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Farm Wars

Well, what did you expect from the gang of thugs and cutthroats running the District of Criminals? Yes, the Congressional mafia voted, if you can call it that, for America to slip and slide its way right into Codex food fascism by ramming the new Food Safety legislation down our throats without even a glimpse of ethics, morality, or fair play in sight.

Moments ago, the House of Representatives passed the Food Safety bill, which the Senate, in one of the most underhanded legislative maneuvers we’ve ever seen, approved late Sunday night. It now goes to the president to be signed into law. (ANH)

The next bastion of hope for those who still believe in anything that the government, state or federal, does, is to try and stop this at the state line. The following is directed at S.510, but is applicable to this situation also:

S..510 calls for the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, to contact the governors of each state to determine which agencies within the state will contract on behalf of the state to administer the USDA/FDA federal plans for seizing control of food production and supply, handing it over to multi-national corporations and setting into motion the eradication of family and independent farms and ranches. These new “business plans” (which is what S.510 is, a business plan), require contracting with state agencies accompanied of course, by bags of USDA bribery money called “cooperative funding”. (PPJ)

I don’t know about you, but I do not for one minute believe that the governor of my state cares one lick for me or my family’s welfare and right to grow our own food and eat what we please. Therefore, I am busily planning for an organic food underground. As Codex creeps even closer to being fully implemented in the U.S., we need to get serious about preserving good, clean food. Stock up on seeds, and be prepared to do whatever you can to secure your own food supply, and to defend it. In fact, a garden in every home should keep these thugs busy until the cows come home. Stash seeds so that if you get raided, you will be able to start again. That’s what I am planning to do….just keep on a diggin’.

Here is a PDF of SA 4890, which contains the amendment to H.R. 2751, which replaces the “cash for clunkers” verbiage with “food safety.”

(Start at page 18)

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24 Responses to “The Vote Is In: Congressional Mafia Rams Food Safety HR 2751 Down Our Throats!”

  1. John J. Marotta says:

    “We The People” must stand together and do whatever it takes to repeal this atrocity bill that has now been enacted because it as you know will give these dirtbags (our government and the illuminati who are the same person) the right to stop at nothing to poison us with genetically manufactured poison and eliminate Our supplements and make us depend on the drug company drugs and vaccines (poison).

  2. Barking says:

    One day the old proverbial will hit the fan. The USA will not tolerate these things happening. Huge problems lay ahead. The brazen blatant lies and corruption have gone too far.

    Ya’ll voted for that bag of shit, not me.

  3. Druanna says:

    I say its time to leave THE UNITED STATES BEHIND and Move to a fertile place where its very low cost living and lots of land. Thats why Im moving to South America (Ecuador) where you are free to grow as much food as you wish and live among the indigineous people. Its time to get back to mother earth. Time to jump the ship. They are spraying too many chemicals(Chemtrails onto our crops anyway. We are being poisoned by the day!

  4. Jim Ralson says:

    We need to petition these bigwigs to repeal this bill and pronto!

  5. Joe Hadenuff says:

    We will have to become a determined populace and say no to these sociopathic traitors. If we do that there won’t be enough armed thugs to enforce ther nasty laws.

  6. Chicodoodoo says:

    Criminals, fascists, sociopaths, traitors — whatever you want to call them, they’re running the show. Give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile. Unless they are stopped by an organized and determined populace, they will continue to take and take until they have taken everything from sea to shining sea.

  7. Paul Griepentrog says:

    On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 6:02 PM, Tim Wightman wrote:
    > Hi All..

    > So far I have not found a definition of raw drinking milk, and the only
    > reference is that the Codex standards do not cover raw drinking milk rather
    > it covers raw milk destined for raw cheese and is covered in hygene and
    > production standards but here is room for individual countries, labeld as
    > “enforcing agencies” to set rules as to such not covered in codex.
    > However..
    > Codex is very clear on the hygene, production and testing practices that
    > have found over many years of debate to be best practices, but I have yet to
    > find the reference to raw drinking milk hygene and testing levels.
    > We do have someone in Belgium who has worked on Codex for most of his
    > professional career in the dairy area of Codex and I plan to ask him for any
    > references on raw drinking milk that I cannot find.
    > In my research and countless pages of Codex I have not seen any reference
    > to screening milk skim or other wise but I have never looked in the
    > pastuerization practice and standards sections of Codex.
    > I can look and let you know, may take a bit of searching, it was not
    > written in english so translation can be a bit sketchy for key words.

