By Barbara H. Peterson

Jan. 19, 2012 UPDATE:

While I might assume a particular position on an issue, that position is subject to change when new or more relevant information becomes available. Remember the sorghum aluminum resistance patent that we thought was created by Monsanto to counter the effects of excess aluminum found in the soil after heavy chemtrailing? Well, it turns out that we were partially right.



Why did Monsanto Develop an Aluminum Resistance Gene?

Monsanto is currently marketing an aluminum resistance gene. Here’s the spin, folks:

Small-scale, resource-poor farmers in developing countries face daily stresses, including poor soils, drought, and lack of inputs. Ongoing trends such as climate change and population growth will likely exacerbate binding stresses. A new generation of genetically engineered (GE) crop research aims to alleviate these pressures through the improvement of subsistence crops—such as cassava, sorghum, and millet—that incorporate traits such as tolerance to drought, water, and aluminum in soils as well as plants with more efficient nitrogen and phosphorus use. (

Now, let’s take a look at journalist Michael Murphy’s research into chemtrails, geo-engineering, and the fact that extremely high levels of aluminum and barium are found in water, snow and soil, in areas shown to have heavy chemtrail patterns (three-part video): 


Coincidence that Monsanto will “come to the rescue” with aluminum resistance genes because normal plants die off in the presence of excess aluminum? Or opportunistic capitalism and planned corporate food monopoly courtesy of Monsanto and the Hegelian Dialectic based on insider information that a proposed “geo-engineering” scheme is already in place that is filling our atmosphere with chemtrails containing aluminum and barium?

This is no game folks. We are being hit from all sides with a planned, homicidal, genocidal agenda to make a very few families even richer than they already are, and reduce the world’s population to 500 million as set forth in the Georgia Guidestones. This is nothing short of biological warfare.

©2010 Barbara H. Peterson



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54 Responses to “Chemtrails and Monsanto’s New Aluminum Resistance Gene – Coincidence? UPDATE”

  1. Russell Good says:

    Apparently the temp. has dropped 4.8F in the USA since 1999. Chemtrails?


    This must END…before our Earth is poisoned beyond repair.

  3. Bob Mony says:

    Please sign our stop Monsanto in the State of Hawaii petition:

  4. Karen says:

    Hooray for Barb. Boo Jay.

  5. dawn says:

    Just google his name..

  6. dawn says:

    Jay Reynolds has been a chemtrail debunkers since the early 90’s..

  7. My purchases of seed are dictated by my own desire, not by a contract requiring that I purchase that seed and making it a criminal activity to save my own seed. Big difference, Jay. As to your other question regarding if I would buy a “Monsanto” seed – face it, that is what you are referring to – if it is the only seed that will work? NO. There are other solutions. You are touting Monsanto’s abominations as the “only solution.” Baloney. I will not take one more minute of time debating the “merits” of Monsanto and GMOs with you. There is plenty of info out there. Look it up. Goodbye, Jay.

  8. Jay Reynolds says:

    I’m betting you buy at least some seeds every year, Barb.
    Honestly, what percentage of your own seed do you buy?

    Ever grown beet, chard or carrot seed? Bet you have bought every one you ever planted. Right?

    Were those purchases slavery?

  9. Jay Reynolds says:

    “The future lies in individuals taking their food security by the horns and growing as much as possible from quality non-GMO seeds, not dependence on Monsanto’s monopolistic grip on the seed market. That is truly unsustainable.”

    In your blind fury, you have overlooked the fact that only aluminum resistant seeds will grow on that land. You offer no solution to those people’s problem.

    Imagine your land naturally toxic. No non-GMO seeds will supply your family with food. Would you buy a seed that could?

    Bottom line.

  10. Jay,

    I had my suspicions with your first posting that you are a GMO supporter. The genetic engineering process itself is dangerous. See Aggie – A GMO Primer at Your response is typical in that you make assumptions regarding my circumstances, then bring in the “GMO is the saviour of starving people” ploy. This is simply not true. Monsanto requires farmers to purchase seed each year instead of saving their seed. Just how is that cost effective for starving people? It is seed slavery, nothing less. If you support GMOs, then you really have no interest in this website other than to infiltrate with pro-GMO propaganda. For that, I am sorry. The future lies in individuals taking their food security by the horns and growing as much as possible from quality non-GMO seeds, not dependence on Monsanto’s monopolistic grip on the seed market. That is truly unsustainable. Therefore, if you support GMOs, this site is not for you.

