“Vaccines can be extremely harmful to your health. The “Vaccine Zombie” song and music video features dancing zombie characters singing about the side effects of vaccination.”

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2 Responses to “Vaccine Zombie – music video”

  1. Download, save and share…

    Monsanto Vs. U.S. Farmers

    >> http://tinyurl.com/27lhngx

    This is a must read 84 page report (PDF).

    Oh, and BTW I liked the video; first time I ever heard Mike Adams say nutsa*k! :) LOL


  2. Lee Parker says:

    I would like to speak with someone on how to get Mike on as a guest on our INTERNATIONAL FREEDOM SHOW…The Global Freedom Report….to talk about this piece. We have a segment where we bring attention to artistic endeavors that pertain to freedom. This sure hits the nail on the head.

    The show IS HUGH in its audience…and truly is international, so we can get that many more countries involved in turning their backs on big pharma.

    Please contact me via email or have a representative contact me at 888-385-3733.


    Lee Parker, Producer
    The Global Freedom Report