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Commercial planting in India currently barred

Munich, New Delhi, 14. January 2011. Plans for India’s first genetically engineered crop for human consumption have triggered a safety report that reveals signs of food toxicity. According to this study prepared independently from industry, there are serious indications that the consumption of this genetically engineered (Bt) eggplant (also called brinjal in India) can cause inflammation, reproductive disorders and liver damage.

The Monsanto subsidiary, Mahyco, applied for GE eggplant to be commercially grown in India and the Philippines. Eggplant is genetically engineered to produce insecticidal proteins (called Bt toxins) that target certain pests. Brinjal is one of India´s most important vegetable crops. The report was requested by Aruna Rodrigues of ‘Sunray Harvesters’ to inform both India´s Government and Supreme Court. In February 2010 India´s Minister for Environment & Forests had revoked the approval for genetically engineered eggplant and imposed a moratorium citing the need for independent risk studies. The report evaluates data from feeding studies on rats commissioned by Mahyco to demonstrate the safety of the genetically engineered eggplant

Lou Gallagher, the epidemiologist from New Zealand who prepared the report says that “The safety claims made for these plants are not supported by existing data. On the contrary, there are alarming signs that the consumption of food derived from these plants could result in adverse health effects. In addition the feedings studies show major deficiencies in the protocol used for the feeding trial and do not meet international standards.” Dr. Gallagher concludes that on the basis of the existing data genetically engineered eggplant cannot be recommended for human consumption.

Testbiotech supported the evaluation of the data in cooperation with the GEKKO Foundation. “This independent expert assessment provides a critical counter to the Monsanto-sourced analyses, which deny any health safety risks: It exposes deficiencies in the risk assessment that was presented to the Indian government. We must ensure that safety standards are not sacrificed to satisfy commercial interests.” says Christoph Then, on behalf of Testbiotech.

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3 Responses to “Signs of food toxicity in genetically engineered eggplant (Brinjal)”

  1. LibertyTreeBud says:

    Well, very good. We can recognize the ‘enemy to good nutrition; good health and maintenance of good health. We also realize there is a bunch of humans who will stop at nothing to force this ‘enemy’ upon us. So, I just want to say that if you,who are out there and perhaps need to get rid of that enemy of ours, I just want to say that I won’t see a thing; won’t hear a thing; and won’t have a clue. Feel free with me, ’cause it could come down to that.

  2. valerie murphy greene says:

    with the many attempts being made on our lives – by way of GMO foods, geoengineering, fluoridated water, contaminated vaccines (mercury, etc.), gang stalking – i have to agree with Alex Jones that the people who orchestrate these crimes against humanity are a “death cult”. i can’t see any other way to understand these operations. could David Icke be correct in his conclusions that the global elite really are not “human” in any normal sense? that there was some reptilian breeding way back, such that the capacity for empathy was bred out of these entities? you cannot be a normal human, who has empathy for living beings, and perpetrate these crimes. that just stands to reason. i hope we can flush out these monsters before more serious annihilation occurs…it’s just around the corner, otherwise…

  3. Doug Girard says:

    While I am pretty careful about the food I ingest – I can always tell when I have eaten something which came from a genetically modified seed. The stomach and digestive system just do not feel right. Perhaps this sensitivity comes from being careful to NOT ingest such foods, and being one who has listened to his body for a lifetime. You can’t fool Mother Nature Monsanto, and you can’t fool me. I hope you lose big time in your attempt to fool the Indians with your poison eggplant. In fact, I truly wish your corporation would wither and die. Like with the warmongers of the world, I can’t help but sometimes think, “how do these people, perpetrating evil and destruction around the world, sleep at night?” Apparently, anyone can justify anything when in pursuit of the almighty dollar. You probably sleep just fine.