    > One point on on farm sales, take it if it comes along….one can always
    > revisit the bill and expand on current sales and availability in a few years
    > as you get more consumers.
    > Baby steps are better than shooting for the moon.
    > I would also suggest start testing on all raw milk farms yesterday to
    > create a trail of clean milk for future references, and if something happens
    > on a non testing farm to create the difference between a farm that cares and
    > one that may be in it only for the money.
    > Tim

    > —– Original Message —–
    > *From:* Bill
    > *To:* Tim Wightman
    > *Cc:* ; wapfmadisonchapter;
    > 4rawm… ; Kimberly Hartke ; Mark
    > McAfee ; Michael Schmidt ;
    > safal… ; p… ; Mary Falk;
    > david ; bleumont ; mgingrich;
    > off… ; Joe Plasterer
    > *Sent:* Monday, November 22, 2010 5:30 PM
    > *Subject:* Re: The new raw milk is coming!

    > Tim (and others)-

    (Here’s where I cut text out – Lola)

    > Tim, does the Codex definition of “raw drinking milk” include a definition
    > of the term which excludes heat treatment and ultra-filtration? While the
    > use of these technologies is inevitable, milk produced using those
    > technologies is not the same thing as real raw milk, and should be labelled
    > differently to inform consumers and ensure truth in labelling.

    > -Bill

    On Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 3:18 PM, Tim Wightman wrote:

    >> Hi All..

    >> One should also think about the term “raw drinking milk”.
    >> This term is used in the Codex to define what we are talking about here.
    >> There should be by the end of the year a solid draft for National
    >> Standards for the production of Raw Drinking Milk which may be of help in
    >> Wi. to set the standards within the new bill.
    >> These standards are being created by a committee representing the Farm to
    >> Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Farm to Consumer Foundation, RMAC, and Cow
    >> Share Canada.
    >> Also is there any assurance that we have the New Governors support this
    >> time?
    >> Last time I heard Doyle was in the pocket of this group which later turned
    >> out to be false.
    >> On another note there is a good possiblity that there will be a Raw Milk
    >> symposium in St Paul at the end of January, I will keep you all posted.

    >> Tim

  8. Paul Griepentrog says:

    Is it conceivable that the organizations supporting the Tester Hagan amendment and their subsequent support of the Food Safety Modernization Act acted on their own behalf to deliver a means to an end?
    We find within the Act the answer:
    (n) Regulations
    (1) IN GENERAL. —Not later than 18 months after the date of enactment of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, the Secretary shall promulgate regulations—
    (A) to establish science based minimum standards for conducting a hazard analysis, documenting hazards, implementing preventive controls, and documenting the implementation of the preventive controls under this section;

    (3) CONTENT. — The regulations promulgated under paragraph (1) (A) shall–
    (D) not require a facility to hire a consultant or other third party to identify, implement, certify, or audit preventative controls, except in case of negotiated enforcement resolutions that may require such a consultant or third party.
    (5) REVIEW. — In promulgating the regulations under paragraph (1) (A), the Secretary shall review regulatory hazard analysis and preventative control of programs in existence on the date of enactment of the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, including the Grade “A” pasteurized Milk Ordinance to ensure that such regulations are consistent, to the extent practicable, with applicable domestic and internationally recognized standards in existence on such date.
    Herein lies the explanation as to why these groups now move for codex standards for raw milk as they knew full well the Act would empower the Secretary to review milk standards and establish third party certifiers for enforcement resolutions. This is why these groups deceived so many, it was for their own benefit and they knew full well and in advance it would be so. Now Codex comes and darkness with it.

  9. 30stones says:

    This law is unconstitutional there for null & void. They can have my garden when they kill me and take it. REVOLUTION!!!

  10. valerie murphy greene says:

    does everyone know about hydroponic gardening systems? indoor gardens?

    i think that will be my solution, especially if the thugs stop by to destroy anything growing outdoors…

    we have fascism – easily understood now? states’ rights, secession – best focus now, if we must remain in these corrupted Nazi States of America..

  11. Amerikagulag says:

    Laws SCHMAWS! Laws are made to be broken! Or have you been asleep for the last 10 years? Congress pass a ‘law’? Don’t make me laugh. That organized crime syndicate won’t stop me from saving seed or growing herbs.

