By Cassandra Anderson
February 11, 2011

Morph City

Man-made global warming (also known as climate change) claims have been thoroughly discredited by the “scientists” who perpetrated them through leaked e-mails in the ‘Climategate’ scandal. It seems like it should be a dead issue, but the truth is that too many resources have been invested in this scam to allow it to fade away. The global warming myth is thriving internationally, on the federal level and in state and local governments.

The global warming myth was popularized by Margaret Thatcher (under the influence of a UN depopulation advocate) and was designed to break US power, upgrade nuclear weapons in the UK and to punish Thatcher’s political enemies.
Carbon dioxide is natural and beneficial to plants. Rises in carbon dioxide follow temperature rise. It is a lie that the cause and effect are the reverse.
Agenda 21

In 1992 the federal government, by executive decree, made the core of every cabinet agency’s mission the implementation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Global Warming is the global crises used to restructure human life so as to implement world governance under the Agenda 21 action plan. Other crises are prepped in the event that Global Warming theory becomes exposed. Agenda 21 serves the globalist movement with its policy cornerstones: abolition of private property, education of the youth for global citizenship, and the utilization of technological advance for the purpose of monitoring and controlling human action.

Michael Shaw of says, “Agenda 21 is the action plan that calls for the establishment of world government in accordance with principals that negate the political recognition of an individual’s unalienable rights. This alone accounts for much of the turmoil we see today. Our future under Agenda 21 is bleak as power becomes centralized.” READ MORE…

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One Response to “Playing the Global Warming Card”

  1. Ed Stratford says:

    The power crazed controllers are getting ever more desperate for they know in their hearts that they will fail, as do we. They cut themselves off from the solace that can only come from listening to
    their hearts by striving for supremacy through ego. Lets hope they realize their folly before they cause more suffering. Still, the darker it is the better the light works.