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Date / Time: 9/19/2010

6:00 pm PST

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9:00 pm EST

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This week’s special guests are Laura Leigh and investigative journalist, Debbie Coffey!

Both Laura and Debbie have been attending the unlawful round-ups and zeroing out of America’s wild horses, perpetrated by the very agency meant to protect them. Using 30 year old data, and lacking any verifiable data to support the herding and terrorizing of these animals, BLM actively destroys a symbol of American heritage.

Why? All across the eleven Western most states, BLM has contracted with mining, gas and oil drilling corporations, and with cattle ranchers on the very land set aside for the horses (at least temporarily). Water is at premium with most of it now contaminated from endless strip mining and drilling. As the horses disappear, huge corporations, such as Monsanto move in to begin mining.

As more of the land is permitted for use other than what was intended, it appears cattle ranching is next on the chopping block as water for herds is diverted to corporate,commercial use. Laura and Deb will be updating us on recent activities of the BLM in its efforts to hide this unlawful activity from the public.


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