By Wally Paul

Billy looks so angelic and friendly. Looks are deceptive. This man is trying to rule and ruin the world with the help of philanthropists and the scientific dictatorship.

Microsoft founder and one of the world’s wealthiest men, Bill Gates, projects an image of a benign philanthropist using his billions via his (tax exempt) Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to tackle diseases, solve food shortages in Africa and alleviate poverty. In a recent conference in California, Gates reveals a less public agenda of his philanthropy—population reduction, otherwise known as eugenics.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with David Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Foundation, the creators of the GMO biotechnology, are also financing a project called The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) headed by former UN chief, Kofi Annan. Accepting the role as AGRA head in June 2007 Annan expressed his “gratitude to the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and all others who support our African campaign.” The AGRA board is dominated by people from both the Gates’ and Rockefeller foundations.

Monsanto, DuPont, Dow, Syngenta and other major GMO agribusiness giants are reported at the heart of AGRA, using it as a back-door to spread their patented GMO seeds across Africa under the deceptive label, ‘bio-technology,’ a euphemism for genetically engineered patented seeds. The person from the Gates Foundation responsible for its work with AGRA is Dr. Robert Horsch, a 25-year Monsanto GMO veteran who was on the team that developed Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready GMO technologies. His job is reportedly to use Gates’ money to introduce GMO into Africa.

To date South Africa is the only African country permitting legal planting of GMO crops. In 2003 Burkina Faso authorized GMO trials. In 2005 Kofi Annan’s Ghana drafted bio-safety legislation and key officials expressed their intentions to pursue research into GMO crops. AGRA is being used to create networks of “agro-dealers” across Africa, at first with no mention of GMO seeds or herbicides, in order to have the infrastructure in place to massively introduce GMO.

Farmers and civil society organizations around the world are outraged by the recent discovery of further connections between the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and agribusiness titan Monsanto. Monsanto is a company that practices eugenics (I’m sorry new term is Bioethics, how nice), and Billy and that perky little Melinda really want to destroy at least 4/5s of the population. These people make Obama seem good.

“The Foundation’s direct investment in Monsanto is problematic on two primary levels,” said Dr. Phil Bereano, University of Washington Professor Emeritus and recognized expert on genetic engineering. “First, Monsanto has a history of blatant disregard for the interests and well-being of small farmers around the world, as well as an appalling environmental track record. The strong connections to Monsanto cast serious doubt on the Foundation’s heavy funding of agricultural development in Africa and purported goal of alleviating poverty and hunger among small-scale farmers. Second, this investment represents an enormous conflict of interests.”

More recently, the Foundation has come under fire in its own hometown. During the week of August 27, 2010, 250 Seattle residents sent postcards expressing their concern that the Foundation’s approach to agricultural development, rather than reducing hunger as pledged, would instead “increase farmer debt, enrich agribusiness corporations like Monsanto and Syngenta, degrade the environment, and dispossess small farmers.” In addition to demanding that the Foundation instead fund “socially and ecologically appropriate practices determined locally by African farmers and scientists” and support African food sovereignty, they urged the Foundation to cut all ties to Monsanto and the biotechnology industry.

Everybody needs to flood the foundation with similar letters.

In late 2003, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was strongly criticized by “international charities, farmers’ groups and academics” as a result of a $25 million grant it had given to “GM [genetically modified] research to develop vitamin and protein-enriched seeds for the world’s poor”. This money supported research being undertaken by two groups, the International Centre for Tropical Agriculture and the International Food Policy Research Institute, two groups which played an integral role in the first Ford and Rockefeller Foundation-funded (so-called) Green Revolution (see later). Both of these organizations are also part of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a group of global public institutes that is “widely accused of being a creature of its two major funders – the US and the World Bank”. However, although linked to the World Bank what most critical commentators fail to comment on is the fact that CGIAR was formed as a result of a “series of private conferences held at the Rockefeller Foundation’s conference center in Bellagio, Italy” and it’s work has been strongly supported by all manner of liberal foundations. Thus while a good case can be made that the Gates Foundation has been highly influenced by other liberal foundations, like the Rockefeller Foundation, John Vidal (2003) points out that there are also “reasons to believe that the Gates food agenda is now being shaped by US corporate and government interests”. This is because in regard to their support for CGIAR the Gates Foundation chose to partner with the US Department of Agriculture and USAID – “two of the most active pro-GM organisations in the world.” (Brian Tokar in his 2004 book, Gene Traders: Biotechnology, World Trade, and the Globalization of Hunger, provides a critical overview of the US involvements in GM developments.)

