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Farm Wars

By now you’ve heard how President Obama and his Monsanto Administration have plowed through approvals of three more genetically engineered products, including GE alfalfa.  Well, here’s something else you should know:

To produce its Round-Up Ready Alfalfa seeds, Monsanto partnered with a company called Forage Genetics International, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O’Lakes dairy co-op. That’s right, Land O’Lakes stands to make a fortune from polluting our food supply with untested and unlabeled GMOs. 

To protest, you could sign one of the many petitions going around that will likely just be ignored.  But there’s another way to show your disapproval of genetically engineered Round-Up Ready Alfalfa:  Boycott all Land O’Lakes products — its butter, cheese, eggs, speads, margarine, seasonings, creams, cocoa and cappuccino mixes, sour cream and milk.  All of them.

You have the power to economically punish Land O’Lakes — the owner of Forage Genetics, Monsanto’s partner in crime — for its role in polluting the food chain with untested and unlabeled GMOs, increasing the use of toxic glyphosate herbicide, and potentially destroying the organic beef and dairy feed market by loudly refusing to support Land O’Lakes with your dollars.

Tell all your friends to go to all the supermarkets in their area and let the check-out clerks know that they’re boycotting Land O’Lakes products until they are out of the GMO business, loud enough for other shoppers to hear.  And next, stop by the store manager’s desk and tell him about the boycott.

Send Land O’Lakes and other companies a clear message:  HAY you — We’re FED UP with GMOs in our food supply!

And to make sure Land O’Lakes knows why its sales are down, contact its president and CEO Chris Policinski and let him know you won’t be buying Land O’Lakes products anymore because you don’t want genetically engineered food or animal feed:

Chris Policinski
President and CEO
Land O’Lakes
4001 Lexington Avenue
Arden Hills, MN 55126-2998

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79 Responses to “Hay Now — It’s Boycott Time: Land O’Lakes, This Means You!”

  1. Shakes fist at the artist of the logo .

    DO NOT vote for candidates running for MPs and Assemblymen, even political parties who refuse to PROMISE to lower those deposits. When in doubt, vote only for Joe Publics who are worth no more than 200K, also see the pledge/questionairre below and ask your MP candidate or Assemblyman candidate, current MP or Assemblyman to sign with a cam taking down the signing in the presence of as many media reporters or people as possible :;theater

  2. David Cameron says:

    It’s 2:48 pm, Friday November 11, 2011.
    I just read this article and was heartbroken.
    So…… I called the CEO

    Chris Policinski
    President and CEO
    Land O’Lakes
    4001 Lexington Avenue
    Arden Hills, MN 55126-2998

    And sure enough he answered the call.
    And yes, he was familiar with this article.
    He only defense was “we respect the right of consumers to make a choice”.
    That was it…..
    That’s all he had to say.

    Then, I asked him if he was familiar with the peer reviewed research articles on GMO Soy? He said he wasn’t……
    Good grief, he hasn’t even read them……..

    Well, I told him how disappointed I was. And that my choice is to BOYCOTT all “Land O’ Lakes” products.
    And………. to spread the word for others to do the same.

    If I got right through to the CEO, chances are, so can you.
    Please take a minute and give him a call.

  3. wanda mcclenaghan says:

    If God did not make it I will not eat it. Landolakes products were the largest co on the shelf today in the butter dept but I chose another brand and also got a bargain. If we are all on God’s side he will be on our side. God wants his children to be free and healthy Wanda McClenaghan

  4. Quay Versteeg says:

    I have one thing to say! God n his Hiarchy of Angels are here just outside OUR realm! And I am here to tell you that this crap is not going to continue! The dark ratBastard Cabal is being stopped by the Power of Love from the Source The I Am! Just hide n watch when the earth stands still for 3 days n time stops! Our atmosphere seemingly burning! People better get right in their hearts! in love light n TrUtH

  5. Heinz Hoeke says:

    HAIN is claiming to sell non-GMO products. Are they lying or what??
    Hain products are even sold in Health Food Stores!

