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2 Responses to “Just Say No to GMO!”

  1. Patricia Tursi says:

    This is really great…I no longer shop in grocery stores due to fructose…soon to be labeled corn syrup..which is in 70+ foods…it comes from gm corn. Then you have soy which is reportedly 90% modified. lists non-gmo foods. Meats are fed GMO grains. Research with animals shows that they will not eat GMO grains if given a choice. BGH injected into Milk cows is GMO. GMOs are very pervasive. I buy local foods from local markets, farmers, etc. There are two bills S510 and the House bill introduced by Al Franken and Patrick Leahy that will eliminate small farmers. These bills are ostensibly planned to protect the public, but will cost small growers and farmers a lot of money and so put them out of business. Codex Alimentarius is another thing to watch …this UN policy has been gearing to be adopted by the US and will eliminate natural supplements and natural health. See Natural Health Foundation.

  2. Margie says:

    Have shared this incredible video. The message comes out LOUD AND CLEAR.