Barb’s Note: If this isn’t proof positive that Big Ag is intent on monopolizing our food and pushing CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) on us and eliminating humane, natural methods for raising animals, then I don’t know what is.

Big Ag Lobbies to Make it Illegal to Secretly Film Animal Abuse

By Eric Blair

Source: Activist Post

Big Agribusiness is fed up with pesky animal rights activists who expose abuses of farm animals on film. According to the Associated Press, agriculture committees in the Iowa state government have approved a bill to outlaw secret filming of animal abuses and punish the accused with a $7500 fine and up to five years in jail….

Strangely enough Joe Satalin [of Polyface Farms] has been attacked by big government regulators because he won’t conform to raising animals in government-sanctioned concentration camps.  READ MORE…

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One Response to “Big Ag Targets Exposers of Animal Abuse in CAFOs”

  1. Vickie says:

    Agribusiness Pressing States to Criminalize Photographs of Farms