By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

I for one, do not believe one bit of what I am told by the mainstream media, government officials, heads of states, or any mega-corporation, among a host of others.

We have been told that the Gulf oil tragedy was an accident, and that the problem has been taken care of. Lies, all lies. Facts dispel lies, and we have been lied to and still are being lied to while people get seriously ill from the effects of BP’s handling of the situation and our government’s delusional media campaign telling us everything is okay.

So, with this in mind, what could the real reason for this situation be? If not simply gross negligence, which, considering the amount of cover-up going on, I seriously doubt, could there be a master plan in play for this region?

The following article delves into one theory. I am posting the following for your consideration. So, let’s take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks go to Marc Hardy for finding this. 

Startling Revelations. More going on in The Gulf Of Mexico Than An Oil Spill!

June 20, 2010

by JoAnneMor

~~~The team is at it again!~~~

In the course of our investigation into the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we have uncovered some startling information. What I am about to tell you will knock you out of your seats. There is a lot more going on in the Gulf of Mexico than the oils spill.

This administration and many other entities like BP, Citi, Nalco, GM, GE, Goldman Sachs, University of Chicago, holding companies along with Dept. of Defense, billionaires and politicians are all vested in biofuels. What is going on in the Gulf is directly related to this new industry. There is an algae these companies are interested in.

From the mouth of the Mississippi river, all along the Gulf coast and spreading down to the Everglades is prime area for growing this algae. Crist is aware of this. He’s funding it. There [are] a couple of other prime spots too. Chesapeake is one area and the Great Lakes is another. (Funny, we already had a Great Lakes Czar and a Chesapeake Czar. Now we have a Gulf Czar too!)

As you know, the oil continues to flow in the Gulf. It looks incompetent when assessing the response to the crisis. It is not incompetence. It is intentional and willfull destruction.

They are spraying dispersants that are toxic to sea life. The dispersants hold the oil below the surface. Ask yourselves why you would want that. Wouldn’t it be easier to vacuum the oil if it were floating?

They are not letting foreign tankers in to help. Even the few barges Jindal got his hands on were stalled, citing they need to be inspected to see if they carried enough life vests. They did.

They even pass the buck as to who is in charge. BP says they were in charge. O says he’s in charge. The Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen says he’s in charge. They run us in circles to divert the real questions.

If you have noticed, most of their news conferences have very little to do with action response, instead focusing on claims processing.

This is not incompetence. It is an intentional strategy. They don’t want to clean it up or even try to contain it.

What they are doing is in three steps.

First get rid of oil industry in Gulf.

Then turn Gulf into a dead zone. A dead zone is free of life or ability to sustain it. The oil, dispersants and fertilizers deplete oxygen. It kills animals and fish, also turning their remains into fertilizer.

Finally, use Gulf as a giant algae farm. Algae grows on water surface, getting oxygen from air, not water. Fertilizers like urea supply much needed nitrogen. The Mississippi and the other rivers that empty into Gulf also pick up fertilizers from the many farms along the way. This feeds the Algae at the mouths of these rivers. The oil in the water won’t hurt the algae. It will only promote it’s growth and burn factor.

Algae costs about $2.00 a barrel to refine. This is potentially very profitable.

The down side is, there isn’t enough algae to sustain the demand. It takes a lot of algae to produce a single barrel. That means they need a huge place to grow and multiply the supply of this algae. Right now they don’t have this enormous algae farm location. They have the desire, the technology, the investments and companies all set up. They have even taken the steps to map out the plan.

That plan involves projects in the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico.

This oil spill, whether sabotage, negligence, accident or design is the perfect way to eliminate fossil fuels such as oil and to advance this biofuel agenda. They will sacrifice the Gulf and all who live in or around it for this multi-trillion dollar industry. READ MORE…

