By Dave Hodges

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When do your First Amendment rights to speak out against the emergence of a totalitarian form of American government conflict with your rights to maintain custody of your children? It depends on whether your diet includes a red or blue pill. If your collective blue pill diets continue unabated, then none of you will feel the need to speak out. Everything is fine, just go back to sleep. However, when one changes the color of their diet to red, their protective parental instincts surface in order to defend their beloved children from an oppressive government who views all children as their personal property.

Sherrie Wilcox is the poster child who serves to portray the victimization of middle class American parents by big government. At first glance, Sherry Wilcox appears to be an unassuming mom who would frequent her child’s soccer matches and accompany her sister to the local shopping mall. However, there is nothing average about Wilcox’s ability to research a topic and draw cogent conclusions as I have found her to be a courageous and gifted researcher whose blog contains some amazing information and photographs of The Georgia Guidestones, pictures of thousands of FEMA coffins stored in her home state of Georgia as well as a stunning analysis of last year’s deadly Ukrainian pneumonia with information that was largely unavailable in the main stream media (see

Yet, for daring to exercise her First Amendment right to question the unconstitutional and illegal practices of the current federal government (e.g., mortgage fraud), Sherrie Wilcox received a visit from visit from Homeland Security, err….. The Georgia Child Protective Services (CPS).  In the assumed defense of her child, the CPS officials accused Wilcox of mental abuse and the neglect of her child.

When I hear stories of abuse and neglect, I think of extreme physical discipline, starving children and the face of a child who is left alone to fend for themselves for long periods of time. Certainly, the investigation of Sherrie Wilcox’s fitness as a mother would have begun with an examination of these variables wouldn’t they? Well, not in this case. The Wilcox family ordeal began just prior to Halloween when Sherrie’s child was questioned at school without being advised that she had the right to have an advocate in the room with her at the time questioning. Further, the interrogation questions had nothing to with Sherrie Wilcox’s fitness as a mother as her child was asked the following questions:

(1) Does your mother take you camping?

(2) Where do you go camping?

(3) Who else goes camping with you?

(4) Does your mother store food?

(5) Does your mother have any guns?

(6) Has your mother remodeled your home?

(7) Does your mother have a safe room or a bomb shelter?

(8) Has your mother talked to you about the end of the world? 

Being a former nationally certified mental health counselor who is intimately familiar with report requirements regarding child neglect and abuse, I fail to see the relevance of any of these questions regarding Sherrie Wilcox’s fitness as a parent and why any agency charged with protecting child welfare would be concerned about camping and storing food. These questions defy all legal precedent and common sense.

Upon returning home, the highly upset Wilcox child informed Sherrie about the intimidating interview and the unwarranted and intrusive nature of the questions that Georgia CPS officials asked the child at school. Wilcox promptly called CPS to inquire as to the motive behind subjecting her child to this extreme form of intimidation and mental abuse. The CPS official promptly informed her that they would be conducting an interview with her at her home in the morning. Sherrie Wilcox wisely arranged to have the ordeal videotaped by her sister and invited neighbors to witness this unique form of governmental intrusion of her parental rights.

After arriving at the Wilcox home, Georgia CPS officials proceeded to ask Wilcox the following questions and levied the following accusations:

1. Does she have solar panels on her house?

2. How and where do the Wilcox’s go camping?

3. Does she store food? (Note: Sherrie Wilcox is a volunteer Red Cross nurse and her supplies are in accordance with FEMA guidelines).

4. Amazingly, CPS wanted to know if her house had an alternative heating source.

5. They also wanted to know if she had ever talked about the end of the world. (When the time is right, I hope Sherrie discusses the end of the American Republic with her child).

6. CPS accused Sherrie Wilcox of being in a “top secret” (unspecified) agency whose purpose is to overthrow the United States Government.

7. She was accused of blogging 20 hours per day and neglecting her child.

8. Finally, CPS wanted to know if she had committed the heinous parental act of renovating her house.

A partial video excerpt of these intrusive and illegal questions are posted on Sherrie

Wilcox’s blog (

It is clear that the state of Georgia’s CPS and their officials have been co-opted by Homeland Security to harass and profile innocent Americans who commit the unpardonable sin of speaking out against governmental wrongdoing. Is this what America has come to?

In the weeks and months ahead, I will be writing about the most endangered species on the planet; the American citizen and the threats facing our kind.

Americans are being attacked on several fronts as our fellow citizens private communications are being spied upon at every turn. TSA agents are committing egregious sexual assault crimes upon the traveling public that would land any of us in prison for five years with a felony conviction for second degree sexual assault.

The inevitable resurgence of The Food Safety Act will lay the groundwork for an agricultural dictatorship as well as forcing unsafe GMO food products down our throats without the consent of the governed. In other words, American food supplies are being poisoned while Monsanto laughs all the way to the bank.