The global elite have launched a world-wide operation against an unaware population to reduce and control fertility. Vaccines and even staple food crops have been modified to achieve these goals.

If you can’t seem to bring yourself to believe that such an undertaking is possible, or that there are human beings willing and capable; Look back in time, this kind of conspiracy isn’t new, in fact this kind of control was idealized by Plato some 2,300 years ago in his momentous work The Republic. Plato wrote that a ruling elite should guide society, “…whose aim will be to preserve the average of population.” He further stated, “There are many other things which they will have to consider, such as the effects of wars and diseases and any similar agencies, in order as far as this is possible to prevent the State from becoming either too large or too small.”

The activities of the ruling elite in controlling population, writes Plato, must be kept secret. He writes, “Now these goings on must be a secret which the rulers only know, or there will be a further danger of our herd… breaking out into rebellion.”

The “secret billionaire club” meeting in May of 2009  primarily focused around population control. a cause célèbre embraced by David Rockefeller, Ted Turner and Bill Gates, has been confirmed by a London Times report.

Described as the Good Club by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr, the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett and George Soros, the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.

Americans have been trained to worship these people as the experts that protect us and know what is best for us. These are people that follow the elite New World Order recipe of death for the inferior types. In the words of Pink Floyd it really is “Us” and “Them” and they really do want us dead.

Of course, slowing the growth of the world’s population while also improving its health are two irreconcilable concepts to the elite.

Anyone who takes the time to properly research the origins of the “population control” movement will come to understand that the Rockefeller-Turner-Gates agenda for drastic population reduction, which is now clearly manifesting itself through real environmental crises like chemtrails, genetically modified food, tainted vaccines and other skyrocketing diseases such as cancer, has its origins in the age-old malevolent elitist agenda to cull the human “chattel” as one would do to rodents or any other species deemed a nuisance by the central planning authorities.

Most Americans have been trained to love and worship philanthropic psychopaths that openly talk about killing us and get away with such chatter. They form non-profit organizations to protect their wealth and to use against the everyday people of the world.

Gates is an avowed eugenicist who is committed to drastically reducing the world’s population in the name of combating global warming. This is alarming given the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation funds the production and distribution of vaccines to the third world.

See it in his own words in the video clip below.

Indeed, As Natural News’ Mike Adams revealed, one of the Gates Foundation’s current projects revolves around the funding of a “sterilization program that would use sharp blasts of ultrasound directed against a man’s scrotum to render him infertile for six months.”

“Now, the foundation has funded a new “sweat-triggered vaccine delivery” program based on nanoparticles penetrating human skin,” writes Adams. “The technology is describes as a way to “…develop nanoparticles that penetrate the skin through hair follicles and burst upon contact with human sweat to release vaccines.”

During a recent TED conference, an organization which is sponsored by one of the largest toxic waste polluters on the planet, Gates told the audience that vaccines need to be used to reduce world population figures in order to solve global warming and lower CO2 emissions to almost zero. Stating that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.”

Gates’ eugenicist zeal is shared by his fellow Bilderberg elitists, many of whom have advocated draconian policies of population control in their own public speeches and writings. Indeed, the Rockefeller family funded eugenics research in Germany through the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes in Berlin and Munich. The Rockefeller Foundation praised Hitler’s sterilization program in Nazi Germany. David Rockefeller attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 and is now the head of Bilderberg’s “steering committee”. A joint World Health Organization-Rockefeller inoculation program against tetanus in Nicaragua, Mexico and the Philippines in the early 1990’s was in fact a covert trial on using vaccines to medically abort women’s babies.