  6. ecoentrepreneur,

    Also, let the Organic Consumers Association, Natural News, Jeffrey Smith, and the company that they are supporting, The Green PolkaDot Box know that the Box needs to get rid of questionable companies such as Hain Celestials and Organic Valley. Hain’s fifth largest stockholder is Vanguard, which is owned by its investors, who just love to invest in Monsanto and a host of other nasties. Organic Valley has issued a ban on raw milk sales except for family and friends.

  7. ecoentrepreneur says:

    One way you can combat this in the natural products retail world is by telling Whole Foods Market to stop selling the products! Start by talking to the team members and any customers that happen by whilst you are selecting other products! Inform them. Grassroots disruption at the customer level – the only TRUE place we have direct personal impact!!

  8. QTpie says:

    If you are interested here is a star tribune news article about this

  9. QTpie says:

    I complained to them at this link

    The submit button worked for me. But I would never buy any of their products anyway.

  10. George Matthews says:

    We can’t use their methods and sabotage their machines and equipment, but it’s going to come to that and there will be an officer in blue bought and paid for.

  11. George Matthews says:

    I think it would be better to just start growing your own produce everywhere and selling it to people. You do this and you’ll have to do it for months on end. You’ll go in the store and yell something and they’ll call the law and arrest you. But it isn’t time to sabotage stuff just yet. If I was you I would order most stuff through the Internet. Make your own bread and grow your ownn food if you can. Buy from the small grocery store. We can hurt the big stores if we try.

  12. r says:

    The Rockefellers, Kissenger an other elite eugenicists want you worthless eaters sick so their medical treatments can drain you of your wealth before you are dead,but they want you sterile first when you are youthful. Look up interview with AAron Russo about Nick Rockefeller. GMO’s are shown to cause sterility in test animals look it up. Also the elite eat “specially grown food and have seed banks to restore the good old stuff once we are all gone.

  13. Sybil says:

    This stuff is driving me crazy. “They” tell us they’re doing all of these things for the better of mankind, but we all know that GMO’s, vaccines and HAARP weather modification (chemtrails) is killing us.

    My 23 year old son is vaccine damaged (mercury poisoning), so I really relate to this song. Will you please pass this great song on. Perhaps it will help to inform.

    Thank GOD for this forum. Thank you, Barbara!

  14. Sybil says:

    I don’t shop at mainstream grocery stores anymore, but we could all make cards to put in the LOL dairy section. Use “Just say NO, Land O Lakes – GMO! I know the managers are not going to care and yea, employees will take them down as soon as they are seen, but WHO CARES!

    We have to do something. It’s our lives they’re messing with. I for one, can not sit idly by any longer.

    I’m so fed up with being ignored and having to fight for my life – currently battling mercury poisoning and adrenal fatigue (caused by the damn amalgam fillings in my mouth). Another thing “they” say is safe. That’s BS!! And they know it.

    We have to do something.

  15. Ellen from Texas says:

    I never buy your product anyway. I WILL however, be letting any and everyone I talk to, email, and friends with Know what you’re all about. Bed with Obama.. That won’t get you far, Marxist Losers!

  16. Zellie says:


  17. warbaby says:

    I went to LOL website to leave a complaint. I tried several times. When you hit submit the button does nothing. I suspected there was something different about LOL about a year ago, it just does not have any taste like it used to. I am beginning to notice that woth GMO’s the taste is seriously impaired or non existent. They think we are stupid. Also be careful of glued meat!! They use a glue that is used to close up a patients surgical cut to put meat together now.

  18. Douglas says:

    Thanks for the article! We too are sad to hear Land o Lakes has joined in the whole GMO movement. My family and I will no longer buy their products.

  19. Heinz Hoeke says:

    Buy Tillamook dairy products!

