By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Here we go again! “While NOAA and the FDA insist the sensory (or “sniff”) tests are sufficient” (Gambit) to determine that Gulf seafood is safe to eat after being inundated by oil and known toxic Corexit,  “the Lower Mississippi Riverkeeper (LMRK) has released results from seafood sampling trips conducted along a broad area of the Louisiana coast since August. The results show significant levels of petroleum in a number of species — though the contamination was not apparent by sight or smell” (Southern Studies).

Toxicologist William Sawyer says the independent tests looked for hydrocarbons in range C17-C35, for which NOAA and the FDA have not tested. Sawyer says those agencies are not using certified lab methods, while NOAA and the FDA insist the sensory (or “sniff”) tests are sufficient. The C17-C35 hydrocarbons, according to Sawyer, can impact liver and kidney function.

“The gap (in testing) is rather serious,” Sawyer says. “The hydrocarbons … have almost no volatility. They can’t be detected by nose, not even by a bloodhound.”

Sawyer adds that the samples exceeded more than twice the “tolerable daily intake” based on the FDA’s average rates of consumption: 3.7 ounces of shrimp eaten three to four times a month, and 5.6 ounces of fish eaten 9.1 times a month, for a person weighing 176 pounds. (Gambit)

Does this type of FDA chicanery sound a bit on the familiar side? Well it should. Similar “testing” guidelines are used to determine that genetically modified crops are “safe” to eat. If the plants look okay, then they are assumed to be safe, or GRAS, and therefore need no further testing before being unleashed for public consumption. See a pattern here? If you can’t see, smell, or taste it, and if it looks good, then it must be okay to eat. Or at least will fool the public long enough to rake in profits until the consumer base is sufficiently reduced through disease leading to early death so that the genocidal oligarchs leading us off the cliff can break out the good stuff and party without the stench of the great unwashed filling their elitist nostrils.

You see, there is the quite significant matter of accountability. By declaring something to be safe, and releasing bogus “scientific” reports backing that position, which are in direct contradiction to independent analysis and studies, then enforcing that position with executive power emanating straight from government agencies, you have plausible deniability.  In other words, don’t blame me, I was only following orders. They say it’s okay, so it is….no matter what anyone else says. After all, they are the “experts” aren’t they?

Experts, yes. But at what? Deception! And the genocidal beat goes on. Different method, same program.

© 2010 Barbara H. Peterson

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3 Responses to “Toxic Gulf Seafood: Looks good to me, Vern!”

  1. LibertyTreeBud says:

    Lies, deceit and betrayal. These are what you can expect from government in today’s world. If you can comprehend that we are being ‘pushed around’ and manipulated by those who would see us dead, dispossessed, imprisoned, indentured, boiled in oil, you get the idea. What you need are food testers so you can be sure of the safety of the corexit-seafood. I suggest some volunteers from BP or Transocean. Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Down the road, I believe that someday, this tragedy will come to light in every detail. Just like an autopsy reveals the truth.

  2. Research. Ask questions. If the fish is fresh, ask the person tending that store section, and keep on going up the food chain until you reach someone who will give you an answer. You can also research the Internet to find out where your region of the country normally gets most of its fish. As far as canned stuff, it’s hard to tell.

  3. Is there a way to know if the seafood available where we are comes from the Gulf?