by Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Yes, I am guilty. I am a New World Order prostitute, as are we all in some way, shape or form. We prostitute ourselves every day by doing what we are told by those who reward us to do so even if what they tell us to do goes against everything we believe in.

We accept without question the economic system that has been put in place for us, and like hamsters on a treadmill, run the course and prostitute ourselves every minute of the day so that someone else can benefit from our sweat, brains, and lives. We live day to day, running the same course, believing the lie that is the American Dream. Mega-corporations, through propaganda and brainwashing techniques called public relations strategies pump our brains full of illusions every day and we model our lives around a lie. A lie put in place to keep us happily oblivious while our life’s blood is being sucked dry. We get sicklier while these parasites get fat. And we go back for more. We go back for table scraps. And love it.

Why do we do it? For the money. The paycheck that keeps us in food, clothing, shelter, and toys. Or for the fame and glory that comes from media exposure. And let’s not forget security. We will do just about anything for security.

And for whom do we happily set aside our beliefs, dignity, and morals in hopes of obtaining some minute sliver of security or recognition? We do all this for a class of people who think that they have the right – no, the duty to guide the rest of us towards a predetermined goal that benefits…..them….only them. And the prostitutes that do their bidding are discarded. Thrown away like so much trash, and left to fight for scraps thrown out the back door.

And so we fight for an ever-decreasing amount of scraps in this arena of the damned, and only the fiercest survive. All for the benefit and amusement of the ruling class. The ones who remain the longest in the arena are those who are willing to do anything at all. And then there were none…

© 2010 Barbara H. Peterson

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The word “prostitution” can be used metaphorically to mean debasement or working towards an unworthy cause” (Wikipedia).

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6 Responses to “Confessions of a New World Order Prostitute”

  1. Of course I will and do regret this, Andy. Let me ask you something. Are you completely out of the system? Do you use anything at all from the system? The roads? Cars? Bank? Social Security? Pay taxes? Work at a job? Use the money? Have a birth certificate? Most of us have some ties to the system. We were entered into the system through our birth certificates as unknowing participants by our parents, who were most likely unknowing participants in that system as well. We cannot simply escape this system, we need to reject it. One step at a time for some, faster for others. Because we will most definitely come to regret that we are reliant on a system that can do nothing but fail, the less reliant we are, the better off we will be. For most, there is a learning curve, and I’m no exception. Your rush to judgment is premature, having already decided that it will be too late before I wake. Do you really know me that well? Or are you making a rash decision based on preconceived notions?

  2. Andy says:

    You will regret that Barbara.When you will wake it will be too late .Not just for you but all loving ones you have. You still have a time…

  3. Michael Dvor says:

    Come Quickly lord jesus!.

  4. valerie murphy greene says:

    Barb – that you personalized each of our situations like this – gives a powerful explanation. i must add that because of mainstream media deception/lies – for so many decades – some of us (like me) just did not figure it out, till recently. the root of the misunderstanding that we have been lied to resides in the psychological phenomenon of “projection”: good people have difficulty believing that the powers-that-be could commit intentional harm to us – as we ourselves do not harm others. not-so-good people expect to be lied to and deceived, as they do the same to others. so many of us are prostituting ourselves in complete ignorance of this fact.

    thank you for bringing this point home in such a visceral way.

  5. Ed Howes says:

    Hey Barbara,

    Thanks for the confession. Of course, it is more true for some of us than others. In 1979 I decided to get out of the life, punched my last time clock, paid my last income taxes and became mortgage free. 31 years of a simplified lifestyle have been so good for me, I have decided to quit driving as well. In fact, I haven’t held a valid driver’s license for 9 years now.

    As a student of the scriptures, it was after I had made my personal decision I took note of the verse in Revelation; “Come out of her my people, that you be not partakers of her plagues.” When Ronald Reagan went on national TV early in ’81 to announce the Congressional Resolution proclaiming 1981 the Year of the Bible, he read to the people II Chronicles 7:14. I knew in my heart when he had finished reading, this people would never, ever, voluntarily humble themselves. Why should they? America is the greatest country on the face of the earth and the work of great men.

    I saw the destruction of the World Trade Center as a sign. The destruction of the symbols of Mystery Babylon the Great would soon be followed with the destruction of Mystery Babylon, which we are witnessing now. And though we think there is much more to do than simply come out of her to avoid her plagues, there is not, but to gird ourselves in faith we will be spared in the great destruction because we have come out as commanded. Now the details of this destruction are materializing. The coming polar shift is truly the source of the great plagues and the end of Mystery Babylon by whom the merchants of the earth have been made rich. That polar shift by some accounts is due before 2012 and by others before 2013. It is agreed magnetic North is moving now but the big shift will actually take place in an hour. Didn’t we read something about that time frame in Bible prophecy as well?

    In the years following the pole shift, it will take some time for the surviving elites to recover anything remotely approaching the control they enjoy today and then they will be up against the remaining fulfillment of prophecy. We can make our personal plans for the next 10 or 20 years but we better have a good one for the next 2 or the rest won’t matter. Here is the link for the pole shift video with Lilou and Drunvalo:

    Good Luck, Love and Blessings X 10,


  6. You are so right, Barbara! People better wake up and recognize Mammon as the false god-sock puppet leading them to destruction.
    I would prefer being independently poor to being in a rat race struggling “to keep up with the Jones'”, and only get further trapped with a “tar baby” like Uncle Remus’ Brer Fox did. We need to walk away, stop feeding the beast. Live free or die!