This is a Farm Wars

Public Service Announcement!

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PSA S.510 Blue Slip

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3 Responses to “Farm Wars Public Service Announcement: S.510 Blue Slip”

  1. Bill says:

    My wife and I look for made in America or grown and produced in America before we buy. Other than that, I have my own garden that produces more than enough veggie’s through the winter months. I have my own fruit tree’s that give us enough fruit through the winter months. I contract with farmers that grow their chickens and beef cattle the natural way and stock our freezers for the winter.

  2. TEKROANIN says:

    It’s amazing how naive americans are… they take so much for granted, food gas water… wake up people it’s already too late… you’ve been sold down the river as debt slaves- congress is bought and paid for by aipac and israel… the presidency is bought and controlled by the bank of england – rothschild family since 1913… this big farm bill is just window dressing… it’s a done deal. one less freedom gone… TRUTH! MAX BAUCUS AND JOHN TESTER ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR!!! get it! If you aren’t lining their pockets with cash, your nobody to them!

  3. Don Cordell says:

    If we do not stop this rape of our farm industry, we will lose to big Monsanto who will force the small farmers out of business in one year, then only corporate farms will exist. Why does the government insist they can protect us, they can’t even protect our borders. This is a back handed way to destroy the independent farmers, the local grown vegetable farm booths, and only imported foods, like Asparagus from Peru, or Tomato’s from Mexico with no taste. When I shop, I look at the origin of the canned goods, the labels on the fruits and vegetables, and I see more and more imports. I live in California where we are still battleling for water in the inner valley food basket of the nation. Lets not surrender, lets fight, search my website, and learn how I am here for YOU. Or Google my name, you will see what I’m doing for America.