TRUE values and practices globally.
    Sadly, we’re unable to protect our own environment and our government is far too willing to take calculated health risks with its own citizens. Canada and its governments needs to recognize this transgression before things go too far. Human health and well being is paramount to any other concern yet this concern is never broached unless a political party can use it to their own advantage.
    Health Canada you are a disgrace. The current government allows this and needs to be removed for that alone. The people making decisions need to be identified so Canadians know who deemed them beneath rational humane consideration. These politicians and the others of their kind need to be removed from deciding our future. Canada deserves better than the spineless pandering parasites we call government officials yet somehow they just keep coming back.
    No GMO. Monsanto needs to be burned from Canadian soil. Assistance given to those snared and final goodbyes delivered to the rest. If the government will not defend us we can surely defend ourselves. Our own house needs to be in order before even attempting to help others with theirs.

  3. Wink says:

    We have to get a bill past that all food containing any GMO must be labeled as such. That way the SHIT will sit there and ROT. Give the people a choice and it wouldn’t take long to destroy Monsuckanto shit.

  4. King says:

    It’s part of depopulation. Monsanto is a real evil company to kill people around the World.

  5. It is interesting that all of the comments posted to this entry about GE wheat are all opposed, not one was in favor. The problem lies in the fact that our governments have been bought ” Lock, stock and barrel” by Monsanto and big Ag. We are not even allowed to know which of the foods in the market contain GMOs, a right they tell us we are not entitled to. We must continue to educate the public, who are still largely uninformed about the dangers of GMOs and how they are a threat to the world’s food supply as well as our health. An informed public is needed to create a tipping point, when the public will demand that GMOs be removed from the market place.

  6. Toni Reita says:

    In 2008, 180 countries declared that their citizens have a fundamental right to food. Only one country voted against this rudimentary right. Can you guess which country that was?

    How can the proclaimed land of the free and home of the brave justify such a mean spirited decision? And is it in the best interests of their citizens or in the best interests of someone else?

    Instead the United States made it’s intentions perfectly clear and voted against the right to food for it’s citizens. There is no right to food in the USA, nor is there any right to food legislation pending. Pretty simple isn’t it?

    I’m wondering if the USA’s refusal to participate in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights provoked the growing grassroots right to food movement and the real food revolution? Is the war on food just beginning to heat up?

    We must completely reject all GMO false foods.


  7. Rhonda says:

    The Georgia Guidstones. Read them, then you will understand GMO’S, Vaccines, Aspartame, Etc.

  8. Sassan says:

    That is exactly what we are doing now… growing our own food as much as we can. One certainly can’t trust the food industry in any way. Food production and water are fast becoming the biggest issues of this century.

  9. Martin Lane says:

    If wheat production is declining perhaps it is mother nature telling us it’s time to wean ourselves off our addiction to the stuff. Most of us are allergic to it anyway! So lets get in to healthier food and kick the habit!!

  10. lpd says:

    The people don’t want this. Monsanto wants this. I sincerely hope that that the majority of Canadian farmers refuse to plant GM wheat. Shame on them if they do. Disgraceful.

  11. R Canadian says:

    Today the Vancouver Sun ran a story about GM Soy and Sudden Death Syndrome. On my FB page today I recieved a letter signed by over 850 scientists worldwide asking for an end to GMO’s because of the negative impact on the environment and on human health. When are criminals in our government going to do their jobs and work in the best interests of the public they took an oath to serve? When are they going to stop taking bribe money? Universities accept bribe money to fund research and monSatan takes full advantage of that arrangement. These so called scientists talk about climate change having an effect on our wheat…I would counter that claim and say the only climate change is the one caused by geoengineering. We are being sprayed constantly on the West Coast, it has become so common that if you look at Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader’s campaign pictures, you will see Victoria chemtrails behind her. I am noticing chemtrails in advertising on television in scenes filmed outside. In California, scientists have found 30-40% less sunlight reaching the surface of our planet because of geoengineering. Never mind that the substances they are spraying consist of aluminum nitrates and barium. Roots of plants will not develop with those toxic substances polluting the soil. This is not rocket science, this is mad science.

  12. Margo says:

    “And it says building better wheat is one of the top goals.” Building a better wheat? What makes these scientists think they can play God with our food and anyone gains? They gain money and power but we lose health and our access to clean food. Once we release these into the environment there is no turning back. We all need to fight this!!!!!

  13. Peter says:

    Check out his PDF article linking GM crops to disappearance of Bees – Colony Collapse Disorder.;Itemid=71

  14. GMO is not the way to go! Cows and pigs are smarter than farmers and governments. Studies show, when given the choice between GMO and non-GMO, they refused GMO feed every single time!

    Suicide seeds didn’t just get their name because they don’t reproduce. Farmers in India kill themselves after GMO crops wiped them out. India was the testing ground for Monsanto and it failed miserably. Of course MonSatan won’t tell that to the people they want to buy their crap and governments are in the pocket of the chemical cartel [among others]. Monsanto loves to sue the farmers. 182,900 Indian farmers committed suicide between 1997 and 2007 (that is 2 every hour).

    US scientist just discovered a new pathogen believed to be linked to Monsanto’s Roundup; it causes spontaneous abortions in the animals. Sadly USDA has ignored the scientist’s urgency to rescind approval of GMO alfalfa.

    Canada, DON”T GO GMO! Germany’s high court said it well, GE alters the very structure of life that could have irreversible effects. Therefore, the high level of precaution surrounding the cultivation and the commercialization of GMO products is perfectly legitimate.

    Deeds of Destruction
    Government, Monsanto, Chemtrails and Food

  15. Pierre says:

    Shame on those canadian-brit christian zionists schame on them!

  16. jonnydee says:

    When are civilized governments going to say no to this killer Monsanto!!! ……..who is getting the pay offs in government ??

  17. jack says:

    Just another nail in the coffin of humanity

  18. Joseph says:

    Don’t trust these idiot scientists. I work with them every day in the heavy oil industry in Alberta. They’ll do anything they’re told to earn their paychecks. Your safety is not even on their radar. Long term repercussions? They’re not even thinking about that. No, that will be someone else’ problem, like your kids and grand kids. Good luck world…..cause I know you’re not listening to me.

  19. amicus curiae says:

    odd isnt it? they used Bobwhite wheat in Horsham and Mildura test plots in Aus. results were also poor, and yet? they continue as far as I know even now. Urrbrae ag college in Sth Aus is also right in with the gm mobs.
    monmongrels also bought into West aus wheat breeders /research, now they have access to our Taxpayer funded breeds to screw up as well.all the srid and dryland stock.
    funny(not) they take natural best adaptors and then tamper and claim it was their work that made it sogood read …(bad) all they do is add RR and claim a new breed.
    well Canada wheat sales will bottom out bigtime now. idiots.

  20. parasitism says:

    more poison for the enemy human populations

  21. Claudette says:

    Please contact the Green Party in Canada.
    There is now an election on, and perhaps this should be a major issue during the campagne.

  22. Daniel says:

    The author is correct in stating our lives depend on avoiding GMO products. Governments, judges etc. have been co-opted by Demon-santo. As a Canadian, I am disheartened by the decision.

  23. Steve says:

    Yes there is something that will stop these criminals, WAR.