By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Intent on flooding Africa with GMO, the USDA, IBM, and Mars are working on a genetically modified cocoa tree.

The team said it will benefit not only the chocolate industry, but cocoa growers in West Africa, a region where 70 per cent of the world’s cocoa is produced, and in other tropical zones. (Confectionary News)

Don’t think this will affect you?

Cocoa is grown principally in West Africa, Central and South America and Asia. In order of annual production size, the eight largest cocoa-producing countries at present are Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Cameroon, Brazil, Ecuador and Malaysia. These countries represent 90% of world production. (UNTAD)

Source: UNCTAD

Goodbye chocolate! 

Chocolate genome has been unlocked according a team of researchers of candy firm Mars Inc.

The DNA mapping of the cacao tree, whose seeds form the core essence for chocolate, has been complete and claimed a success…

Scientists in this project made use of most commonly-grown version i.e. the cacao the Matina 1-6 cultivar, which vitally forms the essence of 99% of commercially cultivated cacao. (Top News)

Unlocking the gene sequence is a major step in determining which other species can be used to transfer foreign traits into the cocoa trees.

The researchers including ARS based molecular biologist David Kuhn and geneticist Raymond Schnell said that they released the findings of sequencing into the public domain in order to assist scientists to begin applying the findings immediately to crop cultivation efforts.

Penny Tricker, research fellow working on cocoa research at Reading University, told that the development represents a ‘breakthrough’ for cocoa research.

She explained that preliminary sequencing is the ‘hardest part’ of the genome discovery process and access to this data opens up multiple possibilities for researchers to use knowledge gained from the genome sequencing of other species, which will result in the transfer of their beneficial traits to cocoa trees. (Confectionary News)

And all this is done under the guise of “sustainability.” Why am I not surprised?

Take a look at this article at, to see how we are being inundated with GM trees. This is truly alarming, considering the statistics are from 1999:

GM Technology in the Forest Sector

Trees are around for many years, not just planted once, then harvested and replanted each year like corn or soy.

The trees live for up to 100 years, but cultivated trees are considered economically productive for only about 60 years…The flowers (and the fruit) are on the trunk of the tree, and it flowers (and fruits) all year long…There are a great many flowers, often waves of flowers covering the main stem of the tree! The white flowers are odorless . There are more flowers at the end of season than at the beginning. Cacao is pollinated by midges (gnat-like insects) and occasionally by bats. Pollination usually occurs in the morning and the flowers die in 24 hrs if not pollinated! (All About Chocolate)

So look out world, the GM conspirators are working on replacing every last normal plant and tree with genetically engineered varieties that will eventually take over our entire planet. For now, we have a choice. But what happens when all plants and trees are contaminated with genetically modified genes? What happens when we reach the saturation point? Food and water are things that we cannot live without. When all food is genetically modified and owned by the GM monopolies, where does that leave us?

Barbara H. Peterson

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2 Responses to “GMO Cocoa Targeted for West Africa”

  1. soulofcacao says:

    HELL NO!!! THE most asinine idea.
    there are a bunch of immature spoiled brats running our world!!

  2. geminga says:

    It leaves us screwed. That said if everyone who reads this will pick up the phone and call their congressmen and tell them to stop untested infestation of GMO into the food supply,history tells us we can effect change…if enough of us pick up the phone and join the excellent activist groups fighting GMO’s. This is the power only you have as a citizen. If enough do it, we can get these clowns under control. They are vulnerable now untill the next election….strike with you voice now!!