  11. Jay Reynolds says:

    You live a pampered American life. Good soil, retirement income, maybe. You worked for it, enjoy it, I hope.
    I see fences in your picture. Pets, and horses what a luxury.
    Well, that’s all “against nature” too.
    Old-timers ranted against the horseless carriage, said it was “against nature”. There was no place for the buggy whip anymore. No horse farts in their face. When they needed to e rushed to the hospital at 100 years old, they were glad to have a moderrn ambulance, “against nature?
    But much of the world outside your view has no money for fences or anything else. As much as 1/2 of tropical soils are afflicted. If they don’t grow food, they starve and watch their children’s bellies swell up. Many die. Their only counter to the acid soils they have to live with is to burn down fresh forest. The ash temporarily neutralizes the soil so aluminum toxicity allows a crop, maybe two. Then, they must burn down some more forest. Get the picture? GE crops could allow these people to survive, yes, just survive. Maybe you could sacrifice a few years of your time and go see what it’s like to plant seeds that can’t bear, then to have no food for the rest of the season.
    I know some things about GE, taught my son how to clone plants for a science fair project. No gene splicing, just how to clone an endangered type of echinacea in a test tube. Maybe it will need cloning some day to help it out.

    FYI, the genes for aluminum resistance don’t come from a fish or a goat, they come from a mustard plant, and some genes from sorghum. But you weren’t interested or you would know that already.

    Also, perhaps you weren’t aware. The first GMO use was to make medicine, done by DOCTORS. To help people. Rant and rave all you want about the monsantodevil. The world must moveon.

  12. Jay,

    I don’t doubt that aluminum has been a problem. However, GMO is not the answer. “First ordinary plant breeding was used, now GMO breeding is used.” This is incorrect. Genetically engineering organisms in no way resembles traditional breeding methods. Foreign genes are spliced into a plasmid, which is then cloned via e-coli, and inserted into an agrobacterium (the most popular method). The agrobacterium infects a plant cell and horizontally transfers this transgenic DNA. They do this in a lab, with genes that would never cross species such as a fish and soy. It is completely against nature, and in no way even remotely resembles normal plant breeding.

  13. Jay Reynolds says:

    Todd says:
    May 20, 2010 at 5:53 pm
    I have no doubts about the AL and BA in the chemtrails and I have no doubts about Monsanto’s perfidy in our lives, however Rainforest soils are notorious for aluminum minerals. I even remember this in college. Here is some quick info.…..soils.html

    Actually aluminum is pretty common in many soils. It was there long before humans walked the planet. Folks in the developing world sometimes lack knowledge or resources to get lime which US farmers use to maintain pH above the 5.5 level. For this reason, there has always been an interest in aluminum tolerant crops. First ordinary plant breeeding was used, now GMO breeding is used. Should anyone doubt that this could be true,
    I present to you a review of the literature spanning over 100 years starting in 1848 up ino the 1990’s, 203 scientific papers discussing the problem. As you can see, the problem has always existed, just a new way of solving it has been developed.

    I have an interest in this due to some years experience as a small organic farmer in the tropics, and some University courses in tropical horticulture and soils.
    Jay Reynolds

  14. KFJ says:

    I live in Mount Shasta California, where part of “What In The World Are They Spraying” was filmed. I’ve been noticing the chemtrails for several years, but this Winter, we have been sprayed by them more than ever.It’s June 4th and it’s 35 degrees outside. I’ve lived here for 19 years and this is the coldest June I’ve ever seen. Several weeks ago my cherry trees bloomed, but there were no honey bees to pollinate them. It was the same everywhere I went in the county, except where there were commercial bee keepers. No wild ones anywhere I went.
    One thing that might help people to detoxify themselves from the Aluminum, Barium and who knows what else is zeolite. I took a one month supply of it, and it did clear up a condition I had for the last two years, where small wounds would develope on my arms, hands and face and they would not heal. That stopped a couple of weeks after taking the zeolite. Don’t buy the liquid kind though. You can do your own research to find out why. You will also find out that zeolite was used to clean up the soil at Chernobyl.
    I also found out that clorella and cilantro are very good for ridding the body of heavy metals. Research that too. I’ve been taking both of them and I feel much healthier than I did before.
    The point is, that we, as the little people, might not be able to stop the Globalists from doing what they are doing, but we can educate ourselves and find ways to fight back and stay healthy. At least for now.

