Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

People will mob stores and go through police blockades like they are nothing to get the latest deal at stores, yet complain about and are afraid to peacefully stand up and say no to TSA scans because it is inconvenient to insist on their rights, so they willingly submit to irradiation and gropes to avoid the confrontation. The irony floors me. We truly are a brainwashed nation.

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3 Responses to “Submit meekly to TSA, then mob the nearest store – brainwashing at its finest”

  1. BJ says:

    If only they would fight for their 4th Amend RIGHTS like this.

    What a difference that would make.

  2. stienster says:

    It’s just embarrassing to be an American. The world sees this sort of insanity and they think it’s ALL Americans. I wonder, how could anyone NEED something so badly that they act like brainless robots? Never mind. They ARE brainless robots.

  3. OldDog says:

    There is nothing left for freedom lovers but war with those who give it up. Now, I finally understand the Civil War, when brothers and friends killed each other