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3 Responses to “Brussels moves against herbalists”

  1. Drina says:

    Herbs are being tested in…test tubes, the laboratory, in the human body, in large studies of cross cultural sectors, in studies of 1000 or more people, in smaller studies, in….the list goes on and on.

    Herbalism is about science nowadays, not just about old wives tales. They have isolated chemical constituents, tested the constituents, tested teh herbs with all constituents intact, with those individually extracted….all of the above.

    So this matter of guesswork—-herbs may or may not work—-is outdated. People just don’t know. Anyone who wants to find out more, or point their doctor to the research sources, should let them know that the American Herbalist Guild emails out dozens of newly completed herbal studies each day which are posted to, the American government medical database. Doctors may research many studies about any given herb on that same website. The best book to date is titled Nutrient, Herb and Drug Interactions by Stargrove/Treasure/McCee, with pharmacological details that would impress any doctor. While I attended a seminar with co-author Jonathan Treasure on drug-herb interactions, his knowledge was impressive and as it turns out, he was able to answer questions about mainstream medications, not only about herbs, in FAR more detail than pharmacists could tell me about the drugs in which they are so schooled. (I asked pharmacists questions later, after attending this seminar).

    I have seen people completely cured of “incurable” cancer without relapse for more than two decades, with herbs and nutrition in absence of mainstream medication (under extremely competent doctors’ care, never alone!!)While in some cases the mainstream medications are necessary, I also have seen people with many other serious illnesses either greatly improve or usually get completely well, with herbs alone. The crackdown on the natural health industry is indeed motivated by greed, and while pretending to be concerned about human health, indeed is anything but that. In fact the side-effects from many mainstream drugs are so severe, some of them including cancer or leukemia, yet they call naturopaths The Quacks. How unfortunate this is for mankind’s sake, even a crime. People deserve to make choices for their own health’s sake that is not influenced by anyone else, and certainly not mandated. People should be free to go whichever path they choose health-wise, and I celebrate that choice in people. —Drina Brooke, professional musician, certified herbalist

  2. Pierre says:

    I have a small story about herbs. In 1986 I was working in California in aviation business when I get some liver pain, after consulting a western doctor he concluded that I have to get a new liver and I have to get in the waiting list I asked how many we on listing he said about 1500. Well I started to worry a lot I have six months to live. Well finally I find a very good naturopathe that got to the same conclusion my liver was on bad shape but I can save it he said. He give to me about 4 pounds of chinese herbs that I have take for a year. I get cured with those miracle herbs and I am very thankful to this great man!

  3. Kelli says:

    I think it is an absolute crime against humanity that those bloodthirsty profiteers got away with banning herbs. Conventional medicine is the biggest fraud of this century and the ultimate quackery thats responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions. May all the quack allopathic white-coats burn in the lowest levels of hell.