  15. Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c) says:

    feel free to come over here and make comment. I have been trying to wake up the MRA area to the Illuminaties depopulation plan for 2 years now. There are 70,000 unique visitors a month and this is the leading site. So if you comment your comments will be seen by LOTS of people.

  16. Hi Sybil,

    As far as I know, there is a fluoride-specific filter, and reverse osmosis, which takes out just about everything, including fluoride. Here is a site with a bit of info, as well as a link to pricing:

    I can’t vouch for any company, as I haven’t purchased a filter. I am on well water, had it tested, and I don’t need a filter….. yet!

  17. Sybil says:

    Thanks Barb,

    Thank you for the wonderful web site. And the health info.

    I’ve read about the French Green and Bentonite clay and am ready to try. I do epson salt baths, but will try the BS, even though I’m worried about the fluoride in the water. Any ideas on the best water filter for fluoride??


  18. Sybil,

    Please check out these links:

    Minerals that Remove Radiation From Your Body: Zeolite, Bentonite & French Green Clay

    and don’t forget the Baking Soda bath:

  19. Sybil says:

    In May 2010, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue. Last October, I noticed the chemtrails over our town in Central Illinois. I have been working hard to get my health back, only to continue on the downward spiral. I just received my heavy metal test results – high in Cadmium, Strontium and Barium. Now I know for sure, I’m being poisoned. What’s next – MS? Alzheimer’s? How can I fight it if it’s in the air we breath?

  20. Joe says:

    Just adding to the list. We are also seeing Chemtrails here in coastal Geoigia.

  21. Terry says:

    Folks.. writing our elected “leaders” won’t accomplish anything.. THEY are part of the problem. Monsanto is a MONSTER that owns most, if not all, of our elected officials! America has been has been hollowed out from beneath – while we were watching.
    I remember when NAFTA was being pushed by bush sr. – I argued and argued with people in my own family about the dangers of this agreement, and the destruction to American industries. No one listened..Ross Perot did, and probably would’ve done something to stop the momentum that NAFTA seemingly gave the new world order.. but “they” got to him too. Threats against his family stopped his presidential run in it’s tracks. I would bet THAT has happened before..and since!
    I have written letter after letter to my local paper about chemtrails..they refuse to print them. I am a local business owner here and I have had many letters in the paper – about various subjects – but THIS one they won’t touch. WHY?
    I feel that if we answer THAT question, the big picture will emerge..and it may be more sinister than any of us ever imagined.

  22. Its staggering that the Government does not know the magnitude of destruction that it is inflicting into our biosphere. Neurologically bee populations that rely on specialized neurological systems are being wiped out by aluminum disbursement. Add to this bat populations and its a lights out scenario for our species.

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  24. Nate says:

    I tried my best to inform people of what’s going on, but they’re so brainwashed. I can’t believe most new yorkers i’ve asked never noticed a difference “contrails”. I was always obsessed with our once breathtaking skies. I always wondered why some planes left “contrails” that didn’t dissapear and ones that trail along for only a short distance.

    I hear all this talk about change and education reform for our children. Really? If the food we eat and water we drink are full of toxins that impairs learning then do they really care about our children? If the air we breath causes respitory problems then how do we expect our childrens’s brain to function and learn? The EPA’s site lists Fluoride as an added contaminant and lists the following “Potential Health Effects from Long-Term Exposure Above the MCL (unless specified as short-term) -Bone disease (pain and tenderness of the bones); Children may get mottled teeth” but it’s good for us and we should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day??? Mercury is also listed and we’re told by ADA that it’s safe as amalgam fillings but treated as highly toxic waste and must be disposed of properly according to the EPA? Hey, I only have an 8th grade education and I can see past the BS!

  25. We need to organize. I think a class action lawsuit wont do much, but it’s a start and will bring attention to the matter. Of course the national media will probably just devote 60 seconds to it, but there are other possible media outlets/shows we can bring this attention to… Oprah, 60 Minutes, PBS, Dr. Oz – I know… Oprah. Say what you will about her, but she has POWER. She can muster up that segment of the population like no one else. Same with Dr. Oz., and that’s what we need. We need MIDDLE AMERICA in on this fight – Left & Right. We need to all come together and put our indifferences aside to combat this issue. This one issue trumps everything else!