In a speech given 01.03.2010:  Bill Gates first links the global C02-emissions to the level of the broad population and then stresses that the life-important CO2 leads to “extremely bad” outcomes and “ecosystem collapses”. There is no life without CO2  and Dear Billy knows that.

He outlines more than once that it is of vital importance to bring the CO2 level down to zero. He proposed that “if we really do a great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services we could lower that [population] by perhaps 10 to 15 per cent”. In his speech Bill Gates admitted his empathy for vaccines in general:  (“[vaccines] … is something I love”)

Gates’ father has long been a leading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist. William Gates Sr, was head of Planned Parenthood, which is a reworking of the American Eugenics Society that had strong connections to Hitler. Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger wrote:

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner  race.”
Margaret Sanger. Woman, Morality, and Birth Control. New York: New York Publishing Company, 1922. Page 12.

NEW YORK, May 9, 2003 ( – In a lengthy interview with Bill Moyers, in New York, May 9, 2003 Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates revealed the inspiration for his funding of pro-abortion population control measures. Responding to a question by Moyers on how he came to fund “reproductive issues” Gates answered, “When I was growing up, my parents were always involved in various volunteer things. My dad was head of Planned Parenthood. And it was very controversial to be involved with that. And so it’s fascinating. At the dinner table my parents are very good at sharing the things that they were doing. And almost treating us like adults, talking about that.”

Alan Watt says, “Bill Gates of course you think is a real ‘whizz kid’ with computers, which is far from the truth. He was just brought up, in a special family of course, and pushed into a position and the Gates, they’re well named, the Gates were certainly opened for him and it’s completely tied in with the CIA, the NSA and a whole bunch of other organisations worldwide. “

“Like many of the world’s richest businessmen Bill Gates believes in a special form of democracy, otherwise known as plutocracy, that is, “socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor”. Following in the footsteps of the robber barons, like John D. Rockefeller…”

“…and Andrew Carnegie, who founded two of America’s most influential liberal foundations (e.g. the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation), Gates, like most capitalists, relies upon the government to help regulate and protect his business interests from competition, but is less keen on the idea of a government that acts to redistribute wealth to the wider populous. Dean Baker surmises this idea when he writes that Bill Gates is after all “one of the heroes of the conservative nanny state.” In the minds of such massively powerful would-be capitalists, the State is merely a tool to be harnessed for profit maximization, and they themselves, the ones who have acquired their wealth by exploiting and manipulating the economic system then take it upon their own shoulders to help relieve global inequality and escalating poverty – the modern day’s white man’s burden. As one might expect, the definitions of the appropriate solutions to the capitalist-driven inequality that are generated by the world’s most successful capitalists neglect to seriously challenge the primary driver of global poverty, capitalism. For the most part the incompatibility of democracy and capitalism remains anathema to all, instead liberal philanthropists industriously fund all manner of ‘solutions’ that help provide a much needed outlet valve for rising resistance and dissent, while still enabling business-as-usual, albeit with a band-aid stuck over some of the most glaring inequities.”

“With huge government-aided financial empires resting in the hands of a small power elite…”

And by the way, this is the same power elite that gave you the European Union, the NAFTA Agreement and the GATT Agreement for China. It’s a world empire. It’s their world empire. It’s completely tied in with all the big names that you’ve known from all the other exposés over the years. It says…)

“…the ability of the richest individual philanthropists to shape global society is increasing all the time, while the power of governments to influence society is being continuously undermined by many of the powerful philanthropists.”

Lies that need to be exposed.


You see, Bill wasn’t your average poor, I-have-a-butcher-for-a-father Joe. His father, Bill Gates Jr. was a wealthy and very successful corporate lawyer long before Bill invented any software. But Daddy was nothing compared to Mom! Bill’s mother, Mary Gates, was the grand daughter of J. W Maxwell, the founder of Seattle’s National City bank in 1906. I’ll also have you know that in his early years, he attended Lakeside School, one of the most prestigious and expensive private schools in the Pacific Northwest. That’s where he met and befriended Paul Allen, not in Harvard.