I encourage you to click the READ MORE link to go to the site to research the links provided and read the rest of the article. I am very interested to see how this plays out.

Barbara H. Peterson

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4 Responses to “Was the BP disaster created in order to turn the Gulf into an algae farm?”

  1. John says:

    I worked the people who did the first ever Titration(see definition below) on Algae oil(oil derived from Spirulina algae) in the USA. This process is part of what helps discover the best formula for turning the oil into a biodiesel fuel(green fuel). I also have a video, which I am not allowed to release(search for “T-co Alternative Fuels Algae” in Google to see a 1 min version I left of the Internet) in which they take dried Algae and wood chips, with a proprietary catalyst and make green Biodiesel, crude oil for processing and diesel from the same feedstock. It takes, with this proven patented system, the only one proven to work at high volume and is in Virginia at a Naval Port, $5-7 per gallon to produce green biodiesel with Algae feedstocks. They say they can get the cost down to $3-4 per gallon. This is also using the cheapest costing Algae source in the USA! They are growing their own algae, but they can not grow it fast enough for high volume production. One last point. The algae that grows in saltwater is what was tried first, and was found to be inferior. Not enough oil content. So, the freshwater algae became the source for the oil.

    Also, any fat cells, from either plant or beast, can be used to make biofuels. Think about it. Endless supply. Hemp oil is the best oil to use for creating biofuels and is grown in large scale in Canada, China and Russia. The only thing holding the US back from fuel freedom is the lack of HEMP production. Plain and simple.

    Do not publish this. If you want a better article, I can write one. Algae as biodiesel is a just another white rabbit to chase. Too hard to extract and not enough room to grow it. Remember you still have to fertilize it and have it exposed to sun. Only shallow ponds and indoor environments will work. The department of homeland security, the Navy and Army were all involved with this Algae to Biodiesel experiment which took place in Alabama, and the Navy has ships running on algae biodiesel right now!

    Why have you not heard this? Because the researcher was ex-Army, and he received funding from the Navy to do this! They use it, and keep it from everyone else. How about that? They even asked me to participate on this project, but I refused. Senator Jeff Sessions attended the main presentation and raised ten million dollars for this project.

    Here are some links to the videos I produced for this project:

    $2 a barrel(42 gallons) for algea fuel…. BULL SHIT. more like $210 per barrel. Not cheaper than oil, and releases almost the same amount of hydrocarbons.

    Titration: In waste oil, free fatty acids–FFA–are typically present that will interfere with the biodiesel reaction by “using up” some of the lye before all of the vegetable oil can react to form biodiesel. To determine how much additional lye is required, a titration is needed to be performed. This will determine how much FFA is present and how much extra lye is required to drive the biodiesel reaction to completion. This titration utilizes a 0.1% sodium hydroxide water solution.

  2. nedlud says:


    Go down there and have a look would you please? Nake it a good thorough review. Interview all parties, from BP bigwigs to the fishermen and workers on the clean-up. This is a free country, I’m sure you’ll have easy access to all pertinent information and data. While there and investigating, take a good long drink of the water in each place you stop and dine on the ‘sea-food’. Oh, and: Breathe in plenty of that good clean sea air.

    Report back here if you’re still alive and/or not sickened-to-death and haven’t been locked up by corporate and government officials covering-up the truth.



  3. Lisa says:

    Steve>>> do some research. You’re way off the mark.
    Barbara and the rest: Hello! I submitted this topic to my blog about 4 weeks ago after reading a very detailed body of research done by several people in an email group. I was astonished to find that creating an algea farm in the GOM makes the most sense- that’s after hearing scores and scores of total BS coming out of ‘our leaders’ and their lap-dogs, aka ‘the main-stream media’. An accident? BS.

  4. Steve says:

    Take the spill in context…If you fill your bathtub full of water to represent the Gulf, the amount of oil you would put in your bathtub to represent the oil in the gulf would be one drop from an eye dropper. Hardly enough to kill all living organism in the gulf to create an algea farm.