By G. Edward Griffin

Freedom Force

Most of us find it difficult to believe that there are others who want to deceive us. We can accept that there may be a few crooks and sociopaths at the outer edge of  society, but surely no one high in politics or finance or the media would ever do such  a thing. The reality, however, is that many leaders in these fields follow an agenda which they believe is so important that deception is a reasonable price for its advancement. That agenda is a New World Order based on the model of collectivism.

(For an explanation of what that means and the history of its development, see The Future is Calling – Part One on the Freedom Force web site at The Future is Calling

One of the most common deceptions in our time is the offering of false leadership; in other words, leading one’s own opposition. Collectivist strategists realize that, as the New World Order unfolds, there will be public opposition to many of their programs. They reason that it would be stupid to wait for this to spring from natural forces, because then it might become too powerful to overcome. Instead, they anticipate this turn of events and create their own opposition so they can control it at every step of the way. They put forth leaders who are covertly loyal to their own camp or they support useful public figures who are susceptible to flattery, blackmail, and financial reward to insure that they follow the party line. In either case, these people must behave as genuine opposition leaders. They must be bold in stance and vigorous in activity. Their facts must be accurate, and their complaints must be valid. Otherwise, they will not appear as leaders, and no one will follow. But they will never offer real solutions and they will never win the contest. It is rigged boxing match. The winner is always selected by those who pay the loser.

The best way to understand this strategy is to observe it in operation, and a good place to begin is with the Federal Reserve System. For those who are familiar with the creation of the Fed, it will be remembered that the Federal Reserve Act was an outgrowth of a public outcry to “break the grip of the money trust.” The financiers who constituted the money trust did not wait for a genuine grassroots movement to take hold. Instead, they covertly led the crusade against themselves and drafted their own so-called reform legislation. They created an institution that was offered to the public as a government agency to break the grip of the money trust but which actually consolidated their power and expanded it. This was a classic example of offering false leadership and leading one’s own opposition.

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  1. valerie murphy greene says:

    Barb – thank you so much for resurrecting this article by the brilliant G. Edward Griffin – who understands the deceptions and strategies of the globalist monsters better than most anyone does…..

    i will send this one around, for sure. thanks for all you do, Barb