    We also need to somehow reach the pilots of these airplanes. Surely they have families. We need to appeal to their consciousness. We need to find the scientists behind all of this. The Geo Engineers. Bring light to the global destruction.

    For now, please friend us on – we are gathering information and centralizing everything. We have a small team of civil, trail, and human rights lawyers who have donated their time. We also have a nationally syndicated radio host/show who wants to work with organizing a stop to this, or bring it to public light. Join Us.

  26. JIM HANSON says:

    Hi I have been aware of this for 5 years now. I moved out to the Hi Desert region of California to get away from city traffic and the crap overhead. Now almost daily, I see the Chemtrails in the sky. It was good to see Michael’s film and a handful of aware people in the Palm Springs area last month. This small town of Yucca Valley where I live needs to be awakened also. I occasionally stand out in front of the local Stater Bros market looking up and ask passers by “what do you think they are doing?” Usually they just shrug their shoulders and put their heads down and move along. We MUST somehow get the truth out. Do you have any suggestions? thank you, Jim Hanson .

  27. KC135 says:

    As much as I have tried to get the attention of people about the sky hazard, most have no idea these trails aren’t supposed to be there. My Father was a pilot of tankers in the Air Force and I know what a contrail looks like, but I am still laughed at because I tell them it is a ‘chemtrail’. Most haven’t even noticed the skies look different and claim there are strange ‘clouds’ in the sky. I am frustrated!! I think I will start wearing a mask around and then ‘they’ will really lock me up on the ‘funny farm’ AyYiYi

  28. Edward Lewis says:

    Thank you so much. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    If you can contact him, find out how I can team up with him on what to do next. I am getting the word out however I can, whether people think I’m crazy or not.
    I tried to forget about it, but like I said, they descended on me in my dreams. This has been instilled in me as a mission from somewhere. Please tell Michael that. The same thing must have happened to him
    I have already purchased his dvd and have been giving it out to everyone I can.
    Thanks again
    Ed Lewis

  29. Edward,

    Michael Murphy is the first person that comes to mind. I will contact him.

  30. Edward Lewis says:

    Chemtrails have invaded my dreams and I have to go into action. I am applying to give a presentation at a symposium here in Iowa. I am collecting local water testing records from the dnr and the university of iowa. Do you have any suggestions for things I could use to show them that they will believe for proof. I have to get the word out somehow.
    Thank you

  31. j. sisitsky,

    Just posted an article about this issue here:

  32. J. sisitsky,

    I am not an expert, but 1730ppm seemed excessively high to me, so I did a bit of research and found this page:

    Here is a small excerpt:

    “4 ppm of aluminum in human blood can cause it to colagulate. Aluminum in humans is documented to Inhibit Learning.”

  33. j. sisitsky says:

    I’m on the eastern shore of MD. Recently had my soil tested for aluminum. Results were 1730ppm. Is that bad? Can someone tell me who is up on aluminum toxicity?

  34. dude says:

    The chemtrails are hiding Planet X!

  35. tee says:

    These bio-engineers are just cronies put in place, assigned positions, and put to work on the technicalities of the operations themselves. They’re afforded opportunities in the fields by multinationals such as Monsanto, and Cargill. It’s so suprising to be sometimes what people will do for notoriety or fame. These engineers must have families, yet the harm they’re doing to millions possibly billions is of the utmost evil. I surely hope each burn in hell.

  36. Michelle says:

    I just watched the video. I’m new to the awakening.
    Why can’t we all get together and file a class action lawsuit? Tie them up in court? We probably outnumber them and could pool our resources? We just need the people willing to take a stand?
    I’m sending links to this video to everyone I know, I think having video “parties” would also be a good way of spreading the word.
    After all, the video points out they are offenders of our constitution, let alone our lives.
    Court would also bring exposure :)
    If anyone knows about groups of people coming together, please post it, I’d like to contribute to strength in numbers.

  37. craig says:

    Michael Murphy and G Edward Griffin’s work ‘What in The World Are They Spraying?’ is out now and a must see for all who can. We all better see what’s really going on quick-like!

    Buy a copy and spread them around (copies ar ok) get the dvd from realityzone. Trailers on Youtube. I bought two copies and sent a few bucks in while they were filming… except for one edit it is a powerful presentation. Am burning copies now…

    truth out! and thank you Barbara for all you are doing!!

