Thank you Jackie Higgins, for this find. Please help spread this video about microbes that eat the oil then die off when the food supply (oil) is gone.

You cannot convince me that the people who are handling the BP fiasco do not know about this. Maybe they are simply waiting for our fresh and natural food supply to die off so that they can pump us full of even more of their manufactured GMO garbage and make millions of dollars doing so before cleaning up “their” environment.


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9 Responses to “Gulf Oil Catastrophe: Proven Solution Restores Environment in Just Six Weeks – So, why are we not using it?”

  1. Jerry Alexander says:

    Where is the next highest food producing areas/regions in America?
    Let`s keep a close eye on those areas/regions,and try to figure out a way to highlight them,and draw attention to them before THEY figure out how to destroy said areas/regions,and then the next one,and so on.
    I live on the cost of three blocks from the ocean.I work with “Endangered Sea Turtles” as a volunteer.
    I have written our local authorities asking what plans they have to prevent the Oil from reaching our beaches….No Reply,so! I assume No Plan…But I still have to pay taxes.

  2. Visionaerie says:

    There was also a recent story on Freedom’s Phoenix about using empty supertankers to vacuum up the oil. This was used successfully in Saudi Arabia in 1993, after Saudi Aramco had a big-spilling accident. However it is definitely apparent that BP isn’t interested in such an effective solution! I suspect that they’re really holding out to get a pay-off from all their contributions to Obama & co. Congress already wants to quadruple the per-barrel tax on oil for cleanups! Here’s the link to the article, which comes from a source called “arclein” (Robert Klein – a UK mathematician / physicist who has a blog on global warming):


  3. Sandra Dattoli says:

    Thanks, Barbara for the replies to these people. Are there just paid infiltrators on every single site that tells the truth? Unbelievable. It is just more evidence to me that I probably need to leave this country. South America is looking much more welcome every day.

    Oh and by the way, for the 911 anti-conspiracy assholes, why don’t you try to explain away WTC #7, which collapsed without being hit–in fact without anything happening to it, except it was just “near” the south and north towers. How stupid do they really think people are? These people are just really too stupid for words, Barbara. I don’t even know how you have the strength to argue with them.

    Yea, and one lone little communist killed JFK and one little old Arab killed RFK–yea, sure! No, this is what happens to world leaders if they don’t play the game. Why don’t you go look at the video of the Polish President’s plane crash and the snipers who were shooting survivors as they tried to leave the plain and then the guy who was shooting the video was killed.
    Oh yea, and I have a really great bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you too–really cheap!

    These people are making me sick. Thanks again, Barbara for the illumination, the common sense, and the kahunas to answer these idiots!! I may not agree with you 100% right now, but every day I am going more and more toward your way of thinking.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Jerry, read the new article titled They are poisoning our Gulf for personal profit! at http://farmwars.info/?p=3034. Have you heard of the Ukrainian Holodomor? This is were the government intentionally starved the Ukrainian people. They died in droves. The name Holodomor means “murder by starvation.”

  5. P.S. I went to the Scientific American link, and it is spin. In fact, go here to see what Scientific American typically does:


    The editors of Scientific American followed in the footsteps of Popular Mechanics in exploiting a trusted brand in order to protect the perpetrators of the mass murder of 9/11/01. The column by Michael Shermer in the June, 2005 issue of Scientific American, titled Fahrenheit 2777, is an attempt to deceive the magazine’s readers into dismissing the overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job without ever looking at that evidence. More specifically, Shermer attempts to inoculate readers against looking at the decidedly scientific refutation of the official story found on our website, 911Research, with a cluster of disinformation techniques including:

    1. Attributing to 911Research an obscure and unrepresentative statement that steel has a melting point of 2,777ºF

    2. Falsely implying that 911Research embraces a straw-man argument that the official account of the Twin Towers’ collapses depends on the fires having melted steel.

    3. Contextualizing 911Research as nonsense by surrounding its mention with absurd claims, and racist ideas.

  6. Should I also post links to Monsanto and allow them to argue against organics and for GMOs? NOT! If someone wants to research the pros and cons of using microbes, then they are free to do so. I, however, am not a proponent of the doctrine that espouses forcing the owners of websites to post information about the pros and cons of their material. So, in the spirit of honest and open science, I suggest you purchase a domain, do the research, and post all of your findings on your own site so that people can go there and read it.

  7. treg says:

    Here is a link from Scientific American about microbes and what they need to do the job. How they are doing the job now, other case studies, and how its not as simple as you think. Perhaps adding fertilizers and sending oxegen down to the deepest levels may be the best solution. No solution is perfect. On the surface at least, the wonderfully simple solution of sending out barges full of hay, spreading out hay over the gulf, and then scooping it all back up, is great.


  8. treg says:

    To be fair to your readers and in the spirit of honest open science, you should link to the tests showing “good results”. To be really fair, you should link to any science research or researchers who argue against using microbes.

  9. Jerry Alexander says:

    Obama turned the water off in the most fertile valley in CA..now this.