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JS Rugg joins the show to discuss the sad state of education in this country. When third world countries produce children who are better educated than our children….we need to ask “why?” No Child Left Behind has been a disaster for the nation and our children are paying the price.


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5 Responses to “Truth Squad Radio: No Child Left Behind?”

  1. Ed Stratford says:

    Rockefellers, Rothschilds and their partners in crime are still well described by Paul Hogan as; the fleas on a dogs back arguing over who owns the dog. Are they ever going to wake up and get over themselves? Hard to imagine, yet imagine it we must.

  2. James Green says:

    Here’s a good article on the topic…looks like our benevolent benefactors, the Rockefellers, had a very strong interest in the area of public education.


  3. Doug Girard says:

    What we really need is for children to educate adults. Instead, we adults are too busy trying to turn children INTO adults. Life should be more about recess, and less about data collection and management. I was a single parent for a couple of years beginning when my kids were 3, 4, and 6. I learned more from them in those few years than I likely ever taught them. Of course, what they had to teach is given no credence in today’s world of acquisition and accumulation. They taught me love and compassion, things which I believe are sorely missing in today’s equation.

  4. Eric Hall says:

    Who can better educate children than their parents?

  5. Doug Girard says:

    If one really studies the set up of public education in America, and its history; it becomes fairly clear that the purpose of the system is NOT to produce analytical, inquiring minds, but rather to produce one group of kids who will go on to college and become managers, while the rest, the majority, will be the worker bees. Conformity is key, not independent free-thinkers. I am a product of public education in northern California, and I can count on one hand the number of teachers I had who actually had me wanting to go to their class. Most of it was regurgitation. I quit saluting the flag in the sixth grade, some 45 years ago. I did stand up, but kept my hands at my side, and said nothing. No one ever said anything to me about this. I wonder what might happen to a child making that same decision today? This came after the study of Manifest Destiny in fourth grade told me that something about the USA was just not right. I knew nothing about any God at that point, but a God-ordained mandate to perform genocide on an existing culture, and steal their land; followed by the enslavement of another culture to work that land? I don’t understand where the American penchant for exceptionalism comes from, but it is phony and misplaced for sure!