By Barbara H. Peterson

Farm Wars

Farmers in Oklahoma are being targeted with new dust regulations. Normal farming methods include tilling the ground, which produces dust. What type of farming method doesn’t produce dust? No till. What company endorses no till farming methods for crop production? Monsanto. Don’t till to get rid of weeds, just apply Roundup.

So, it looks like our friends in the Monsanto-controlled government corporation are up to their eyeballs in promoting GMOs again. This time by making it so costly and difficult to grow normal crops, that farmers are shoved right into the waiting maws of Monsanto again. And the march to control the world’s food supply marches on.

(C) 2010 Barbara H. Peterson

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20 Responses to “Dust Regulations, No Till, and Monsanto’s Food Monopoly”

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  2. TexDon says:

    The time has come to abolish the federal government and start all over again !!

  3. Randy says:

    diamlake: Monsanto actually has a number of crops that produce their own pesticide and bacteria! What is wrong with this picture?

  4. TheMacaroni says:

    Soon it will be illegal to fart without buying a butt muffler plug supplied by big GOV.

  5. Without Chemicals says:

    I agree with Joie-de-Vivre,110%

    But I would hold them to a higher standard than the knees. They’ll start over again. How about above the shoulder level for this unlawful attack on humanity profiteering soulless criminal corporations.

    All Rights Reserved

  6. diamlake says:

    Everyone has their piece of a Monsanto bribe or gift or job offer from the FDA to the President to the courts just to give Monsanto
    that monopoly over all food sources in America.
    S510 controls all food growth…ah, yes, they claim they have an amendment to limit the law against small growers and farms but we know what happens to amendments, don’t we…health care opponents? Now, Obama (Soetoro) has a new weapon against Americans who will control all food growth and prevent any hope of justice or equal protection under the law.
    Monsanto is a monster without conscience and these people promoting them are just as bad. Everyone knows pesticides alters DNA and that is probably how Monsanto “altered the DNA of crops to patent them)…The patent office was criminal in allowing any patent allowing anyone to control any food source.

  7. Bill says:

    They’re going to regulate dust! Ha! We all need to laugh out loud at these would-be tyrants and drive them far from Washington DC, back to the depths of Hell from whence they came.

  8. Jungle Jane says:

    Tilling is not bad for the soil, it aerates the soil, it breaks it so roots can thrive. I’m not a farmer, but I’m not that fucking stupid. Oh wait, I forgot: war is peace. scuse ME but it really pisses me off that people are such friggin dumbed down stupid sheeplike Moh-roms. (muttering) Either that – or part of the corrupt corporatocracy that runs this gubmint.
    I can’t even shop in the grocery for food anymore! And now they want to stop people growing, and even sharing! WTF?
    Oh, yes, and guns, they want to overthrow the Second Amendment. So, Don, good luck with all that. I happen to love dirt, dust and the little worms that live in it.

  9. Lurch says:

    With stipulations I have no issue with this.
    before they force this stuff on us the entire board of directors at Monsanto MUST prove the safety of roundup by publically drinking 1 pint of the stuff themselves and then also feed it to EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THEIR FAMILIES AND THE BUREAUCRATS AND POLITICIANS THAT HAVE APPROVED THIS AND THEIR FAMILIES AS WELL.

    If they survive I’ll use it if they don’t we’ll have likely chlorinated the gene pool of some serious waist of flesh and useless eaters!

  10. Moshe says:

    They are forcing GMOs down our throats, they don’t let us choose, they don’t even have to tell us they are doing it, an they are contaminating all non GM crops

  11. Texasshydog says:

    I worked for the U.S.D.A. for 29+ years, in brush control and pest control. We had 5 people in our department in pest control, and we could control the cattal fly proplem in TX, OK, AK, and LA. but the Lawywes from Monsanto said no!! We had the to close our program down. Our program work to good in Barzil and other South America countries. Monsanto and Dow said no and that was it. The U.S.D.A. is not for the famers, but for money for the big companies.

  12. Leon says:

    The question remains, what are we doing to stop and not only that but to bring down Monsanto 100? Monsanto’s executings are all in bed with the Washington Criminal Cartel. Kagan is another Monsanto executive. America it’s time to WAKE UP! We need to stop this madness. ALl natural crops are being contaminated by Monsanto’s GMO. We are all suffering from this cancer. When are we going to bring these criminals to justice?

  13. Rasputin says:

    So what happens if the Farmers decide to wet the ground before they till? Wet Ground=No Dust, problem solved, Monsanto can then kiss the farmers asses

  14. rumijah says:

    Don Duncan is right. But, as Barbara points out, this regulation is not aimed at getting us all to grow organic and healthy food. However, more and more people are realizing that their food supply [and their government] is being controlled by Satanic freaks. The (permaculture) “revolution” is happening “underground” & it is gradually picking up momentum.

  15. Randy says:

    Just another ploy by Monsanto to further their corporate agenda of controlling the world’s food supply…evil scum!

  16. No till is good for smaller operations, and a very good method unless you are planting GMO seed, which requires pesticides, and regularly makes use of the “you don’t have to till, just use this pesticide” method.

    Somehow I don’t think this regulation is aimed at getting us all to grow organic and healthy food using the no till method, but to drive farmers into Monsanto’s waiting arms with GMOs and their no till plant and spray methods.

    Either way, this does not somehow make dust regulation acceptable, which will impact farmers who till. It is just another stake in the heart of individual farmers who are barely making it now.

  17. Don Duncan says:

    Tilling is bad for the soil. It disturbs the layers of bacteria that help with fertility. Read: “The One Straw Revolution”.

  18. Will says:

    Hi Barbara,

    The more I read and watch about Monsanto, the more shocking it becomes. Keep spreading the word, it’s amazing & important information that you’re giving out here

    Best wishes


  19. ZNOFOB says:

    The EPA has long ago let slip the dogs of war. The agency was created to fight against corporate level pollution of our natural resources. They have long since lost their way, and are nothing more than political mouthpieces of the New World Order, allowing the Gas Frac all across our nation, destroying watersheds. If the EPA had any of its former greatness, which it does not, then it would stop this maddening descent into insanity and blow the whistle so loudly that Obama’s ears would pop! This is, of course, insanity in itself, hoping an agency of the US Government has it’s peoples and lands best interest in mind. It doesn’t. Nope. Now it’s all about the New World Order, and the EPA’s place therein, and its role in the eugenic agendas that are forming as this is being written.

  20. Joi de Vivre says:

    Congress voiced their concern to the EPA? Maybe they should remember that the EPA is funded by Congress, and is supposed to regulate already existing law, not create it. Congress needs to come down hard on these unelected bureaucrats and cut them off at the knees. Voiced concern indeed!