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A big Stinkfly award goes to Ken Salazar!

Ken Salazar, quite possibly one of the most insidious characters to occupy an appointed federal office since maybe, Donald Rumsfeld, has just topped his own high measure of malfeasance.  Heading up what has become notorious for being one of the most grossly mismanaged agencies of the federal government, the Department of the Interior (DoI), Salazar has set into motion some of the worst plans and policies ever implemented by the DoI.  Among these policies is the eradication and zeroing out of herds of wild horses and burros all supposedly protected under the 1976 Wild Horse & Burro act. 

Its unfortunate that the 1976 Act contained no provisions allowing for the protection of the herds from the BLM, itself.  The BLM represents the most formidable threat not only to the wild herds, but also to the environment and biodiversity as well.

Salazar, in an attempt to stifle public comments objecting to the felonious actions of his agency’s personnel, and even in spite of at least three court rulings finding the BLM at fault, and orders for them to cease and desist in their rounding up and terrorizing, even to the point of death in some cases, the wild horses, has now refused to accept emails or faxes on the federal register or at his agency that oppose his policies.

The only thing King Salazar will accept now for commenting is either snail mail…..which is immediately put into file 13 (trash), or the use of what has been intentionally rigged to be a non-functioning in-house system for commenting on his government site.  Emails are a no-no.

Faxes are off limits now for one very important reason; faxes must be kept on file for at least seven years for public viewing.  Because they are a traceable and identifiable, time-stamped and recorded communication, they cannot be destroyed and neither can the recipient claim they were not received.  Can’t have that.  That would actually provide a record of the opposition to King Salazar’s big plans.

Salazar, a man who evidently suffers from some form of megalomania doesn’t give a rats hiney what we think regardless of whether we support or don’t support his policies.  But! He doesn’t want to be bothered with what we think either; that’s beneath him and his high royal office. 

The BS coming out of the BLM regarding the wild horse and why they have to be zeroed out has been non-stop and now now has been kicked into high fear with the hiring of the Kearns & West PR firm notorious for its promotion of Enron.  Their function? To sway public opinion.  They have absolutely no interest in the right or wrong of that swaying…just a big interest in making lots of $$. And who pays better than the fed?  No body we know of.

In what has to be a very clever and somewhat successful co-opting of cattle ranchers (many of whom believe they will benefit from the extermination of the horses) Salazar has them convinced the horses must be “disappeared” so the cattle ranchers have water; or is it more water?  Or maybe it was more cheap grazing permits?  I don’t’ remember.  Anyway, it has been a good propaganda campaign and has to some degree pitted the ranchers against the horse advocates.  The problem is, many ranchers are catching on to the fact that once the horses are out of the way, they could be next as leases for all kinds of money making ventures through the BLM, courtesy of the DoI, are underway and most of these leave little room for cattle.

Kind of makes a person feel sorry for the cattle ranchers who seem to have no idea Salazar is plotting their demise as well, in favor of bigger and more profitable ventures.  And, if the Ruby Pipeline would be threatened by wild horse herds, won’t cattle also be seen as an even bigger threat?  After all, cattle outnumber horses 10-1 on these same public lands.

Salazar, along with other high officials in the Bureau of Land Management have crafted several private contracts with corporations both domestic and multi-national to not only take ownership of, but also the rights to, water supplies in several states.  In addition, multiple mining, timber and gas and oil drilling contracts have been awarded to Salazar’s good friends and new acquaintances, all of whom are pillaging and plundering so-called public lands, for profit.

If it isn’t the Ruby Pipeline or the Vidler Water Company, its tellurium mines, silver mines, gold mines, gas and oil interests, many of whom get their foot in the door by obtaining “grazing permits”.  Not only that, but as of the end of 2007, the last year we could find statistics for who got the permits; 40% of those permits on all public lands went to only three (3) individual cattle operations. Now add in the permits for grazing for companies who had no intention to graze anything, unless strip mining or drilling  equipment can be counted, and it doesn’t leave much for the small guys, does it?

Now lets add in the Kiri trees slated to be planted in the northern Nevada desert area, (3 million trees…listed on the global invasive species list) right over the top of the aquifer that Vidler is draining and piping into northern California.  Looks like Nevada could see some real water problems in the next ten years.

These are just a few of the planned ventures for these areas occupied by the wild horses and cattle grazing operations.  Neither equine nor bovine will be allowed to exist in areas where huge profits can be made plundering the land for other purposes.

So does Ken Salazar care what your comments are?  Do you work for a gas company? Drilling company?  How about a water privatizer?  No? Are you going to plant trees that will spread like wildfire and can be harvested for a quick profit while using up a large portion of the available water?  Then; no he does not!  You don’t count and he shouldn’t have to be bothered with you and with this in mind he has rigged the commenting on his activities to make sure you can’t voice your opinion.

Salazar should have just done what Vilsack and the USDA did when so much opposition was coming in regarding the National Animal Identification Scam:  Just waited til the middle of the night and took and estimated 50,000 comments down that opposed the USDA regarding NAIS.

Keep in mind this is your government:  this is your government working against you.


1. Tellurium, gold and rare minerals mining….Nevada

MEXIVADA MINING CORP. controls Gold-Silver and Hi-Tech Rare Metal properties with World-Class Potential. Mexivada is a junior mining and exploration company that went public on the TSX Venture Exchange in 2005, and trades under the symbol “MNV.” We are interested in securing Joint Venture partners for our properties. Mexivada controls gold-silver, Tellurium (photovoltaics), Indium (LCD Panels), lead, diamond, tantalum, uranium and molybdenum prospects in Nevada, Mexico, and the “ROC” Republic of Congo (Brazzaville).

2. Feds Fight to Keep Names of Ranchers With Grazing Permits Secret

In 2005, in fact, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that 10 federal agencies spent $144 million managing such grazing programs, yet collected only $21 million in grazing fees.

3. Kiri trees—global invasive species list

4. ECO2 Forests announce Sustainable Forests project on US soil

ECO2 Forests Inc. (US Stock Symbol: ECOF) has announced its first Global Forestry Plan project on US soil will be a planned 14,000 acre Kiri Tree forest program in Washoe County, Nevada.

5.  Vidler Water and assorted other invested “stakeholders” (research provided by Debbie Coffey)

Pony up! Cattlemen! By Debbie Coffey

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