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S..510 calls for the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, to contact the governors of each state to determine which agencies within the state will contract on behalf of the state to administer the USDA/FDA federal plans for seizing control of food production and supply, handing it over to multi-national corporations and setting into motion the eradication of family and independent farms and ranches.  These new “business plans” (which is what S.510 is, a business plan), require contracting with state agencies accompanied of course, by bags of USDA bribery money called “cooperative funding”.


The federal government, including Senator Reid, who is yet again pushing for a vote on S.510, the fake food safety bill, know they cannot pass any enforceable law on the federal level dealing with agriculture; it is not in the enumerated powers, and will exist only as a non-positive code and title.  Because these “laws” are outside the scope of the federal government, they cannot be used to criminalize what was other wise your right to do without their interference.  Non-positive code and title, in this case Title 7 USC, cannot be revised, codified and assigned a public law number as these corporate codes are outside the authority of the federal government.  Should S.510 pass, it is null and void on its face, as if it never existed, but not one of your Senators or Representatives will tell you this.

In an effort to bypass congress and the president so that none of these illustrious individuals can be held directly accountable for this act of aggression, this selling out of America’s farms and ranches, this selling off of our national security regarding food under the threat of further contamination which these same agencies facilitated by their refusal to act in our defense as they contracted against us, the USDA and FDA have become the most clear and present danger to the US and, congress in both houses is enabling this threat.

USDA and FDA are sliding onto the Federal Register and attempting to expand their power and authority by claiming a “presumption” of authority which they were never intended to have.  Every attempt is made to change the “rules” on the register and then claim they have this new power because no one objected and rebutted their assertions.  When rebuttals, using law,  are presented on the register which has been done FDA and USDA fall silent and just proceed on as if nothing happened.  Of course, not one word from those Senators or Representatives about this; they were probably out to lunch with corporate donors.

It is expected, that failure to pass this assault on private agriculture and the intent to export as much of the US food supply as possible, President Obama will incrementally implement the provisions of S.510 using Executive Orders and using the Food Czar’s office to issue edicts and mandates that we, as citizens of the sovereign states will be told, we must comply with.  No hell we don’t have to comply.  

The Federal government has exclusive and total jurisdiction only over the District of Columbia, not to exceed ten square miles.  Michael Taylor, the Food Czar, and Monsanto hack, can pass all the garbage they want in the District of Criminals, but have no power to enforce or make proclamations pertaining to agriculture within the geographical boundaries of the states.

So… how will they get into your state?

Stop S.510 at your state line

S..510 calls for the Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, to contact the governors of each state to determine which agencies within the state will contract on behalf of the state to administer the USDA/FDA federal plans for seizing control of food production and supply, handing it over to multi-national corporations and setting into motion the eradication of family and independent farms and ranches.  These new “business plans” (which is what S.510 is, a business plan), require contracting with state agencies accompanied of course, by bags of USDA bribery money called “cooperative funding”.

If any of you have any doubts what contracting with USDA/FDA will do to agriculture in your state, take a close look at Wisconsin.  Swat team raids, property rights violations, trespass without warrant or cause, and sheriff departments who openly admit they do not care that the “warrants” they do (and most times they don’t even have one) serve are not lawful or even constructed properly as required by law.

Open attempts to coerce agricultural property owners into conveying title to their property to the USDA under Premises ID, and the surrender of ownership of livestock under whatever new name the national Animal Identification system is currently being deployed.  S. 510 is very clear that dairy farms will be a target of section 420 (e).

The intentional disruption of lawful business, the theft of private and personal property, the destruction of property and families held at gun point while the family farm is ransacked by state agents; all because they refused to forfeit their property or to submit to the intentional interference by the state, demanding unnecessary licensing, criminalizing what was previously the right of the farmer or rancher, as they conduct raids with the intent of profiting, on behalf of corporations.

For those who continue to refuse to convey title to their property via Premises ID, licensing is revoked or withheld; businesses are ruined and private citizens dragged into court to defend themselves from what is in fact, a state corporation operating for profit against them.

Wisconsin is in full police state mode and those who try to defend themselves from this corporate machine, find they are most times faced with a judicial system that either doesn’t know about the US constitution, or the constitution of the state of Wisconsin, or courts which are obviously prepared to leave no stone unturned as they rule against private citizens defending their property rights and in favor federal business plans.

S.510 can be stopped right at your state governor’s door.  Unless our governors give permission and designate one or more agencies inside your state to contract with USDA/FDA, they cannot implement, enforce or otherwise criminalize agriculture in your state. Because agriculture is outside the enumerated powers of the Constitution, your governor has to give permission to USDA/FDA or any of these other corporate government agencies to come into your state and set up shop.

