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Experimental “genetically modified” and “biopharm” crops have been grown in open fields across the nation. When bees, wind, rain, or birds spread pollen and seeds across the landscape, the drugs and chemicals travel right along with them to pollinate other plants or be eaten by wildlife. They could even end up in your breakfast.


Despite the threat of contamination, the consequences of experimenting with our food supply and environment are being hidden like the crops themselves. The biotech industry downplays the dangers and refuses to share any information — such as the location of test fields. Likewise, the government has been more interested in protecting these companies’ profits than in protecting residents, the environment, or our food supply.


Isn’t it time for open public debate on this controversial industry?  
View the film Islands at Risk: Genetic Engineering in Hawaii   


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2 Responses to “Islands at Risk – Genetic Engineering in Hawaii”

  1. Russ Lemon says:

    I am one of the many allergic to the Bt-toxin and to aspertame. It causes high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. When I break out with the symptom of Morgellons, when my diabetes returns, then I know that I have eaten some form of GMO food. As long as I can avoid GMO foods, I do not have diabetes and high blood pressure.

    The problem is, no food or medication that contains bio-toxins is listed as containing them. My only indication is the allergic reaction of a high sugar level, increase in blood pressure, and the formation of open sores that lasts for several days.

    The worst is High Fructose Corn Syrup that often contains the Bt-toxin and/or mercury. Of course diet drinks with aspertame is also a problems.

    I now understand the prophesy I heard 30+ years ago that said that there will be a time when pure food will be more valuable then gold. A top priority of the United States should be to find pure seeds of corn, soy, canola, cotton-seed, papaya, guava, potatoes, rice, etc. in all their natural variety, and make pure natural copies available (for a reasonable price) to the farmers that need to replace their contaminated stock.

  2. Robert says:

    Haven’t people heard, “it’s not nice to jerk with mother nature”? We are crapping in our own mess kit. By design, the Monsantos of the world, in their greed, are destroying the planet. We will reap what we sow…sound familiar?