  38. sevart says:

    For any coincidence theorists out there, here is the patent for the aluminum spraying….

  39. Jessica says:


    When? When are we going to hit the streets? You have a computer don’t you? You probably have microsoft publisher or some such software. Make your own flyer. Cut and paste compelling images.

    I’m going to do it. Stick them in your purse and tell everyone you know. list your congressmen and their phone numbers.

    Tell people to call your congressmen and this is the most important part: DEMAND A CONGRESSIONAL HEARING TO INVESTIGATE AND STOP CHEMTRAILS.

  40. JPM says:

    This is a bit far-fetched. Many clay soils are loaded with aluminum naturally. Its concentration in the soil increases as pH decreases (becomes more acidic) because lower pH drives additional reactions that pull the aluminum from the clay particles and into soil solution. This is why lime is added to many clay soils. It is not the acidity (concentration of Hydrogen cations in solution) that hurts some plants, but this high level of aluminum. However, many plants (particularly forest trees and shrubs) are adapted to high levels of aluminum. The lime is needed to grow other crops (like corn or wheat) economically. Aluminum concentrations have always been problematic when converting forested lands to cropland. The point here is to have crops that are resistant to the aluminum without liming. That way we can plow under all the rain forests without being limited by how much lime poor farmers can afford. That’s the WHOLE conspiracy.

  41. AntiLieGuy says:

    The chemtrails are for hiding Planet X. That’s why they’ve sprayed every day globally for the past four years. Planet X is causing the “climate change” and is the reason for everything happening right now. It is also the sign in the heavens warning of
    America’s total destruction by Russia, China and the SCO on 10-10-10, the same day as the next false flag to invade Iran. News here:

  42. “What in the World are They Spraying?” – Official Trailer


  43. Jan says:

    Thanks for you activism against Chemtrails.
    Here in NW lower pennisula Michigan. We have been exposed to chemtrail spaying heavily since February, or longer. Six planes flying high in the sky daily, They cover our skies with fine transparent clouds, from Traverse City to Harbor Springs, a 70 mile radius. Traverse City, Mi is the Cherry Capital of the World.
    The “Weather Modification” that the USAF Chemtrails are using, has created NW Michigan to have 4 frosts, in April, ruining the Cherry blossoms, hence the cherry harvest this year!
    I wonder if the USA gov would like to pay for that spill over our communities! These farmers are very upset about this, but as of yet I don’t believe they realize it was caused from the Chemtrail’s and the Aluminium being used to prevent global warming!
    It was done purposely by the government. They use it to reflect the Sun off the earth so we don’t “global warm”! They are Playing God and ruining our lungs and our farmers crops! In April our temperature got below 32 degrees after heavy chemtrail spaying and I looked out the window and it was sleeting, then it was snowing and then later that morning it was raining!
    I collected some water from the rain and tested it with my ph test strips and it was 4.5 ph! That is acid rain!
    Folks what our government is doing with this chemtrail spaying is just as bad as the Oil Geyser to our health and they need to pay for this ! When they start messing with our food , water and air and farmers crops we need to put that agenda the NWO has on the run ……this crap needs to cease!
    Here is a video that will support our findings.
    This is a documentary trailer for “What in the World are They Spraying?”. THIS trailer is about pH levels that have changed due to aluminum aerosol geoengineering (chemtrails) over northern California. …