Everyone of those Senators preparing to vote this next week either know, or should know, that they have no constitutional right to dictate agricultural practices within the states. Every bill must have an enabling act; a clause which shows under what constitutional and lawful authority, they write the bill. This bill has none; they know this is outside their delegated powers. Furthermore, no senator wrote this bill to begin with; it was written by corporate lobbyists and special interest groups looking to profit by constructing legislation that would arbitrarily end market competition and which would, with discrimination, unlawfully target everyone except the corporations with which they have contracted and secure for them, the agricultural sector.

Because USC 7 is non-positive, they then attempted to co-opt the commerce clause of the Constitution and someone must have realized this was also non-positive code & title, and now the bill is being pushed under the “general welfare” concept.  It’s all crap; every bit of it.

The current condition of our food production and supply has been devastated by the excessive use of pharma, herbicides, pesticides, gmo seeds and now is rife with cloned animals being injected into the food supply.  CAFO farms have devastated waterways and supplies, contaminated land with mountains of manure so toxic from gmo, chemicals and pharma that the manure is now classified as toxic waste.  The inhumane treatment of animals and poultry under these new industrialized conditions was highlighted in the recent egg recall as photos and film of the horrendous conditions that USDA/FDA knew about and did nothing about even though the corporate industrialized egg producer had been cited multiple times, and which they still have done nothing about except write a “warning letter”.  And now the Senate wants to expand the reach and scope of these dysfunctional and incompetent agencies which approved and help establish this system?

Bio-piracy corporations have successfully  infiltrated our government and our courts. Even as gmo generated foods are shown to change our dna, to damage internal organs and make us sick,  USDA and FDA along with the judiciary have forced them onto the population as profits and monopolies of agricultural markets are far more important than the general health and well being of the country.

S.510 is not about food safety or protecting the food supply, or, keeping us safe from terrorists who might target our food supply( unless of course you consider all the multi-national corporations waiting to carve up the agricultural pie); S.510 is a direct assault on the food security of our nation as it subjects us to illegal and unlawful trade agreements focused on exporting whatever we do produce, for profit, regardless of the vulnerable position it will leave the people of the US in.  Nothing in the bill sets up a strategic reserve for emergency use here in the US; the entire bill is centered around export and profit for corporations. Here’s your “free trade” for ya!  Its about to land right on your dinner table.

Call or write your governor; Tell him or her to close the door on corporate contracting with federal agencies.  The buck stops with your governor.  If  S.510 shows up in your state, you’ll know who to go to for an explanation and accountability.


The US Constitution

To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings;

Limits on Commerce Clause: States

Title 7 Agriculture.

Not revised, codified and enacted into positive law. (not consitutionally possible)

Title 15 Commerce and Trade.

Not revised, codified and enacted into positive law. (not constitutinally possible)

The plan to revise US Code and make non-positive law appear legitimate

National organization for Raw Materials (NORM) rebuts FDA Presumptions

Notes from S.510 text:  Read more HERE

Sec 207  (a) (1) striking “credible evidence or information indicating and insertion “reason to believe” (2) striking “presents threat of serious adverse health consequences or deaths to humans or animals” and inserting “is adulterated or misbranded”

**Note:  There is no intention to curb the misbranding and adulteration of seeds, crops and food resulting from contamination from the use of GMO, the overuse of pesticides and herbicides and the coming intention to insert nano chips directly into seeds and processed food products to track the consumption of food. No reference is made to the lack of independent studies on the “adulteration” of seeds, crops and processed foods resulting from the tampering through the use of GMO’s and the addition of toxic chemicals to former foods, to make them taste like food or to preserve the shelf life of food-like products.

Sec 1012 p220 (5) (b) No judicial review-

**Note:  A clear violation of due process and equal protection under the law.  No one, and no agency, politician or agent of any agency, can write, try to implement or through coercion and extortion, abrogate your rights.  Any law attempting to abrogate your rights is null and void on its face. Any agents, politicians or agencies attempting to force compliance can be sued civilly using a Constitutional tort.

Sec 404 Compliance with International Agreements…

Here is the coup d’etat!  This is the backdoor to Codex Alimentarius, the capitulation to harmonization agreements for corporate benefit and the surrendering of your individual rights and US sovereignty regarding food, and food production. This small paragraph will force the subjugation of the US food producers and consumers to the control of the World Trade Organization.

(C) 2010 Marti Oakley

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  1. TessaC says:

    So the Bill got passed in the Senate yesterday. And they say small farms are exempt, who gross no more than $500,000.

    What the Senate didn’t tell America was…we’re headed for hyperinflation, probably this spring.