Farm Wars


Watch the entire What in the World are They Spraying movie by Michael J. Murphy, Paul Whittenberger, and G. Edward Griffin.

The chemtrail agenda exposed!!!

I encourage everyone to go HERE to purchase a DVD, make copies, and spread the word.

Barbara H. Peterson


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11 Responses to “Watch What in the World are They Spraying!”

  1. New Movie from Director of “What in the World are they Spraying”!

  2. Koowie says:

    It wouldn’t surprised me if there is a hazard. But we are so stuck in the technology world we are living ion there is not much we can do about it.

  3. Thanks for posting this film. It is outrageous that this is able to occur and yet greedy scumbags like Al “Crazed Sex Poodle” Gore insists we pay carbon taxes to his Goldman Sachs fueled scheme so he can get rich. What’s even more outrageous is that these so called “environmentalists” are brainwashed to believe this crap. And now the FDA says GMO food doesn’t need to be labeled because it will “confuse” the consumer. Meh!

  4. TruthSayer says:

    well .. include EGYPT in the list of countries where these trails are visible.

    specially on November 23 – all day planes were criss-crossing the sky over Cairo .. leaving behind long trails of white clouds …

    and the apathy here in the city is amazing .. i sent links to your documentary on youTube on forums .. and no one expressed ‘anything’ …

  5. Hei Hu Quan says:

    Nicely done and a great service to alert all to trying to get more information on these insidious Chemtrails. I’ve just composed a piece about it and linked your page here to my blog to get this vital message out.


  6. Susan says:

    have you people seen the concentration camps and the graves and plastic coffins that they plan to put us in? go to concentration camps of america and look…..i am afraid that it is too late for the us

  7. UpForDebate says:

    Yea, this stuff is insane. To think this just goes on unchecked, with no regard for its effects. Perhaps going on because of it’s effects. I agree 100% the word has to get out, everyone I talk to has seen these and just, really, thought nothing of it.

    I have written those in my state to investigate and halt these over our state, I fear I will just be taken as a crazy person. the proof is in our face, it is just to unbelievable. In adition posts such as this and the debate I started at help to get the word out to more people.

    It is essential that something be done. The effects of doing nothing are too vast and far reaching to public health and future prosperity.

  8. I’ve been telling everyone that will listen about the chem trails for the last three years when i first noticed them. even my family at first thought i was crazy, but now i think they are listening, i new i wasn’t crazy.

  9. JC says:

    I’ve always wondered what those streaks were. My friend told me about this in school today, and I decided to check it out. Now, thanks to you, I have learned a lot more about what is raining down on our society. Thanks a lot, this production is good work.

  10. stienster says:

    Excellent, thank you for sharing this film with those of us whom can’t afford to buy it but would if we could!

  11. ZNOFOB says:

    Thank you so very much, Barbara for sharing this, and to the makers of the film.
    Toxicity incarnate.