By Stinkfly

Farm Wars

Recently a Farm Wars’ article titled Dust Regulations, No Till, and Monsanto’s Food Monopoly, has receive some attention by Monsanto’s traveling PR department.


If you are a Monsanto PR shill who tries to slip in advertisements for your genetically modified filth and want to put in a good word for Monsanto on my site, you get the Stinkfly boot!


You’ll get a good one sided conversation going if you blame Monsanto. I’ll take the minority view. Now you are complaining that Monsanto is somehow supporting a view that helps the environment – amazing! [Like Monsanto actually supports helping the environment. Give me a break.]

And my personal favorite:

Bird populations have increased by 40% in areas using GMO no-till crops. [Really. And pigs fly too!]

So,  if you recognize yourself in these two statements Monsanto PR guys, hasta la vista, baby! It’s the Stinkfly boot for you! YOU STINK!

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One Response to “Monsanto Shills get the Stinkfly Boot”

  1. valerie murphy greene says:

    good one, Barb! right between the eyes!