The dastardly creatures from Plum Island keep creating bioengineered autoimmune diseases (e.g., placing mycoplasma in Lyme disease) and then releasing the same upon an unsuspecting American public, while operating under patents owned by the Department of the Army and it is all legal (USC 50 section 32 paragraph 1520a). Speaking of mycoplasma, numerous reports are pointing to the fact that mycoplasma is being found in chemtrails.

For those Americans on a red pill diet, it is clear that we are collectively being attacked at every level of our existence. These abuses even extend to our private residences. In America, a man’s home is no longer his castle as the Pentagon is actively forcing thousands of American people off of their private properties, often resulting in bankruptcy, without so much as paying a dime in constitutionally mandated eminent domain compensation in the furtherance of their missions.

Much of America’s fresh water supplies (e.g., Alaskan melting glacier waters) are being shipped to India and China without the requisite compensation being paid to American towns and cities. And the same thing is happening at Lake Meade as well as The Great Lakes water supplies. Americans have lost their health care freedom. Very soon the Obama death panels will be deciding who lives and who dies.

Residents on all three American coastlines are increasingly coming under direct physical attack from the top secret military operation known as Operation Red Flag as the Pentagon is beginning to conduct a massive series of five year war games which will imperil the health of coastal residents resulting from untold tons of airborne depleted uranium and phosphorus gas which will come ashore courtesy of the prevailing winds and will eventually force America’s coastal residents from their homes as well as destroy agriculture in these states. With autoimmune disease infestations permeating both the East and West coast, it would appear that Agenda 21 is being carried out in full force.  But that would be conspiratorial. Aren’t we supposed to be good coincidence theorists?

White papers from the upcoming Cancun Climate Change Conference call for the forced “relocation” of residents from areas deemed to be “climate sensitive.”  Meanwhile Cap and Trade, which cannot achieve passage in Congress, is being incrementally implemented through administrative fiat and will cause American utility rates to skyrocket and your right to use energy as you see fit will disappear. Do any of you fellow American frogs feel the temperature being dialed up?

Arizona has enacted legislation to compel mandatory vaccinations, or face (FEMA Camp like) quarantine in the event of a declared health emergency. NORTHCOM troops continue training for domestic suppression of civil unrest and are becoming more skillful in the removal of large segments of Americans from their homes.

Meanwhile, average citizens, like Sherrie Wilcox, are finding stockpiles of FEMA coffins across the country and for her trouble; the expression of her First Amendment rights coupled with her ability to continue in the role of a custodial parent, are being threatened.

The FEMA camps are gearing up and are showing signs of being fully staffed and operational. For what purpose would they becoming operational? While we still have largely unfettered access to internet, perhaps America should be googling REX 84 and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program. It is difficult even for the blue pill crowd to deny the existence of holocaust centers within the United States when their existence is admitted to and contained within government documents. The government Fusion Centers continues to merge all segments of law enforcement into the largest data base collection in recorded history. They will serve as the command and control of the New World Order. Meanwhile, the American government is actively profiling average citizens (e.g., The MIAC Report) for suspicion of being domestic terrorists because of their support for Congressman Ron Paul, being a member of the Libertarian and Constitutional Parties, desiring to end the unconstitutional and criminal dominance of the Federal Reserve, supporting the Second Amendment, being a supporter of the United States Constitution, being a Christian and being a returning veteran.

Through criminal enterprise schemes such as the TARPS and the derivatives we have had our money and our children’s economic future stolen from under our noses. Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the United States have come to be viewed as the world’s largest criminal syndicate in the history of mankind.

Gulf Coast residents are experiencing deadly health effects which crossed the pandemic threshold months ago. However, the six corporations which control 98% of the media would have us believe that all is well and that BP really cares.

As we continue to lift up the covers, this is only the tip of the iceberg and I shudder to think how bad things are truly going to get.

As a print and broadcast journalist, there is a bonanza of salient material to report on. However, this is not a cause for celebration because, unfortunately, my young son must live in this growing cesspool that I feel compelled to write about while I try and counter an education system seemingly intent on deliberately dumbing down my child so he and his generation will never know what they are in the process of losing.

To some, these allegations sound like the ravings of a lunatic, except that every word is true and verifiable and will soon be appearing in this column in the coming weeks and months. My black box warning label would caution all too carefully consider returning to your old life and keep ingesting your endless supply of blue pills courtesy of the mainstream media in order to perpetuate the illusion that has replaced America’s common sense.

Dave Hodges

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3 Responses to “Red or Blue? The Potential Cost of Speaking Out (Part One)”

  1. James Green says:

    Bertrand Russell described the “Blue Pill” in some detail…”Diet, injections, & injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, & any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.”

    Quote from his book “The Impact of Science on Society” (1953) p. 50.

  2. Ryan says:

    Bravo Dave Bravo!

  3. Report of Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer on CPS Corruption (connection between corrupt family courts, CPS, and child sex slavery rings; cold-blooded murder of Senator Schaefer upon public exposure of these documented crimes):

    Conspiracy of Silence (banned Discovery Channel documentary on child sex slavery rings involving high-level politicians in Washington, D.C.):