He picked the perfect parents, PARENTS WHO WERE ONLY TOO GLAD TO PROVIDE HIM WITH START-UP FUNDS FOR HIS COMPANY! With Bill’s rich background and connections provided by his parents, is it still any surprise to you that Bill got the money he needed to start-up his company? He had access to millions of dollars in a trust set up by his great-grandfather on the day he was born and a bank to boot!


Bill’s mother was a well connected businesswoman and served on various boards as a director of first Interstate bank and Pacific Northwest Bell. But wait it gets better (pun intended). Mary also served on the board of directors of United Way and who do you suppose served alongside her on that same board? John Opel, CEO of IBM! Do you see now how bill and Microsoft got that deal with IBM? Connections are really necessary for success, what do ya think?

While serving on that board table with IBM’s CEO, IBM just happened to choose Mary Gate’s son, Bill, to develop the operating system (called MS-DOS) for all IBM personal computers. Now that’s a break you don’t get everyday!


Bill never invented Windows 3.0, nor did his busload of computer programmers. That nifty piece of real art was invented by an ordinary guy like you and I. Bill bought it off him for a whopping $50,000! I wonder if the mafia was trying to collect from him and he had to sell that fast and that low. By now he must be cursing himself because Bill is a billionaire just because of Windows 3.0.

According to Microsoft legend, Bill dropped out of school to create Microsoft and change the world. Don’t you think that maybe one of the reasons he was so quick to take that risk was that he had no worry about who would pay the bills?

2002 annual report breaking down money doled out by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation reveals the foundation provided a grant to National Council of La Raza. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is arguably the largest “charitable” organization in the world.

Gates gave $6,661,364 to the racist organization for education, according to the foundation’s website. La Raza has also received financial support from theFord Foundation. For instance, in 1968, the globalist foundation gave La Raza $600,000, according to research conducted by Philip Brennan.

La Raza’s website admits “the organization receives two-thirds of its funding from corporations and foundations, and the rest from the government.” For the period 1992-1996, the total amount of “gifts, grants and contributions” to La Raza was more than $38 million.

The Ford Foundation has also funded the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). According to Mario Obeldo, former head of MALDEF, “California is going to be a Hispanic state. Anyone who does not like it should leave.” In 1998, Obledo was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Clinton.

La Raza’s motto is “For the race everything, outside the race nothing” (“Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada”).

Billy seems to have his hand on every control of the New World Order Agenda. He and those like him must be exposed. Billy had better start praying, and soon! We know what you are Billy, do you know what you are Billy Boy?

More recently Bill Gates fessed up to Death Panels. Watch the clip below.

Gates’ father has long been a leading board member of Planned Parenthood and a top eugenicist. William Gates Sr, was head of Planned

A little over a year after Bill Gates and Warren Buffett began hatching a plan over dinner to persuade America’s wealthiest people to give most of their fortunes to charity, more than three-dozen individuals and families have agreed to take part, campaign organizers announced August 3, 2010.

In addition to Buffett and Gates — America’s two wealthiest individuals, with a combined net worth of $90 billion, according to Forbes — 38 other billionaires have signed The Giving Pledge. They include New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, entertainment executive Barry Diller, Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison, energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens, media mogul Ted Turner, David Rockefeller, film director George Lucas and investor Ronald Perelman.

Look at these illuminated names. They are just the greatest people ever. We must love and worship them. They are Gods. They like Prince Charles have found their purpose in life. Their purpose is to save the world. No, I don’t mean save the world like you are imaging. I mean 90 percent population reduction. I mean total eugenics and totalitarian control through the men of the New World Order. We will serve, worship, and praise them for being kind enough to fundamentally change the nature of the Homo sapiens.

