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One Response to “Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association to launch Food Freedom Coalition!”

  1. Paul M. Griepentrog says:

    Insightful individuals have come to realize that we fight the individual heads of one Medusa, and to gain that which is necessary to overcome the presumptuous nature of government, we must band together in a coordinated force of informed, natural persons, asserting our will upon those who are obligated to serve us. That the law is meant to protect the life and property of the citizen and not to manifest the furtherance of specific factions for profit or gain at the demise of others as is so often the case. I call upon all who would stand, to do so now and defend our practice of Liberty. That our right to produce food through our own labors, to enjoy those products, and share them with others, so long as no one is injured, is inalienable to us all, and as that is our right, then to fail would fall also as our responsibility.
    As such I asked that any group whose interests are synonymous with food or freedom seek us out in this gathering.