  12. Andrew Dickey says:

    I see some Americans are waking up and getting mad!! Great!! How much goodies have they passed with out us caring or researching? How many more times do we need to see this before something is done? I will still grow a garden and can my own foods. Also I will encourage, aid or help others do the same in my area. I am sure the Congress and others who know better are not eating irradiated, Genetically modified foods or fully processed foods. Us poor folks eat it because it is CHEAP!! Can not afford the good stuff. My garden provides me with good clean food stuffs!!

  13. John says:

    I love the idea of keeping the authorities busy when everyone has their own garden. I don’t see how they can enforce this monstrosity. They’ll nail a few and set them up as examples to scare the rest of the population. Meanwhile, stock up on seeds, have your own garden, and let it serve as a mini Declaration of Independence.

  14. Joe Doe says:

    Fight back, literally! Post the addresses of cops and the like who raid us and worse and never let them have a moments rest. Same goes for the politicians who voted for this, if enough of us do this wel’l wear them down.

  15. Bob Kemp says:

    Hi –

    As I posted before, I wrote Sen. Cornyn of Texas asking why he allowed the unanimous consent vote to include the Food Safety Modernization Act into the bill that went to the House. I have not received a reply. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt that he only allowed the action because it didn’t mean automatic passage of the Act.

    Will there be another vote on this Act before going to the President for signature? I don’t know. But if not, then Sen. Cornyn has just lost my support in any reelection campaign and certainly if he should decide to run for President.

    As I asked before, why didn’t any of the 25 Senators who voted against this Act do anything to stop the unanimous consent vote? Is there some Senate rule that stopped them? If their argument for allowing it is that the rest of the bill “must” be passed, then I will not accept that explanation. You do not swallow poisoned food when you are hungry, no matter how hungry you are. And I didn’t notice anyone starving in Congress.

    I will not vote for a man who tells me that his position is against a bill and then votes to allow it to continue into law.


  16. David McElroy says:

    When good food is outlawed, only outlaws will have good food!
    Grow your own. God put Adam and Eve in a garden, and not a supermarket. Corporatist criminals, fascists all, will kill us if we don’t live independently of their oppressive schemes to shovel their garbage down our throats. Live free or die trying!

  17. Robert says:

    The bill was passed by the criminals of the “CORPORATION” that is the Federal Government. Yes…it IS a for profit corporation. However…it’s area of operation comprises a 10 mile radius around the nation’s capitol. It reaches no further. When the HEAD CRIMINAL signs it into law…it will violate the laws of the constitution making it null and void from minute one. You have a legal standing if the local thugs try to enforce this fascist law. Give no “consent” to a search and or seizure. The key word is “consent”. Know your rights! Voice them every day to yourself. If confronted by the “police”, remain calm, call the Sheriff…his oath of office is to protect you from TYRANNY! Which will probably be domestic. Give NO CONSENT! This is your constitutional right! It’s probably going to get ugly folks…keep your wits about and have a plan of defense against this. Lastly…stock up on all the “organic heirloom” seed stock you can lay your hands on NOW! Before that gets outlawed as well.

  18. Jeanette says:

    Looks like the incoming congress has a lot of repealing to do. You know, this outgoing congress reminds me of a scorpion that, when backed into a corner and with no way out, starts stinging itself to death in a paroxyism of anger and fury at being thwarted.

  19. Phantom says:

    He is the answers!

    Robert Arthur Menard

  20. Jacko says:

    If the President passes this into law, we should all march on to the WH lawn and uproot Michelle’s little garden in protest.

  21. Jenny says:

    Stopping them at the State lines is the only remaining hope, if you can still find a local government that hasn’t already been bought.

  22. Mary says:

    we should be able to grow our own gardens and have our farmers till their own land my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle’s are farmers and you could not get any better food on your table I miss going to the farm my Aunt had and feeding the sheep and hogs we need to keep America Free and save our heritage and that was farming and manufacturing someone please stop this insanity we need people to stand together and say no to this bill save our farmers and our heritage!!!!!!!!!! IT IS A MUST OR WE WILL ALL BE SORRY ONE DAY WE SHOULD ALL WATCH SOILENT GREEN STARING CHARLESTON HESTON REMEMBER THIS OLDIE BUT GOODIE ALL REMEMBER WHAT ONCE WAS FICTION COULD BECOME A SAD SAD REALITY!!!

  23. parasitism says:

    you will eat our genetically modified chemical drenched weaponzied food whether you want it or not


  24. Noh Seeds says:

    No seeds for you!