by Kristen Ridley

June 9, 2010


A lot of intense debate has sprung up in response to Organic Valley’s recent decision to ban its farmers from selling raw milk on the side. But one obvious question has gone unanswered: Why did the cooperative institute the regulation in the first place?

The first nebulous speculation concerned farmer complaints about competition and possible liability risks. But Organic Valley’s own lawyers admit that there’s not much possible liability, and while interest in raw milk is growing, it is still consumed by a minuscule percentage of the population. Raw milk drinkers certainly don’t provide enough competition for the huge, national Organic Valley Cooperative’s members to be feeling the pinch. Other folks speculate that OV might be worried about tarnishing its image should a raw milk outbreak occur, or that some members are just tired of having to hear from raw milk advocates championing their “superior” product. Neither seems a likely prompt for such a far-reaching move. READ MORE…

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One Response to “Why Did Organic Valley Ban Raw Milk Sales?”

  1. Stephen Pavich says:

    Hasn’t anyone realized that government knows almost nothing. That it is loaded with bueracrates that want to slow local businesses down to a snails pace and force the farmer to become industrilized. It is the lawyers “stupid”. We have a president that is a law professor. One that has never produced anything in his life. Never signed a payroll, never had a hail storm, never delt with a crop losss. That is why we are seeing a balloning of government to stop those evil people who own a small or any business. Make it right with the little people but end up forcing out all the little guys so we end up with one big business and one big union. Won’t we all be happy then?? Lawyers are part of the scum sucking dogs of society. They are there to make things “right” Ha Ha. I started farming in the late 60″ organically and we never even had a lawyer. Farming today is full of pit falls with lawyers waiting and ready to pounce on anything that pops up. I don’t know what Organic Valley bill is for legal advise but I am sure it is in the 6-7 figures on a yearly basis. That sucks when you are a farmer, I know from personal experience. You may think that if a farmer has done something wrong he should get sued, but that is not the point. Have you ever bought any land lately. 38 pages just to buy a small piece of land. Who makes up all this shit?? The only thing I have to say to the younger generation is that they better pay attentiion and get there i-pods out of there ears and start participating before it is too late.