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Farm Wars

The election results are in, and Monsanto scores a home run on both sides of the political farce – Republican and Democrat. So, instead of a changing of the guard, we got even more of the same: bought and paid-for Monsanto shills intent on Monsantoizing the food supply, one seed at a time.

Based on information contained in disclosure reports, Monsanto spent over $470,000 on the overall mid-term election cycle, with just under $128,000 going to Congressional Democrats and over $121,000 going to Congressional Republicans. (Natural News)

Spare change well-spent by the biotech giant and planet killer.

According to a recent report from the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), ten of the 15 Congressmen that Monsanto helped fund won their seats, including Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina and Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Monsanto even gave money to a number of candidates that were either retiring or not up for reelection, most likely as a “thank you” for previous political favors. (Natural News)

So, we can expect more biotechnology slipped into an already saturated food supply, more pressure to centralize farming via elimination of small farmers and consolidation of large cafos, and more contamination of agricultural land by poisons and technological monstrocities such as pharmaceutical vegetation, and of course, population reduction via disease and starvation caused by poor farming practices using biotechnology and land-rape methods.

To see the money trail go HERE.

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One Response to “The Results Are In – Monsanto Wins Elections by a Landslide!”

  1. Everyone that goes to work at “Monsanto” each day is helping destroy America…I hope all of you are happy.
    What fine,upstanding,God fearing people you are……I hope it`s your children that DIE FIRST…and Maybe you Mother,and Wife also
    I hope they suffer greatly right in front you your eyes.I hope all you “Monsanto” employees have to watch as your little Children are eat up by the very products you help make 5,or,6 day`s a week.I hope you have more Children so you can watch them suffer,and Die also…and maybe another wife.It`s the people that only care about themselves,and their Pay Check that are destroying our country…that`s right!! It`s YOU!.