Barb’s note: When Jack sent me this article, the first thing I thought of was the farmers. Who else can bring the land back to life? The skills needed to grow food and live off the land are what is needed to survive. I’m not talking about people who farm for a living and have no love for the land. I’m talking about the people who farm to live. The people whom the Creator has gifted with a love so deep that they can reach into the earth and pull up life, while loving every minute of  every day. These are the people who will replenish the earth. These are the people who will “reboot the American Dream.” Only this time, with a whole new operating system. (Barbara H. Peterson)

Where Will It All End?

By J. Speer-Williams

Our security and freedoms are disappearing – while they tell us they must take away our freedoms in order to keep us secure.

Our environment is dying – while they tell us they must destroy our environment for us to have food, energy, and industrial products.

Our infrastructure is crumbling – while they use our money to destroy foreign infrastructures.

Our money is becoming worthless – while they give our money to foreign bankers before it becomes worthless.

Our police are abusing us – while they claim our police are serving and protecting us.

Our foods, medicines, and vaccines are killing us – while they hide those facts from us.

Our wars and torturers are demoralizing us – while they claim their wars are freeing the oppressed for democracy.

Our education and TVs are making us stupid – while they are making us too stupid to know it.

And, our corporate media is lying to us – while they are shutting down the Internet, the only place we can find truth.

Wall Street, with its greed and insanities, coupled with corruption from Washington and ignorance from the American public has all but destroyed the American Dream with unprecedented nightmares.

Where did it all start”

Where will it all end?

Where is the man – and where are the people – who will reboot the American Dream?

© 2011 J. Speer-Williams

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7 Responses to “A Plea to the American Farmer…”

  1. chad says:

    Where is the man – and where are the people – who will reboot the American Dream? answer: inside the Matrix, the system, a self-sustaining ever growing organism which feeds off human energies and human dignity in exchange for a “world of fantasy”.

  2. chad says:

    nobody gets it. Ted Kaczynski was right. technology = ever-increasing-population = ever-increasing-land-taxes = ever-increasing-need-for-high-tech-agri-business = ever-increasing-population = ever-increasing-land-taxes = ever-increasing-need-for-high-tech-agri-business … etc – until the whole system goes bust, and most everyone sufferes and dies. if nano-tech and bio-tech don’t kill us accidently or by 911-type lunacy, the system will self-destruct eventually unless tech or population growth is stopped and/or reversed (at least, in large part).

  3. anadianant says:

    True barbara, after this is how I am here and we are having this dialouge. The paradox is built in I suppose, eh?
    Fractally paradoxical world.

    Great site.


  4. Anadianant,

    The two are not mutually exclusive. If it weren’t for the people sitting at the computer spreading information, others would not know what is going on. Two functions, both equally important.

  5. anadianant says:

    The man is here. Waiting. The ideas/plans are there too. Waiting.
    Meanwhile, caught up with the notion that writing text in a computer is the same as doing something, most people are satisfied and sink back in to rest for another day.
    The man could be standing in your face, and no one would know it.
    Such is where we are, as a people, species, everything.


  6. ducq says:

    “Where is the man – and where are the people – who will reboot the American Dream?”

    He’s waiting for folks to let go of their false expectations. This will take a bit yet.

  7. pamela says:

    great article! thanks for writing it. I’m going to tweet it and link to it tomorrow.
    Love your site and appreciate all your hard work putting it together.

    thank you!