  20. Maxwell Horse says:

    I’ve never visited this site before and just happened to find it through a Google search. I just want you to know that posting this information has made at least one household (ours) boycott Land O Lakes products.

  21. marge says:

    I say NO to all GMO foods. Keep your butter Land O Lakes

  22. Mary Wilkey says:

    Well, all these little “drops” of living water to support the elimination of corporate killers eventually will amass into a mighty ocean that has the power to move them and destroy the obscene profits they take. Let’s keep right on dripping!

  23. La says:

    Sorry about the Type Os Guys… But this is just a drop in the bucket… We have got to do more

  24. La says:

    I am so sorry that Land O Lakes is on the list now I love that butter, but is this just another thing to isn’t… How many of us here on this blog a thon smoke drink have had flu shots, have fake boobs, work out and take all those healthy amino acids and good for you pills, and Lord knows what else…. We are all becoming altered by some degree Fake if you will… Look at big Gov bust organic food co-ops and past more and more regulations so that you can’t even grow and sale you own fresh garden stuffs… Hell, our kids can’t even sale Cool Aid without some stupid permit… And now here we are trying to Boycott An American company over GM Foods, and put even more of our people out on the streets? Is that what really what we want? Over Butter? We do have the power to turn a lot of these things around but that power is slipping through our fingers like sand… If you guys want to do this I think you should, why not everyone needs to get up there and say something but don’t stop with Land O Lakes do it all and China made crap too…

  25. Cathy says:

    GMO plants have never been properly tested for safety, despite
    claims made by producers. They depend on the FDA and other
    agencies to look the other way. The legislators who represent
    states with GMO companies get big contributions and always say
    the company line when asked why they support the use of GMO seeds
    and crops without independent testing for longer than 1 year
    prior to release. No one is pushing for an investigation like
    the oil companies went through after the BP oil disaster and this
    disaster will prove far deadlier in the years ahead.

  26. bree ski says:

    I know your not eating this, so why should we eat it? I never purchased any of your products and no matter what you say on how safe it is I won’t believe you and yes I will share this people.
    GMO is not safe and should not be in any of our foods.

  27. J J says:

    I’m from a little town in western Massachusetts(Chicopee Falls); just down stream from a major “Monsatan” Industrial complex. My friend’s father worked there when we were in grade school. Well he died directly related to his work environment at the plant. Now 30 years later my friend Wayne Barrett, died after years of tumor removal on his body, and having one arm amputated.
    I remember looking out the car window on our Sunday drive with the family, after going to church, and seeing the massive complex across the river; also as I grew older and would drive my own car by the plant, I would consciously hold my breath as long as I could, because of the strange smell in the air, like bazooka bubble gum. Not bad, but not right. Glad I held it now!
    As we were growing up we would go down to the Chicopee river and use sticks to poke all the dead fish floating upside down in the whitish foaming scum along the shore. In fact in the early 60s one of the Kennedys went in the river above the falls, in a row boat to take water samples, instrumental in legislating to force Monsanto to clean up their act, and stop releasing chemicals and dyes into the river.
    Anyhow their still here, Indian Orchard, Mass.
    The names have changed[SOLUTIA INC.] but we all know who they are!
    From the Terminator Seeds, to all the documented fines levied against them for contamination, to GMO poisoned foods with tainted studies, with top CEOs in the revolving door of the FDA and back again, to their newest venture controlling the waters of the world.
    My contribution to this new criminal partnership protest is the new name ~ready~ ‘Land-O-Monsanto’ friend of ‘Monsatan’!
    Good way to spread the facts around.

  28. Roberto Sanchez says:

    I think the boycott graphic would have more impact if it said; “Just say no, Land o Lakes, GMO. Good work on the story.

  29. Marie - Reno, NV says:

    We’ve been using “Kirkland” Organic butter for years now. I love that Costco carries organics and I try to support it. Hmm… I wonder where they get it?