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The UN plan to eradicate organic farming & to destroy the Natural Health Industry.

“Unless we put medical freedom into the constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship . . . denying equal privileges. All such laws are un-American and despotic . . . “ Benjamin Rush, Physician, Signer of Declaration of Independence

-”If you control the food supply, you control the people” – Henry Kissinger

The Codex Alimentarius (Latin for “food code” or “food book”) is a collection of internationally recognized standards, codes of practice, guidelines and other recommendations relating to foods, food production and food safety. Its name derives from the Codex Alimentarius Austriacus. Its texts are developed and maintained by the Codex Alimentarius Commission, a body that was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The Commission’s main aims are stated as being to protect the health of consumers and ensure fair practices in the international food trade. The Codex Alimentarius is recognized by the World Trade Organization, (The United States of America has been a WTO member since January 1, 1995) as an international reference point for the resolution of disputes concerning food safety and consumer protection.

Codex has been around for a long time. It is very important to understand and most Americans have no idea what it is about. Most Americans do not know about bill S510. This bill is the instrument they are using to implement Codex in America. The media does not talk about these things. S 510 and the implementation of Codex will do more harm to our American way of life and our health than anything else. Bill S510 is a WMD. This is all part of the eugenics agenda as described on the Georgia Guidestones. (Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature, the first Guidestone principle).

Codex is a UN agency that wants to control the food of the world. It operates with the goal to destroy the vast majority of the world’s population. They want to rid the world of, “Useless Eaters”. Eighty percent of the food consumed by Americans is now  genetically modified food. This is the food codex loves. They are eugenicists, not agriculturists. S510 and its Codex Alimentarius component must be stopped. Wake up. The survival of our species is at stake. You can stay in denial like I once was, but it won’t change the fact the global mafia wants total genocide through food, air, water, vaccines, and any means possible. They are trying to achieve full spectrum dominance through their stealthy plan of ever increasing incrementalism. The plan is accelerating and we are spinning into chaos. We must identify the enemy. Identify their tactics and stand together against their evil.

 Someone called me a tinfoil hat wearer the other day. Look brother if you can’t see what is happening now you will never wake up. The global plan has now become an open conspiracy and is in plain view. I don’t like what I see, but I see it, and I will fight like hell against the ever encroaching tyranny.

The Codex Alimentarius agenda, which has long metastasized in the recesses of closed board rooms and governmental chambers, is now coming to light. This is the paramount issue of our times, yet few know about it. If Codex standards ever replace the current laws in the U.S. governing food and dietary supplements, it will affect not just Americans’ right to choose supplements, but our right to grow crops with untampered seeds, to buy pure organic food, and to live free of the tyranny of Big Agro-Chem-Pharma-Med, through health-destructive FDA rules enacted and enforced by a pro-corporate government that cares nothing about our health freedom. In other words, the “natural health” industry will perish. Now more than ever, we must exercise our democratic duty and be vigilant in protecting that freedom, the health and survival of the Earth, and all her creatures demands our full attention. 

We’ve been assaulted for over fifty years with water fluoridation. We’ve been robbed through a corrupt money system run by the robber barons of the 19th century. We have been lied to in order to stoke the flames of false patriotism. The lies have led us to blindly fight wars, where the real goal and outcome is to enslave other countries through a corrupt money system in the Global Mafia system of control. At last, as Stalin once said, a population is controlled through its stomach.

Codex is the enemy of everyone except those who will profit from it. Codex has an association with those who committed crimes during the Nazi regime. At the end of World War II, the Nuremberg tribunal judged Nazis who had committed horrendous crimes against humanity and sentenced them to prison terms. One of those found guilty was the president of the megalithic corporation I.G. Farben, Hermann Schmitz. His company was the largest chemical manufacturing enterprise in the world, and had extraordinary political and economic power and influence with the Hitlerian Nazi state. Farben produced the gas used in the Nazi gas chambers, and the steel for the railroads built to transport people to their deaths.

While serving his prison term, Schmitz looked for an alternative to brute force for controlling people and realized that people could be controlled through their food supply. When he got out of prison, he went to his friends at the United Nations (UN) and laid out a plan to take over the control of food worldwide. A trade commission called Codex Alimentarius (Latin for food code) was re-created under the guise of it being a consumer protection commission. But Codex was never in the business of protecting people. It has always been about money and profits at the expense of people.

Fritz ter Meer – in 1947 sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal, was also a big player in the establishment of Codex Alimentarius.

