By. J. Speer Williams

After congress passed the so-called Health Reform bill, I felt more like screaming than laughing. But, what is there to laugh about? Oh yes, Obama. He has, indeed, become laughable.

The Holy Bible has less than 1,300 pages. But, how would you like to be tasked with having to read all those pages, until you understood them? Would it take you a week? A month, while having what some say is the most difficult job in the world?

President Obama did something far more heroic than that. He carefully read twice that many pages, and all of it was in some of the most poorly written, most abstruse legalese imaginable. It was the 2,700, plus, pages of the Healthcare “Reform” bill, commonly called Obamacare; and since this bill was always changing, add another 300 pages poor Obama had to read.

Certainly, Mr. Obama refused all 500 page digests of this massive bill, wanting to ensure there was nothing untoward in it, so he could, in good faith, twist arms to get it passed for the good of the American people. 

Perhaps, the president enjoyed reading something that is over twice as long as the Bible, twice as hard to understand (due to poor writing), and only half as interesting. But, Mr. Obama had an advantage: It’s been scientifically proven that pathological liars are faster readers than those not so gifted. And as a corollary all democratic politicos, and most of the republican ones, are also fast readers, even on vacation.

And maybe, just reading that tome of legislation so inspired Mr. Obama, that he couldn’t stop reading it, even missing the basketball games of March Madness, and Michele’s pleas of “Put down that office stuff and come to bed, dear.”

Undoubtedly, our poor president hasn’t slept in weeks. Remember, he also had thousands of pages of other bills to read, all written by the little wordsmiths in tax free “think-tanks,” run by the oligarchs of the International Monetary/Banking Cartel, who have sponsored Barack since he was in college.

Our president – a self proclaimed man of the people – must have smiled when he read how heavy taxes on his people will start immediately, while benefits for his people are to take place in later years, with plenty of time for future legislation to nullify those benefits.

A satisfying sigh of pleasure must have escaped his lips when he read that Obamacare mandates the hiring of 16,000 more IRS agents, to ensure all taxpaying Americans do their patriotic parts by paying even more in confiscatory taxes: “Ah my liberal base will be so pleased that my green shoots are producing more jobs,” he must have thought.

But the lying skill, so perfected by our president many years ago, seemed to have lost some of its magic. Well, what do you expect? Undoubtedly our poor president hasn’t slept in weeks. Actually, he may not have slept in years, due to all the legislation he had to read as a senator before he’d dare vote on any of it. After all, the 110th US congress voted in some 460 new bills, most hundreds to thousands of pages long.

Poor Mr. Obama, having lost so much sleep because of so much reading, he probably doesn’t know which end of the telephone to put to his ear.

But since Mr. Obama surely reads all bills, I’m more than confident all the restrictions in them are a form of tough-love, we all need.

Mr. Obama must be very thankful for the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970, which stipulates a 30 day congressional recess each August. Therefore, if we don’t see much of our President in August, we’ll know why – he’ll be catching up on his sleep.

Oh … I almost forgot to thank you, and all your tireless colleagues in congress, Mr. President. I think it’s wonderful that you, your family and staff, Joe Biden’s family and staff, Nancy Pelosi’s staff, Harry Reid’s staff and many other insiders are all effectively exempt from the Healthcare Reform Act (page 122 – line 22), so we can have it all to ourselves, and spend the rest of our lives paying for it.

Wow, what a guy … What a Congress!!!

(C) 2010 J. Speer-Williams

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3 Responses to “Obama – Wow, What a Guy!”

  1. Gail Combs says:

    I loved the satire.

    Time for the read the bill Act.

  2. Lisa says:

    Janis>>> I agree, except they deserve far worse than to be locked up.

  3. Janis Ferguson says:

    I think these clowns are so inbred that they are no more than raving lunatics that ought to be locked up…. and am speaking of them all globally !!!!