I say let’s all give more to Bill’s Charities. Let’s give so we can be gods like Bill and Melinda. Let’s give to the church of Satan on Sunday to begin our altruism. Let’s give lovingly to this little psychopathic lunatic and his sick project to kill people in the Third World. Their philanthropic wizardry is really a black magical satanic spell on the population of the world. When their blood sacrifice of over five billion of earth’s inhabitants ensues, most will continue to praise these mad men while we suffer the total destruction of mankind as we know it and the final New World Order of Full Spectrum Dominance.

Of course the media will make these genocidal monsters seem like kind-hearted and concerned philanthropists. The media will not point out that Ted Turner has publicly advocated shocking population reduction programs that would cull the human population by a staggering 95%. He has also called for a Communist-style one child policy to be mandated by governments in the west. In China, the one child policy is enforced by means of taxes on each subsequent child, allied to an intimidation program which includes secret police and “family planning” authorities kidnapping pregnant women from their homes and performing forced abortions.

David Rockefeller spells it out:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended
our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”

“It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

Bill Gates: “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed/heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent.”

In its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged funding the development of so-called “anti-fertility vaccines” and their implementation on a mass-scale. From page 51 onward we read:

“(…) several types of drugs are known to diminish male fertility, but those that have been tested have serious problems of toxicity. Very little work is in progress on immunological methods, such as vaccines, to reduce fertility, and much more research is required if a solution is to be found here.

The possibility of using vaccines to reduce male fertility was something that needed to be investigated further, according to the Rockefeller Foundation, because both the oral pill and the IUD were not suitable for mass-scale distribution:

So let us all join hands and joyfully open are wallets to the wonderful charities that these great philanthropists give their fortunes to, for no other reason than to be generous. Yes, let’s all give to the baby killers at Planned Parenthood, where Bill’s Daddy worked on the board.

Plato proposed selective breeding programs for his utopian society. These men are all great admirers of Plato. They all have Plato’s Republic in their libraries. This book is read over and over by these magicians of deception and death. The Republic is their playbook. The agenda was all spelled out in ancient times.

I think I will invest some of my vast Empire of Dirt to the Doomsday seed vault. No project is more interesting at the moment than a curious project in one of the world’s most remote spots, Svalbard. Bill Gates is investing millions in a seed bank on the Barents Sea near the Arctic Ocean, some 1,100 kilometers from the North Pole. Svalbard is a barren piece of rock claimed by Norway and ceded in 1925 by international treaty.

On this God-forsaken island Bill Gates is investing tens of his millions along with the Rockefeller Foundation, Monsanto Corporation, Syngenta Foundation and the Government of Norway, among others, in what is called the ‘doomsday seed bank.’ Officially the project is named the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, part of the Svalbard island group.
Doomsday Seed Vault

All segments of society must understand that all of them are being used in a massive chess game internationally being played out by the elite in a multifaceted divide and conquer technique to destroy all of our societies by bring us all into conflict with a manufactured foe.

The real enemy however are the power elite themselves. We must stand together to confront the beast and destroy it before it inevitable destroys human life as we know it. There are not too many people. There are simply a few psychopaths playing us for fools.

Give. But Give wisely. Beware of the Satan Worshipping Elite. They want our souls.


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2 Responses to “Who Put Bill Gates In Charge of the World?”

  1. Hi David,

    Have you noticed that it is only us, the “lower order” who are encouraged to not succumb to “class warfare?” It is okay for the billion and trillionaires to do it, but not us. Something to think about.

  2. Class warfare, we are told, is wrong and we should not hate the rich. But the rich are taking steps to exterminate most of us not in the billionaire’s club. And they’re not even too subtle about it, openly showing their contempt for the working people.
    It is high time we took steps to bring down the arrogant barons like Rockefeller and Gates, Soros and Strong, Turner and Buffet, among others. Class warfare is ongoing and working class people did not start it! But we must finish it or be finished ourselves!
    The robber barons openly declare plans to kill us. Fight back!