By Tony Blizzard


Most of this week it has been raining where I live. [Arkansas] Until today it was mostly light rain but this morning there was close lightening and thunder and water coming down by inches an hour. This water is off the Gulf of Mexico, pushed inland by the current storm in the gulf.

In the afternoon, the clouds broke up, the sun finally coming out, so I took my dogs for a walk, first chance in days. But with the sun came truly muggy heat. In a short time the dogs were looking for water. They know all the places in the road ditches where we walk which are a bit deeper and hold puddles of water after a rain. They kept going to these spots as we progressed but they wouldn’t drink this fresh rain water after a lick or a smell. Not even where it was still running freely. Finally we hit a spot, a little deeper than the others, where the old dog did half-heartedly drink some. But he soon ended up biting at the water before climbing out of the ditch – I’ve never seen him do that before.

On arriving home the dogs usually dive into an old 4 or 5 gallon mop bucket I have set to catch rain water off the roof. But they drank very little from it today even though they were obviously thirsty.

Finally, after being in the house for some time, they drank from the well water bucket I keep in the house for them. Now I’ll have to watch how they approach the well water the next few days as these rains work their way through the earth into my well. If my well is contaminated by rain laden with those chemicals dumped into the gulf, or with oil, I’m in trouble. Hell, half the country is.

I trust my dogs’ senses of smell and taste way over what we’re told by government, academia and media. Today there was something about this fresh rain water that they wanted no part of.

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2 Responses to “My Dogs Won’t Drink the Rainwater”

  1. Sierra says:

    When I lived in San Francisco, a woman who lived in my apartment building had two cats that absolutely refused to drink the water she got for them from her kitchen tap. She told me that if she wouldn’t have gotten them water from another source, that they would have died rather than drink that water. They (the cats) had morgellons before they finally died. She (the woman) now has morgellons. She told me that she wonders if something in her tap water gave her morgellons. Animals have broader senses of smell than humans do. I think we should trust their animal instincts. I wish you and your dogs (and the rest of us) the best of luck!

  2. Chad says:

    Rain water stained my carpet when the bottle tip over and the cap was not secure, and it left a stain. Water leaving a stain? It took bleach and hot tap water to remove most of the stain. I find this disturbing.