He was a member of the Managing Board of IG Farben from its inception to its dissolution. As the Wartime Manager, he was responsible for IG Auschwitz.

In the Nuremberg Tribunal, ter Meer stated: “Forced labor did not inflict any remarkable injury, pain, or suffering on the detainees, particularly since the alternative for these workers would have been death.”

In 1948, ter Meer was sentenced by the Nuremberg Tribunal to seven years in prison for plundering and slavery.

In 1952, his sentence was commuted, due to the influence of powerful friends.

From 1956-1964, he was reinstated as a member of the Managing Board of Bayer AG.

In 1962, ter Meer was one of the architects of the Codex Alimentarius Commission and one of the main designers of the schemes that would profit from human suffering.

The deceptive title “Codex Alimentarius” is no accident. It was devised by the same firms and indeed the same individuals, who gave the Auschwitz concentration camp inmates the deceptive slogan “Arbeit mach frei” (“Work makes you free”).

“Codex Alimentarius, in simple terms, is a code of law for food. What it actually means to each and everyone of us is a threat to our health and the health of every human being on this planet.

The future availability and legal status of herbs, vitamins, amino acids, minerals and all other supplements in the U.S. and throughout the world, may be determined by a committee made up of 146 nations called the Codex Alimentarius Commission, which operates in conjunction with the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

It is under the guise of protecting public safety through the standardization of food and botanical codes that the commission may be a tool of the international pharmaceutical industry that is intent on making ALL SUPPLEMENTS – herbal or otherwise – available by prescription only.

Established in 1963 for the purpose of setting international standards and codes for foods, the Codex Commission is over-whelmingly composed of German and International Pharmaceutical Corporations. Over 90% of the international organizations ALLOWED to send delegates to the meetings represent giant multinational pharmaceutical corporations. The only consumer organization is the International Organization of Consumer Unions. NEITHER THE NATURAL HEALTH CARE INDUSTRY NOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC HAS ANY REPRESENTATION AT THE CODEX MEETINGS.

Spearheaded by the German pharmaceutical corporations, this Codex Commission plans to ban – on a worldwide basis – any health statement in relation to any non-prescription supplement, preventive, therapeutic, or otherwise. Moreover, any formulas which would still be available would have to meet the arbitrary restrictions of the Codex Commission. Those nations that do not comply with these restrictions are faced with economic sanctions.

Catherine Bertini, the head of the UN food programs in 1995, paraphrased the famous Kissinger statement, “Food is power. We use it to change behavior.”

Is this the first time you have heard of “Codex Alimentarius?” That’s not unusual because Codex is an “open secret.” The information is available if you want to look for it but the corporate controlled media isn’t going to tell you about it until its already too late.

Monsanto, Big Pharma, Chema and Agra have convinced most companies “Codex is a non-issue”, and that they will actually gain market share when Codex is implemented.


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2 Responses to “Codex Alimentarius : Control The Food, Control The People”

  1. PatriotsThink says:

    Senators on the Ag Comittee: Saxby Chambliss,GA; Richard Lugar,IN; Thad Cochran,MS; Mitch McConnell,KY; Pat Roberts,KS; Mike Johanns,NE; Charles Grassley,IA; John Thune,SD; John Cornyn,TX

  2. Revolution is imperative for survival, as well as truth, justice, and liberty for all in healthy, happy, harmonious and prosperous freedom. Codex Alimentarius is law expressed to control everything passing thru our alimentary canal, our gut!
    This SB 510 is an insidious stealth weapon that must be repelled and destroyed before it destroys us.
    The government will sell this as protecting our food supply systems from contamination in big corporate factory farms and processing plants. But the obvious and immediate targets appear to be nutritional supplements, health food stores, farmers’ markets and roadside food sales, small independent farmers in general and organic farmers in particular. I fear the law can and likely will be later extended to backyard gardeners for total control.
    The bastards always sell the gullible public with an innocuous sounding “good idea” in a thumbnail sketch, then deliver a huge load of steaming manure laden with worms that infiltrate and consume our premises evermore. With Codex Alimentarius they will force their tainted drugged excuses for food and drink upon us while Obamacare will “ration” medical services. Remember, our “public servants” even say we senior citizens “have a duty to die”. Yes, these are dark days for “useless eaters” as in the age of automation and population reduction, the elite do not need very many of us to labor in their service. Just look at the loss of industry and high unemployment! Grow your own food. Question authority. Resist evil. Live free or die!