    I have been studying from the Neurotoxin website, I will post here, for several months. This will tell you plenty, of what causes disease. And take note of the list of neurotoxins that are in our medications, our tap water./fluorsilicic acid, and another one Aspartame in 6,000 food products.
    Also, Anesthesiologist have stopped using Nitrous Oxide when giving anesthesia to surgical patients. they are now using Flurothane, Halothane, made from Flurosilicic acid, which is made from the Industrial Toxic Waste product from the manufacturing of Fertilizer & Rat Poison!
    Its in our water folks , its in medications e.g. Prozac, Zoloft, Fosamax , Cipro, Levequin! Its in a total of 290 ingested products, and 179 million people’s tap in the USA are ingesting this “F” ion in their drinking water! Bottled water, Cola’s , Juices.
    This chemical was never approved for ingesting by humans or animals, by the FDA……Please go to the two sites and see what diseases it is causing……I believe all of these things are a way to depoplulate the middleclass …… is causing decrease IQ in children, and bone cancer, Osteoporosis, Alzheimers, ADHD, Infertility, It is unconstitutional to put a toxic medication in our water, without our consent! And low doses daily of a neurotoxin does more damage over a lifetime of exposure than one huge dose once!
    The doctors , the dentists, the FDA and the CDC and the WHO, know this…but they don’t care! They are crazily moving forward toward our depoplutation! I’ll bet that They aren’t drinking the water, they don’t take the vaccines, they probably eat organic foods, they don’t eat GMO foods made from GMO pesticide seeds!
    I know of two people who have had surgery lately, and became extremely nauseated in the recovery room,( side effect of fluoride products) I asked the Anesthesiologist to clarify what I had heard, I asked him, “what did he give them and he then said flurothane, that is all they use now , they don’t use Nitrous Oxide.”
    Which I have a study on those items which indicates no side effects to Nitrous but plenty with flurothane!
    NeuroResearch Neurotoxin Home Page
    On this page is the most comprehensive list found date, 1178 neurotoxins. … COMMON neurotoxins IN OUR LIVES (Comprehensive list below) …THEY ARE IN OUR WATER, FOOD, AIR, SOIL, VACCINES, MEDICATIONS….CAUSING DISEASE

    to learn more on that subject. go to

    We need to press our congressman and woman about these issues. Its a matter of our life and death…..our lives are very much at risk with these things being implemented into our environment, our air, food and water. It will cause our death….
    It is causing much more disease, the need for more hip and knee replacements, obesity, arteriosclerosis, children who’s brain cells are being damaged, so much they can’t think or learn! It is all about the money…..they create disease, and capitalize on it !

    They don’t want us healthy,,,,,they are making huge amounts of money on disease!
    While we are all sacrificing our lives and health for some Big Pharma to reap$$$$$ , some doctor to make a living, an insurance agent to make a living….for Wall Street and Banks to get big bonus’s…..We are one big experiment and clinical study,in the eyes of business and government and in the meantime we the working class are becoming extinct! Don’t you see what they are doing ? Don’t you get it yet , don’t you know who the players are? Here’s one player, in the game……..
    .check this video out!

    Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation
    Next are two short excerpts from a recently filmed TED presentation (Feb 2010) by none other than Bill “Microsoft” Gates. At the heart of Gates …

    Dr. Rima exposes their agenda ….go to Youtube and key in the below videos
    Dr Rima – The Globalist Agenda
    MASS GENOCIDE! Governments Depopulation Program World

  44. […] Monsanto is genetically engineering crops to resist the toxic effects of aluminum – to increase c…But wait! Aluminum levels in soil and water have never been a problem until the last few years when they started spraying it into the atmosphere supposedly to reduce global warming – which isn't happening. So why do they continue? If enough aluminum can be dumped on the planet to stunt traditional crops, farmers will have to buy genetically engineered seeds from Monsanto. Hmmm.] Farm Wars 2010 May 18 (Cached) Bill Gates’ foundation is funding research in reversible sterilization for men via ultrasound treatments and a male contraceptive pill. Sovereign Independent 2010 May 18 (Cached) […]

  45. Thanks, Todd. Here is some more good information about aluminum in soil:

    Soil Acidity and Liming (

    This can be easily handled by natural means, and is not a widespread problem, which requires the creation of an Aluminum-resistant, genetically modified seed. Here’s a snip of the article:

    “Mineral soils with variable charge mineralogy are 100 percent base saturated at pH 5.8 to 6. However, organic soils above pH 5 were found to have very little aluminum in the soil solution and essentially have their active exchange sites essentially occupied by basic cations. Organic matter holds Al quite strongly and liming organic soils to pH 5 reduces Al in the soil solution to very low concentrations. At pH 5 organic soils contain adequate Ca to overcome the H ion effect on cation uptake.”

  46. Todd says:

    I have no doubts about the AL and BA in the chemtrails and I have no doubts about Monsanto’s perfidy in our lives, however Rainforest soils are notorious for aluminum minerals. I even remember this in college. Here is some quick info.

  47. karen says:

    When are we going to hit the streets with this information? Donning gas masks and anti-monsanto t-shirts, walk up and down a 3 block heavily trafficked area and when people stop us to ask what’s going on, give them pamphlets and information. People need to know these things and most don’t or are to ignorant to research what’s going on. Same with the crooks of BP. These corporate, greedy monsters are destroying our environment all in the name of the almighty dollar.

  48. Tex says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this!!!!